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13 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes You Must Try For Breakfast

Smoothie bowls are not only healthy but aren’t they pretty and totally instagram worthy? It’s an easy way to eat more fruits and vegetables. And you want to know the best part? The only equipment you need is a blender or food processor!  You basically get to mix anything you want in the smoothie bowl....CONTINUE READING

20 Life-Changing Hacks To Make Doing Laundry Easier

Oh laundry laundry laundry, who else feels like her piles of dirty clothes are forever growing no matter how often she washes them? Girl, you’re not alone! What if I tell you there are ways to help you tackle your laundry like a boss? No, I don’t have the secrets to getting your cat to...CONTINUE READING

19 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas that are Easy to Make

Welcome to gift wrapping 101!!! Okay maybe not… But here you will find helpful tips and tricks on gift wrapping. 😉 The traditional way of wrapping gifts includes materials such as rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, etc. Yea sure you can buy them at your local Target and call it a day. But there...CONTINUE READING

11 DIY Handmade Soap Ideas that are Perfect as Gifts

Handmade soap are perfect as gifts during the holidays. They make thoughtful and creative gifts for people that you care about. They’re perfect size for stocking stuffing as well! Tie the soaps with rustic twine or wrap them up with some paper. They make perfect and thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list. Yes, I...CONTINUE READING

12 Farmhouse IKEA Hacks that Will Save You a Ton of Money

  Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now and they make a home feel cozy and inviting. Buying farmhouse furniture can be pricey, each piece ranging from $400 to even $1000+. Doing a quick search on Google for farmhouse furniture, you can see they go for at least $500. Furnishing an entire house or...CONTINUE READING

13 No Bake Keto Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Desserts on a diet? Wait, what? 😲 You read it right! You CAN have dessert while losing weight if you’re following the ketogenic diet. I’m talking about legit desserts that look like they come straight out of a dessert menu at a restaurant.  Best of all? They require no baking at all! Yup, I see your...CONTINUE READING

21 Ways to Repurpose a Tic Tac Box that You Never Thought Of

  If you’re like me, you probably love repurposing projects. They are inexpensive and help to give new meaning to objects that would otherwise become trash. Getting crafty doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on materials. You can often find things to repurpose around your house. There are so many super...CONTINUE READING

17 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

  Got that spare room the in the house and not sure what to do with it? If you love making crafts, why not create a craft room for all your DIY projects? Whether you already have a craft room or you are looking to create one, these awesome ideas will definitely help to keep...CONTINUE READING