13 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes You Must Try For Breakfast

Smoothie bowls are not only healthy but aren’t they pretty and totally instagram worthy?

It’s an easy way to eat more fruits and vegetables. And you want to know the best part? The only equipment you need is a blender or food processor! 

You basically get to mix anything you want in the smoothie bowl. Get creative! Find out what you like and don’t like in your own smoothie bowl. Maybe challenge yourself to make different color smoothie bowl each time? Sounds like a fun idea!

#1 Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at The Little Blog of Vegan

Would you please take nice long look at this smoothie bowl? Notice the yummy colors and decorations? Yes, yes it’s edible alright ?

So are you ready to make your own?

…and here’s what ingredients you’ll need: frozen raspberries, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, almond milk, vanilla extract, and some food coloring. Check out the tutorial for more details on to finish your bowl.

#2 Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Pies & Tacos

Don’t the chocolate cherries look yummy? Well, let’s get going!

Start off my melting some dark chocolate and dipping your cherries. Set them aside to dry on some parchment paper.

Ingredients: frozen bananas, frozen pears, almond milk, some pitted cherries, and some cacao nibs! Take a look at the recipe for all the deets!

#3 Turquoise Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Dans le Lakehouse

Would you look at that? A nice natural turquoise color…I know what you’re thinking. “That ish ain’t natural!”

Oh it really is natural! The secret ingredient is…..unicorn tears….just kidding. It’s Blue Majik, a natural algae powder.

Tanya put together a ‘science experiment’ of a recipe over on Dans le Lakehouse! Be sure to head on over there to check it out.

#4 Vitamin C Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Motherhood in Stilettos

Here’s a smoothie bowl that’s action packed with vitamin C to help boost your immune system! Not to mention it looks very pretty, do we have to eat it afterwards? Just kidding, of course we are!

Ingredients: frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple chunks, an orange, a grapefruit, a blood orange, and some water. Be sure to check out the recipe for some beautiful pictures of the finished dish!

#5 Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at The Adventure Bite

Wow, look at that vibrant color! That can’t be real can it? Oh yes it is. The recipe calls for some pitaya, which may not be very easy to find (you may need to order it online, check out the link at The Adventure Bite). Once you’re you have everything, you can easily be the talk of the neighborhood by serving this colorful, exotic drink to your guests!

#6 Apple Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Stress Baking

Here’s a recipe that requires no added sweeteners…AT ALL. The apples and cherries themselves act as natural sweeteners so you’ll still satisfy that sweet tooth you have. There is a combination of cherries and almonds really works quite well here!

Ingredients: Apples, frozen cherries, apple juice, a  frozen banana, oats, ice, chia seeds, and almond extract. Check out the step-by-step tutorial as well as some beautiful pictures over at Stress Baking.

#7 Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at eazy peazy mealz

Ready for a tropical treat? This one resembles a Piña colada without the dairy. Just looking at it makes me want to sit on the beach (or by the pool) and stare off into the distance.

Ingredients: Both fresh and frozen pineapple chunks, mango chunks, banana, ice, coconut flakes, and coconut milk. This recipe will be sure to sweep you off your feet and plop you in a beach chair under an umbrella! Check it out!

#8 Goji Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Inspired by This

Check out this delicious looking Goji Cacao smoothie bowl recipe from Alison Wu.

You’ll need the following ingredients: a banana, zucchini, protein powder, almond butter, lingonberry powder, and nut milk.

Additionally you’ll need the following to garnish the bowl: coconut chips, goji berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and cardamom.

#9 Super Green Spinach Banana Smoothie Bowl

Image and tutorial found at Natt Wrobel

This recipe is super healthy, sweet, and green…not to mention affordable. You can easily pick these items up from your local store. Here’s what you’ll need: leafy greens, celery, fruits, and spirulina powder.

Be sure to check out the tutorial!

#10 Blue Muffin Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Plentyfull Vegan

Don’t let the dark green mush gross you out! This baby’s chop filled with protein and nutrients you need to start off your day.

This recipe from Plentyfull Vegan includes wheat grass powder which have been linked to studies shown to prevent certain health conditions! Check out the post to see what you need to make your very own!

#11 Sweet Potato Mango Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Foody First

That’s right, you read it right. This recipe includes potatoes! I bet you’re like what?? Does that even work?

Foody First was able to incorporate potatoes into the smoothie bowl so that you’re eating more vegetables vs fruits. The recipe works perfectly for the fall months. Here’s what you’ll need: sweet potatoes, frozen mangos, cauliflower, almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. Check out the recipe for all the deets! Enjoy!

#12 Blood Orange Vanilla Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at The Fit Foodie

Bust out your phone for this one! You’re gonna want to take a picture of this one.

This bowl includes Cauliflower, which is filled with nutrients for your everyday life. Here’s what you’ll need: cauliflower, frozen bananas, cinnamon, ginger, blood orange, vanilla pea protein, sea salt, and nut milk.

Head on over to The Fit Foodie for all the details on how you can make this ‘Gram-worthy bowl!

#13 Lavender Berry Smoothie Bowl

Image and recipe found at Gringalicious

This bowl includes lavender, which is used to treat anxiety, depression, mental exhaustion, and insomnia…just to name a few. I had no idea before reading the post by Gringalicious. That’s absoluelty amazing if you ask me, why wouldn’t you include some lavender in…EVERYTHING! (Ok, that might be kinda weird if you eat it with some chicken….or would it… ***writing down chicken recipe idea in notebook***

All jokes aside, here’s what you’ll need for this amazing bowl: plant-based milk, mixed berries, bananas, plant-based vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, lavender flowers. Check out the recipe on Gringalicious for all the details


    20 Life-Changing Hacks To Make Doing Laundry Easier

    Here is a list of life-changing hacks on how to make doing laundry easier #lifehacks #laundry
    Check out these life-changing tips and tricks to make doing laundry easier!

    Oh laundry laundry laundry, who else feels like her piles of dirty clothes are forever growing no matter how often she washes them? Girl, you’re not alone!

    What if I tell you there are ways to help you tackle your laundry like a boss? No, I don’t have the secrets to getting your cat to do the work for you..


    Now only if we can all have this kitty’s awesome laundry skills! #goals

    But I did find 20 helpful tips and tricks that can make doing laundry easier and hopefully more enjoyable!

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    1.  Use chalk on grease spots

    via PopSugar

    Chalk helps to absorb most of the grease stain left in the fabric. All you have to do is rub chalk onto grease-stained clothes then wash and dry them normally.


    2. Create your own change collector

    via Hometalk

    Make this cute basket art to hang on the wall. It will remind you to always check the pockets for any coins or loose items.


    3. Printable laundry tips

    via Tidy Mom

    What a clever way to always have helpful laundry tips handy! Print out the printable cheat sheets, laminate, and hang them onto your laundry basket.


    4. Freshen laundry with DIY natural lavender dryer bags

    via Garden Therapy

    I have been using lavender dryer bags from Trader Joe’s and I’m glad I found this tutorial on how to make your own. You can purchase lavender in bulk to save some money and add essential oil to make it smell extra nice. Make sure to tie the bags tightly so everything stays inside the bag. Each dryer bag lasts for about 10 cycles. I like to sprinkle the lavender from old bags on carpet before vacuuming to freshen up the carpet.


    5. How to get rid of yellow sweat stains

    via One Good Thing By Jillee

    Got stubborn yellow sweat stains on the shirts? All you need is some grease-cutting dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a scrub brush (or a toothbrush) to get rid of the stains!


    6. Make your own reusable dryer sheets

    via The Mamas Girls

    You need to stop buying dryer sheets! Save a ton of money by switching to homemade reusable ones.
    To make: Cut up some new sponges in half. Soak them in a mixture of equal parts fabric softener and water.
    To use: Squeeze out the excess, throw one or two half sponges into the dryer before your clothes, then dry your clothes normally.


    7. How to remove excess dyes from dark jeans

    via jessyratfink @ Instructables

    Get a bucket that you don’t mind staining and soak the jeans inside-out in a mixture of water and laundry detergent. Swish the jeans around in the liquid, rinse, and squeeze out the excess. Repeat until the water turns almost clear and make sure to change to clean water each time. Soak the jeans in vinegar overnight and dry the jeans however you like. This will help to get rid of most the excess dye and also make your jeans feel softer because of the vinegar!


    8. Use dish soap to get rid of lipstick stain

    via PopSugar

    Thanks to PopSugar for testing out 5 different popular ways of getting rid of lipstick stains by using hairspray, chlorine bleach, homemade bleach, dish soap, and a natural stain remover. The winner is dish soap! Simply soak the stain in dish soap for 20 minutes then toss it in the washing machine.


    9. Unshrink your shirt with baby shampoo or conditioner

    via One Good Thing By Jillee

    I wish I knew about this trick before giving away some of my shrunken clothes! You can unshrink clothes by soaking them in a bucket of lukewarm water mixed with baby shampoo. Gently squeeze the water out after and roll the clothing item up in a towel. Gently reshape and stretch the item while it lay out to dry.

    People have also had success with unshrinking their clothes by using hair conditioner. So definitely give that a try if you don’t have baby shampoo on hand.


    10. Use an aluminum foil ball in the dryer to get rid of static cling

    via Tip Hero

    Wanna get rid of that annoying static electricity after drying your clothes? You can roll up 3 sheets of aluminum foil into a ball then toss it in the dryer along with your clothes.


    11. Use a dry erase marker to write down instructions on the dryer

    via Emma Magazine

    What a clever way to reminding yourself which clothing item in the washer cannot be dried in the dryer!


    12. DIY your own lint bin with a cereal box

    via Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

    Make your own lint box to collect lint from the dryer and just empty it when it’s full. You can repurpose your cereal box to this functional and stylish lint box by following a few simple steps.


    13. DIY mason jar containers with chalkboard signs

    via Simply Designing

    It makes it so much easier to pour detergent and other liquid if you have them in a drink dispenser. Adding chalkboard tags is a cute way to spruce up your laundry room without breaking the bank.


    14. Get rid of mildew smell from the towels 

    via Classy Clutter

    Ever been curious about how to get that stinky wet towel smell out of your towels? Towels can have that stinky mildew smell when they are left wet or not completely dried for too long. Wash the towels with white vinegar in the washing machine with hot water cycle. Do not use detergent. If the smell lingers, then wash again with just baking soda and hot water. That should do the trick!


    15. Homemade detergent

    via Happy Money Saver

    You can make your own laundry powder detergent by mixing super washing soda, Borax, pure baking soda, Fels-Naptha, Oxy-Clean, and Purex Crystals. By following the tutorial, you will get 18 pounds of detergent and you will only need 1-2 tablespoons per load. So that gives you a pretty good idea how long the detergent will last and how much cheaper this alternative is to buying detergent.


    16. DIY mobile laundry station

    via Hoosier Homemade

    What a great way to keep your laundry organized! I love how it is built with wheels on the bottom so you don’t need to do any heavy lifting.


    17. Create a spot for collecting missing socks

    via Marielle Marie

    How cute is this idea? Simply hang up a lonely sock on the wall until you can find its mate!


    18. Make your own laundry softener

    via Liz Marie Blog

    You will need 6 cups of hot water, 2 cups of white vinegar, and 1 bottle of conditioner. You can use any conditioner, just pick a cheap one that smells good. Completely mix hot water and conditioner first then mix in the vinegar. This mixture will leave your clothes fluffy and smelling nice!


    19. DIY behind-the-door organization

    via I Heart Organizing

    Got miscellaneous items hanging out on your washing and dryer machines? Why not make your own behind-the-door organizer to have everything in one place?


    20. Make a star-shaped clothes drying rack

    via A Piece Of Rainbow

    Are you always running out of space to hang your clothes on the drying rack? If you are feeling extra crafty, why not make this awesome star-shaped drying rack that is super cute and functional? What makes it even better is that it is collapsible and can be easily stored.


    Do you have any laundry hacks that you love? Share with us in the comments. We would love to hear your ideas!

    16 Amazing IKEA Bathroom Hacks that Will Make You Love Your Bathroom

    These IKEA bathroom hacks will help you transform your bathroom to your favorite room in your home.

    It’s an easy and cheap to transform your dated bathroom. Nothing’s wrong with an older bathroom, but you deserve a place where you can truly unwind and relax after a long day. Creating that spa-like environment in your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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    10 IKEA Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind


    #1 Bathroom Vanity with Bekvam Kitchen Cart

    Tutorial: The Handy Homegirl

    Are you looking to add some wood accents to your bathroom? You can easily get this spa-inspired vanity by using an IKEA kitchen cart.

    Simply follow the tutorial to stain the wood to a shade you desire!

    Make sure you cut the legs so it’s even and make the perfect height for a sink.


    #2 Throw Blanket Shower Curtain

    Tutorial: Lynne Knowlton

    Using a throw blanket as a shower curtain? Yup, you read that right!

    Don’t forget to hang up a liner on the inside to help the curtain stay dry.


    #3 Vanity with Salad Bowl Sink

    Tutorial: Berger-Porta

    IKEA hacks = creativity x 100000

    But this project takes it to another level! Using a salad bowl as a sink!

    You can create your own one-of-a-kind vanity using a salad bowl and the Rast 3-drawer chest.


    #4 Toy Storage Transformed to Guest Luxury Bathroom

    Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

    Do you use your kids’ bathroom as the guest’s bathroom when people are staying over?

    If yes, then this idea is perfect for you!

    You can easily transform the bathroom when needed with this IKEA hack. It’s so easy to switch out kid’s toys to a spa-inspired bath setup for your guests.


    #5 Spice Rack Toilet Paper Holder

    Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

    Toilet paper holder made from a spice rack. Yup, you read that right!

    I love how there’s room on top for you to decorate with a small candle and plants. You can never have too many things that help to freshen up the bathroom right? ?


    #6 LACK Wall Shelves

    Tutorial: Hand und Fuss

    Oh em geeee! I LOVE the pink tiles! Okay, jk that is not part of the IKEA hack but can we just appreciate how lovely those floating shelves look?

    This project definitely requires more time and tools but the result is so worth it! I would’ve never thought they were from IKEA. They look much more expensive than they really are!

    ?The tutorial is in German so make sure you turn on the translation feature.


    #7 Vanity Update

    Tutorial: The Golden Sycamore

    All you need for this project is a basic IKEA sink cabinet which come in black, gray, and white.

    Pick a color you like and transform the sink cabinet by painting it.

    #8 Spa Bath Mat

    Tutorial: House of Hepworths

    Who knew adding a bath mat would transform your bathroom into a spa-like environment?

    What’s interesting about this bath mat is that you actually use IKEA’s outdoor decking pieces to make it. It’s easier than it looks to assemble them. All you have to do is to snap them together and you get to customize the patterns and size as you please.


    #9 Vanity Hack

    Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

    With a fresh coat of paint and change of hardware details, this vanity doesn’t look like it’s from IKEA at all. It looks so much more expensive than it really is.


    #10 Nail Polish Rack

    Tutorial at This Mom’s Gonna Snap

    Looking for a storage solution for your nail polish? The spice racks from IKEA are actually the perfect size to store all of your nail polish.

    It will keep everything organized and you can easily see at a glance when you’re picking out the color.


    #11 Lightweight Washbasin Cabinet

    Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

    This lightweight washbasin cabin is actually made from a IKEA wooden cart. This hack transforms your bathroom vanity into something simple and minimal. You can also add a basket on the cart to add some storage.


    #12 Towel & Storage Ladder

    Tutorial: Quirk Madame

    If you’re running out of storage space in the bathroom then this hack is perfect for you! Propping a ladder shelf against the wall will give you more places to store your items and yet it won’t look cluttered.


    #13 Vanity Cart

    Tutorial: Polkadot Chair

    It’s amazing to see so many different uses for the IKEA Raskog cart and of course I have to include it as one of the bathroom hacks as well.

    You can make it into a mobile vanity cart that you can easily move it when needed. This is especially useful when you have to share the bathroom with someone else.

    You can also attach an IKEA utensil holder on the side to hold your curling iron and flat iron.


    #14 Vanity Remodel

    Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

    Want to update the look of your sink vanity? Take advantage of the cheap IKEA kitchen counter and cabinets to custom make your new bathroom vanity.


    #15 Bekväm Stool

    Tutorial: I Heart Organizing

    I’m sure you’ve seen these stools everywhere and but this one really adds a nice touch to a plain and cheap stool.

    Staining the wood into this darker color makes it look so much more expensive than it really is!

    It’s perfect for guests’ towels and toilet paper in the guest bathroom.


    #16 Makeup Storage

    Tutorial:  By Dawn Nicole

    This tutorial shows you how to use the cheap IKEA Pluggis system to create your perfect makeup storage solution.

    I love the clean and simple design of these storage bins that will keep your bathroom look clean and uncluttered.

    It’s also a great way to keep your makeup and skincare clean and off the sink counter.


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    19 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas that are Easy to Make

    Welcome to gift wrapping 101!!! Okay maybe not… But here you will find helpful tips and tricks on gift wrapping. ?

    The traditional way of wrapping gifts includes materials such as rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, etc. Yea sure you can buy them at your local Target and call it a day. But there are actually so many other ways to get creative with your gift wrapping.

    I’ll even show you different ways to upcycle things you already have around the house to wrap gifts. Let’s be real, most people will toss the wrapping paper after opening their presents. Why not try to save some money and be more environmental friendly at the same time?

    You probably already spent a lot of money on the actual gifts, you don’t need break the bank on the gift wraps.

    Some tips to level up your gift wrapping skills:

    • If your gift is a weird shape, try putting in a box then wrap it. Recycle shipping boxes to make it extra budget friendly.
    • Look around your home for materials you already have before buying new ones.

    Your friends and family will appreciate your one-of-a-kind gifts and the effort you put into creating them.


    #1 Use toilet paper rolls to make little boxes

    Image and tutorial found at The Pink Doormat

    Who knew you can make such a cute gift box with toilet paper rolls?

    You can decorate the box with washi tape, ribbons, stickers, or scraps of wrapping paper.

    This box is the perfect size for gifts like earrings, necklaces, and other small items.


    #2 Use newspaper

    Image and tutorial found at Fave Crafts

    Don’t have wrapping paper at home? Why not try wrapping presents with newspaper?

    Make it extra fun and cute by using the comics section of the newspaper!


    #3 Use q-tips to make a dandelion wrapping paper

    Image and tutorial found at The Chic Site

    Want to make your gift stand out in the pile and yet want to stay within your budget? This hack is super awesome and creative.

    Grab some Q-tips and a styrofoam ball to make a dandelion gift wrap!


    #4 Turn wrapping paper into a gift bag

    Image and tutorial found at Hello Sandwich

    Ran out of gift bags? Don’t worry, you can easily turn wrapping paper into gift bags!

    This tutorial also works with kraft paper or any other paper you want to use, as long as it’s about twice the size of the bag you want to make.


    #5 Use fabric scraps as ribbons

    Image and tutorial found at tikkido

    Instead of using regular ribbon, you can use fabric to tie around the boxes. Takes a bit of work to sew them together but the end result is worth it! Look how pretty they look!


    #6 Use foil paper box for cookies

    Image and tutorial found at Aunt Peaches

    Are you planning to whip up some cookies to give away or exchange? The foil paper box is perfect for keeping those cookies nice and safe until they’re ready to be enjoyed!

    Get creative with decorating the boxes with paints and stickers. Don’t forget to line it with some parchment paper!


    #7 Or use Pringles containers for cookies

    Image and tutorial found at A Baker’s House

    Similar idea as the previous one but you can also wrap cookies in a Pringles container.

    You can decorate it using wrapping paper to make it extra festive!


    #8 Polk a dot your wrapping paper

    Image and tutorial found at The House that Lars Built

    Wrapping gifts with plain paper? Spruce it up by adding polka dots!

    All you need is a pencil with an eraser on top and a white stamp pad.


    #9 Paint instead of using real ribbons

    Image and idea found at My Cakies

    Instead of stamping polka dots, you can also use a brush and draw some ribbons. This idea will come in handing if you are out of ribbons.


    #10 Use a photo of the recipient instead of a gift tag

    Image and idea found at Could I Have That?

    Make your gift extra thoughtful by attaching a picture of the recipient on the box. This is a great alternative to traditional gift tags with names on it.

    If you include a picture of you and the person together, it will make it even more special.


    #11 Make Christmas trees with twigs

    Image and tutorial found at Fellow Fellow

    I love how minimal this gift topper idea is and yet still so festive. All you need is some small twigs and embroidery thread to create this look.


    #12 Christmas stamp

    Image and tutorial found at Hello Glow

    Use a rubber eraser and x-acto knife to cut out your own unique stamp. The tree idea is perfect for beginners because it’s easier to cut since it’s all straight lines, but feel free to get creative with your shapes if you want.

    Some other fun ideas are: snowman, hearts, and stars


    #13 Brushstrokes

    Image and idea found at The Craftables

    This idea keeps it so simple by not including any embellishments but it still looks great!

    Use a flat thick brush to paint brushstrokes with your acrylic paint of choice. You can either plan out what the strokes are going to look like or you can just go with the flow and see how it turns out!

    #14 Paper straws

    Image and tutorial found at Splash of Something

    Got some paper straws that you never got the chance to use? Now it’s your chance to put some use to them!

    You can create some paper star embellishments using paper straws and strings.

    The pattern reminds me of candy cane and it’s perfect for Christmas!

    #15 Use black wrapping paper and white marker

    Image and tutorial found at Bonnie Christine

    Love to doodle and enjoy calligraphy? Try out this blackboard art inspired gift wrapping!

    Grab some black craft paper and white markers to create this look. Head over to Bonnie Christine to check out which markers she recommends to create this beautiful project.


    #16 Use double sided tape to hide the closure

    Image and idea found at Pretty Handy Girl

    Want to make your gift looks like it’s wrapped by a gift wrapping pro? Use a double sided tape underneath the edge of the paper for that hidden closure look.


    #17 Confetti

    Image and tutorial found at Mini Eco

    How fun is this gift wrapping idea! You can use scrap paper to create this fun and interactive packaging. Use a hole puncher to cut out little circles and a pair of scissors to cut out long strips. Make it extra fun by creating bright neon color confetti!

    #18 “Color me” wrapping paper

    Image and idea found at Lines Across

    Here we have another interactive idea, and it shows you wrapping paper can be fun even when it’s all white!

    This idea is perfect for kids and also adults that love to doodle.  Use washi tape to stick some crayons on the paper to let your recipient get creative on the plain white paper!


    #19 Use an old sweater

    Image and idea found at Boxwood Clippings

    Got an old sweater laying around that is too worn out to be donated? Turn it into the coziest gift wrapping idea ever!

    50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Surprisingly Useful

    Wow! I can't believe these super useful organization tips are from the dollar store! Definitely pinning!

    Have you been trying to get everything organized in your house but nothing seems to be working? Does it always seem like you’re running out of storage at home?

    Yes, you can run to the nearest Target to buy expensive storage bins and baskets to get your things organized.

    Or you can save a ton of money by getting creative with things sold at the dollar stores.

    Getting your home in order doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can get creative with items that can be found at dollar stores. Don’t worry if you think they aren’t stylish enough for your home, you can always DIY to spruce up the look!

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    50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas

    1. Towel Storage Baskets

    Image and idea found at Making Lemonade

    Where do you store your clean towels? Are they taking up a lot of space in your closet or drawers? Why not roll up some towels and display them in the bathroom?

    Attach the baskets on the wall then place the towels in them. This gives your bathroom the spa-like atmosphere and keeps clutter off the shelves. It’s the perfect idea for guest bathrooms so your guests don’t have to ask you for fresh towels.

    2. Pretty Pantry Storage

    Image and idea found at The Social Home

    I love this uniform look of containers for the pantry! They look much more expensive that you would’ve never thought you can create this look by using things from the dollar store.

    The key point here is to create matching labels for each container. This will keep your pantry looking organized and possibly even inspire you to cook more!

    3. Baking Pan Organization

    Image and idea found at Organizing Junkie

    One of my biggest problems with kitchen organization is that I can’t seem to find a perfect space for baking sheets and pans. They just all seem to pile on top of each other in the cupboard, creating a mess and it’s nearly impossible to find something that I need.

    Using an organizer to store all the baking pans is not only easy and it definitely helps with the clutter.

    4. Garage Organization Baskets

    Image and idea found at Simply Kierste Design Co.

    A cluttered garage is my worst nightmare! Good thing it’s easy to avoid that.

    You can simply use some plastic baskets from the dollar store to store things like toys and balls. They come in different sizes and colors so it’s easy to find something that suits your needs.

    5. Plastic Crate Shelf

    Image and idea found at Hometalk

    If you run out of storage space in the closet or on the floor, you can always add storage on the wall. This will keep clutter off the floor and it’s a great way for kids to display their collection of toys and books. One down side is that kids won’t be able to reach for their stuff if the crates are really high up. Feel free to adjust the height to suit your needs!

    6. Rope Basket

    Image and tutorial found at I Heart Organizing

    The dollar store might not have the fanciest decor but that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY it!

    Instead of splurging on something that’s way more expensive, get creative with what you can make with things from the dollar store like this rope basket.

    7. Use Hamper as Toy Storage

    Image and idea found at Parents

    The kids can keep their favorite toys in the hamper. It’s easy for kids to reach for and also put things away when it’s time to clean up. They can also easily move the hamper wherever they like.

    8. Gift Wrap Storage

    Image and idea found at The Country Chic Cottage

    Seasonal items like rolls of gift wraps and gift bags can be bulky and it’s hard to find a place to store them.

    You can get an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep them organized. It can be hung over the door of your craft room or office so it’s not in the way of anything.

    9. Pool Noodles as Boot Trees

    Image and idea found at _desiree05_

    Cut up some pool noodles and keep them in the boots. This will keep your boots nice and straight, preventing wrinkles and cracking.

    10. Use File Sorters to Organize Washcloths

    Image and idea found at The Real Thing With the Coake Family

    Who would’ve thought you can keep washcloths organized with a file sorter? What a clever idea!

    11. Craft Box to Store Hair Accessories

    Image and idea found at The Idea Room

    These craft boxes are useful to store craft items like beads but they are also great to store hair accessories. It’s great way to color coordinate all the accessories so it makes it so much easier to help your daughter to get ready for school.

    12. Storage Bin Makeover

    Image and idea found at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

    All you need is some spray paint to make dollar store bins look more expensive. The chalkboard signs also add a nice touch to the otherwise plain bins.

    13. Tiered Trays

    Image and idea found at Liz Marie Blog

    Can you believe this stylish tiered tray is made of cheap metal trays and candle stick holders? This shows you really don’t need to buy home decor at expensive stores. All you need is a little bit of time and creativity to create your unique tiered trays. You can paint it with your favorite color or a color that matches with your room decor.

    14. Second Shower Rod for Storage

    Image and idea found at Life Hacker

    Do you have a ton of products you use in the shower? Does it seem like you are always running out of space to store them? If that sounds familiar to you, then this hack is perfect for you!

    All you need is to add a second shower curtain rod then some plastic storage to create this brilliant storage hack. Adding an extra row of storage will help to keep your hair and skin care products organized and easy to reach in the shower.

    15. Wire Rack as Jewelry Holder

    Image and idea found at Yesterday on Tuesday

    You can easily make a jewelry organizer with a wire rack from the dollar store. All you need to do is screw the wire rack into a piece of wood and decorate however you want.

    16. Chest Freezer Organization

    Image and idea found at Practically Functional

    If you have a chest freezer then you must purchase these! They will keep the freezer nice and organized.

    You will never have to dig through a ton of frozen meat to find something again. It makes it so much easier to know exactly what you have in the freezer. You can also label the baskets to make it even more organized.

    17. K Cup Storage

    Image and idea found at Peas and Crayons

    Store K Cups inside cutlery and utensil organizers instead of buying expensive K Cup storage.

    18. Canned Food Organization

    Image and idea found at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    Adding these wire baskets to your pantry is the perfect way to store canned foods. This makes it so much easier to know what canned food you have in your pantry.

    You can line the cans up by expiration dates so you use the older cans first. Adding labels to the pantry also helps to keep it organized.

    19. Cereal Container as a Garbage Can in the Car

    Image and idea found at A Bird and a Bean

    Grab a plastic bag and a cereal container to make your own $1 trash can for your car. It’s perfect for those long road trips or even just always keeping it in the car!

    20. Wire File Basket as Necklace Organizer

    Image and idea from Smile and Wave DIY

    This creates a minimalist home decor piece and it’s also functional to hold your necklaces.

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    11 DIY Handmade Soap Ideas that are Perfect as Gifts

    Handmade soap are perfect as gifts during the holidays. They make thoughtful and creative gifts for people that you care about. They’re perfect size for stocking stuffing as well!

    Tie the soaps with rustic twine or wrap them up with some paper. They make perfect and thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list.

    Yes, I know handmade soap sold in stores can be really pricey because they take time and labor to make. Don’t worry, you can learn how to make your own following these easy tutorials.

    Some materials you’ll need:

    • Kitchen scales
    • Silicon soap molds
    • Measuring spoons
    • Mixing bowls

    ?Tips for Beginners ?

    If this is your first time making soap, it’s easier to follow the melt and pour method. Which is really simple and easy.

    1. Use a premade soap base (goat milk, clear, hemp, shea butter, etc.)
    2. Melt it on the stovetop or in the microwave
    3. Mix in additives you would like to add
    4. Pour it into molds and wait until it hardens
    5. Done! ✨

    More advanced way of making soap – cold process

    It requires the use of a base solution which is often lye. Please do your research before working with lye as it is a very strong chemical that can burn your skin.

    Cold process also takes longer to cure so that’s why the melt and pour process is recommended for beginners.


    After you’ve learned the basics of making your own soaps, feel free to get creative with the colors and ingredients.

    #1 Pumpkin Spice Soap

    Image and tutorial found at A Beautiful Mess

    Method: melt and pour

    Mmm, don’t you just love the scent of pumpkin spice? Now that the weather’s getting colder, you have all the excuses in the world to get everything pumpkin spice.

    Yup, that includes your soap!

    Wrap the soap with the printable included to make it a perfect gift for your loved ones!

    #2 Goat’s Milk Citrus Soap

    Image and recipe found at Hello Wonderful

    Method: melt and pour

    For this soap, you can use any citrus you like: oranges, lemons, or limes.

    You will need to dry the citrus slices in the oven first before making the soap. I love how the slices look inside the soap. Very pretty and can imagine it smells great too!


    #3 Honeycomb Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Everything Pretty

    Method: melt and pour

    Honey is a great ingredient to use in your handmade soap. Honey moisturizes our skin without making it oily.

    Wondering how you get that honeycomb-like texture on the soap? You actually use a piece of bubble wrap to create that look! How creative is that? Head over to the link above to learn more.


    #4 Vanilla Coffee Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Simply Stacie

    Method: melt and pour

    Next time you make a cup of coffee at home, don’t throw away the coffee grounds! They can be used to make your own DIY bar soap.

    If you’re not a coffee drinker and wants to give this recipe a go, ask a friend to save you some coffee grounds next time! (not weird at all right? ?)


    #5 Tea Tree & Charcoal Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Soap Queen

    Method: cold process

    This handmade soap is meant to be used as a facial soap. The combination of tea tree and charcoal is perfect for those with oily skin.

    The activated charcoal is what makes the soap color black, giving it an unique look that’s different from your typical soap. The charcoal helps to pull dirt and oil from your pores, leaving your skin nice and clean.


    #6 80’s Inspired Soap

    Image and tutorial found at A Kailo Chic Life

    Method: melt and pour

    Super fun soap with a mixture of different colors and patterns that are inspired by the 80’s. You need clear melt and pour soap base and soap colorant to achieve this look.

    You can get totally creative while making this soap. Play around with using different colors and cutting out different shapes. It’s a little more challenging than most of the recipes here but the result is totally worth it!


    #7 Lavender Honey Lemon Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Sisoo

    Method: melt and pour

    Look at these soaps and how pretty they are! They look like they cost at least $20 each if you buy them in a store. It’s amazing to learn how you can make them for cheap at home.

    Use a piece of burlap to wrap up these beauties and decorate them with lavender flowers to make them extra special as gifts.


    #8 Herb and Spice Glycerin Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Hello Glow

    Method: melt and pour

    This clear soap is beyond stunning and I can’t stop staring at them! Luckily, it’s so easy to make them that it will surprise you.

    Add some dried flowers, herbs, leaves and spices and arrange them however you like. Get creative!


    #9 Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap

    Image and tutorial found at A Beautiful Mess

    Method: melt and pour

    This soap is perfect for those that love the fresh citrus scent. And thanks to the peppermint essential oil, it also has a hint of minty scent, which makes it even more refreshing.

    The poppy seeds are great for exfoliating and as I mentioned earlier, the goat milk is perfect for moisturizing.

    #10 Honey Walnut Milk Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Offbeat and Inspired

    Method: cold process

    I love how this soap recipe is simply inspired by the blogger Tiffany’s pantry. She used what she had on hand to create this fun experiment.

    Without using any additional fragrance, the soap smells great because of the walnut and honey. The milk base also helps with dry skin in the winter months and keep it moisturized.


    #11 Lavender Oatmeal Soap

    Image and tutorial found at Beauty Crafter

    Method: melt and pour

    This easy recipe only requires 4 ingredients to make! They are goat milk soap base, oatmeal, dried lavender flowers, and lavender essential oil.

    It’s a perfect recipe for beginners to try out before trying out the more complicated recipes!


    12 Farmhouse IKEA Hacks that Will Save You a Ton of Money

    DIY IKEA hacks that will transform plain furniture to fabulous farmhouse decor!


    Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now and they make a home feel cozy and inviting. Buying farmhouse furniture can be pricey, each piece ranging from $400 to even $1000+.

    Doing a quick search on Google for farmhouse furniture, you can see they go for at least $500.

    Furnishing an entire house or even just a room can easily costs you thousands of $$$.

    Ain’t nobody got that kinda cash!!

    What if I tell you there are cheaper ways to get gorgeous looking furniture that will satisfy your farmhouse decor craving?

    Where can we get these wonderful furniture pieces at a cheaper price you ask?


    yep, with a little bit of DIY, you can easily transform boring IKEA furniture into one of a kind farmhouse furniture that looks great!

    Here is a list of farmhouse IKEA hacks you can try out today!

    1. Tarva Dresser

    Image and tutorial found at Dupetitdoux

    Who knew the plain-looking IKEA Tarva dresser can be transformed into the farmhouse furniture of your dreams?

    I would’ve never guessed it was originally an IKEA piece!

    The tutorial is in French so make sure you turn on the translation to better understand the creative process! ?

    2. Farmhouse Clock

    Youtube tutorial found at: The Daily DIYer

    This one’s as easy as swapping your watch face on your Apple Watch! ?


    1. Remove the paper clock face that came with it
    2. Paint the clock itself with any color you please
    3. Draw or print out another face
    4. Drop in the new face

    And…..you’re done.

    Awesome, you have yourself a completely different clock here!

    3. Vegetable Bin

    Image and tutorial found at Stow and Tell U

    I want you to stop reading right now and go to your kitchen and take a look at the vegetables laying around on the countertop and kitchen island.

    Are you back?

    They’re just laying around in the original market packaging huh? ?

    Well here’s a tutorial for you. Check out how you can transform a stationary bin into a vegetable bin! Fits perfectly with the farmhouse look you’re going for.

    4. Kitchen Island

    Image and idea found at Golden Boys & Me

    I had to look twice for this one, because it blended so perfectly with the rest of the kitchen!

    You know you want to take a closer look. Go check out this tutorial so you can do it for your own kitchen island. ?

    5. Dining Table

    Image and tutorial found at East Coast Creative

    You’re in for a treat with this one. You will never believe how this table looked like in the beginning of the transformation. The difference is night and day!

    The great thing about this one is, the transformation only involves some planks of wood and wood staining. The end result? Farmhouse bliss.

    6. Rustic Apothecary

    Image and tutorial found at Sawdust 2 Stitches

    I feel like I’m saying this a lot today, but this transformation is ridiculous! You absolutely cannot guess how this looked before this picture.

    Using Ikea cubbies as a base, you can ultimately have a farmhouse-style apothecary. The staining on this one is immaculate, check it out!

    7. Wardrobe

    Image and tutorial found at Jenna Sue Design

    This simple addition to the dresser adds farmhouse style without the busting the bank. Paint and attach them to the doors. Add a final touch with handles and have yourself the perfect farmhouse dresser for your bedroom.

    Check out the tutorial for the step-by-step. ?

    8. Norden Sideboard

    Image and tutorial found at Lolly Jane

    Look what a simple staining does for Ikea furniture!

    I know right??

    Check out this simple tutorial for the deets.

    9. Coffee Bar

    Image and tutorial found at The Inspired Hive

    Here’s yet another simple stain and replace hack.

    The stain really brings out the farmhouse look. Then replace the knobs in front with some farmhouse drawer pulls. And the top it off, paint the top to your color of choice.

    Quick, simple, affordable, amazing.

    10. Entryway Table

    Image and tutorial found at My Fabuless Life

    As I’m writing this, I keep getting amazed at how many different hacks there are – and not only that, but how SIMPLE they are.

    This one is no different.

    Grab the Ikea desk and simple glue the wood plank(s) to the top, set it and forget it! ?

    You’ve got yourself the perfect farmhouse entryway table. Add some deco for an extra touch.

    11. Mirror Frame

    Image and tutorial found at Edea Smith

    This hack adds borders to the original mirror with wood planks. You can stain them to your liking (not don’t even stain) and attach them. Great touch for the bedroom, walk-in closet, or maybe even the bathroom!

    12. Faux Metal Letters

    Image and tutorial found at Grillo Designs

    WAIT!! Before you recycle your Ikea cardboard boxes, you can do one last hack! ?

    Faux metal…

    That’s right you read it correctly. F-A-U-X metal! If you were like me, you thought the letters were made of metal.

    You can repurpose all of the cardboard that came with your furniture from Ikea. In this case, cute farmhouse style letters! In addition to this, you could even wire some string lights into them for an extra touch, perhaps that could be another tutorial…


    Check out these farmhouse IKEA hacks! 12 different tutorials that will help you save a ton of money.

    13 No Bake Keto Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    Want to enjoy some desserts while on the keto diet? Here is a list of 13 ideas that will satisfy your craving and help you lose weight at the same time!
    The best low carb keto no-bake desserts that will help you lose weight! Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while on the ketogenic diet.

    Desserts on a diet? Wait, what? ?

    You read it right! You CAN have dessert while losing weight if you’re following the ketogenic diet. I’m talking about legit desserts that look like they come straight out of a dessert menu at a restaurant. 

    Best of all? They require no baking at all!

    Yup, I see your mouth watering.

    The key difference in keto friendly dessert recipes from the regular ones is the low carb sweetener used in the recipes.

    What are some keto approved sweeteners?

    Low carb desserts are most likely made without sugar. Here are some of the common sweeteners used in low carb desserts:

    • Stevia 
    • Erythritol
    • Monk Fruit
    • Swerve

    Remember: Before you stuff your face with keto-friendly creme brulee and chocolates, remember moderation is the key here. Just because these desserts are low carb doesn’t mean you should overindulge in them. 

    13 Keto-Friendly Desserts that Don’t Require Baking

    #1 Cookie Dough Popsicles

    Image and recipe found at Keto Diet

    Remember when grandma used to bake cookies and you used to eat raw cookie dough??

    I’ve since realized that we were eating raw eggs! Oops!

    Anyways, check out this recipe for cookie dough – wait for it – Popsicles! (no eggs ?) Enjoy!

    #2 Chocolate Mousse

    Image and recipe found at Cooking LSL

    Would you believe me if I said that this chocolate mousse is sugar-free?

    This recipe calls for stevia semi-sweet chocolate, cream cheese, Swerve sweetener, and heavy cream. Check out the step-by-step guide for more details!

    Top it off with some whipped cream and berries for a lil extra touch!

    #3 Key Lime Pie Ice-Box Cake

    Image and recipe found at Appetite for Energy

    This key lime pie ice-box cake will be ready in 30 minutes and of course, no baking required! It’s perfect for parties or bringing to a pot lock as the pie can be made ahead and frozen until need. Just make sure you thaw the cake for 30 minutes before serving.

    You can substitute this recipe with regular limes if you don’t have key limes on hand. There is a difference in taste between key limes and limes but either works fine.

    Check out the No-Bake Key Lime Pie Icebox Cake recipe on Appetite for Energy.

    #4 Salted Tahini Cookie Dough Fudge

    Image and recipe found at Ambitious Kitchen

    Here’s an easy-peasy one for yah! Just take a look at the picture? Does it just make your mouth water? 

    Only containing 4 ingredients: tahini, coconut oil, maple syrup, and salt. 

    Check out the Salted Tahini Cookie Dough Fudge recipe on Ambitious Kitchen.

    #5 Minty Matcha Cheesecake

    Image and recipe found at Oh Sweet Mercy

    The true meaning of no bake right here. Yep I said it, even the crust!

    You basically mix everything together and drop it in the fridge to chill and BOOM! Got your self a minty matcha cheesecake. Check out the recipe for the deets.

    #6 Frosted Brownie Walnut Fudge

    Image source: Beauty and the Foodie

    Hey there! Yeah you! Did you know this brownie walnut fudge is…drumroll please! Low carb, paleo, gluten free, vegan and dairy free. Wow a mouthful, but worth it.

    Simply blend, pour, and chill and you got yourself a dessert.

    Don’t believe me? Check out the recipe!

    #7 Vanilla Custard

    Image and recipe found at Fat for Weight Loss

    Custard isn’t an easy dessert to make but once you’ve perfected it, it’s so worth it! The goal here is to get a smooth and creamy consistency.

    Here are some tips on getting the right consistency for the custard:

    • Make sure the egg doesn’t get cooked too quickly to prevent curdling
    • Cook on low heat
    • Stir constantly with a wooden spoon

    Feel free to add some strawberries for toppings if you like!

    Check out the Vanilla Custard recipe on Fat for Weight Loss

    #8 Peanut Butter Cups

    Image and recipe found at Low Carb Yum

    Do you love Reese’s Pieces? Well just wait until you see this recipe! This low carb snack is not only easy, but a delicious alternative to the regular candy.

    #9 Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Treats

    Image and recipe found at My Life Cookbook

    Any dessert with strawberries is my favorite. Especially when it’s low carb! And can we just take a second and appreciate how pretty it looks?

    #10 Coconut Bars

    Image and recipe found at Sugar Free Londoner

    2 words. “5 ingredients”

    Kind of looks like sushi doesn’t it? Wait what am I saying? This post is for dessert. ?

    The recipe includes desiccated coconut, coconut cream, coconut oil, condensed milk, and you guessed it, more Coconut…cream. Check it out!

    #11 Chocolate Truffles

    Image and recipe found at Low Carb Maven

    It’s too bad that Godiva doesn’t sell low-carb chocolate truffles but don’t worry, you can make your own at home.

    Good thing you can easily make chocolate truffles at home! You can make these bad boys on the stove top or microwave.

    #12 Lemon Ice Cream

    Image and recipe found at Greek Goes Keto

    This recipe contains lemon which perfect for your keto diet! Not only is it perfect, but it contains a lot of other health benefits.

    This recipe only contains 2 main ingredients other than lemon, mineral water and a sweetener. Check it out!

    #13 Pistachio Pudding Cream Pie

    Image and recipe found at A Latte Food

    Here’s an easy recipe, simply put everything together and drop it off in the fridge to chill and you’ve got yourself tasty dessert!

    The recipe needs instant pudding so remember not to grab the stovetop kind when you’re shopping around. Check it out!

    Keto dessert recipes that will help you lose weight and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Best of all, they require no baking at all!

    21 Ways to Repurpose a Tic Tac Box that You Never Thought Of


    If you’re like me, you probably love repurposing projects. They are inexpensive and help to give new meaning to objects that would otherwise become trash.

    Getting crafty doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on materials. You can often find things to repurpose around your house.

    There are so many super cool ways to repurpose tic tac boxes and here you will learn 21 ways to give new life to a tic tac box.

    Earbud Holder

    Image and tutorial found at My Crazy Good Life

    Don’t you hate it when your earbuds get all tangled in your purse? Before you run out to the store to get an earphone organizer, check to see if you have a box of tic tacs waiting to be repurposed!

    I love how this DIY has a retro feel to it. Grab an empty tic tac box, decorate it with some washi tape and you got yourself a hip earbud holder!

    Sewing Kits for Kids

    Image and tutorial found at Sewing Rabbit

    Here’s another cute idea, perfect for kids.

    Use the empty containers to pack a sewing kit/activity for kids. Great activity for kids!

    Tic Tac Go! 

    Image and tutorial found at Taryn Whiteaker

    Here’s a clever idea!

    Play tic tac toe on the go with… you guessed it! Your tic tacs! Try sticking on the game template and have a go at a game of tic tac toe!

    Tic Tac Toe #2

    Image and tutorial found at Wild Olive

    Finish your tic tacs first ?

    Next cut up some felt pieces (2 colors) and put them inside the container. Then use some washi tape to create the game board! Another game while you’re on the go!

    Seed Organizers

    Image and idea found at TC Permaculture

    Here’s something for all you green thumbs out there!

    First, empty out your tic tacs…eat them, don’t waste! ?

    Then peel off the labels and fill each container with different seeds. Finally stick some labels on them to differentiate what’s what and you’re done!

    Pencil Sharpener

    Video tutorial found at DIYLover on Youtube

    • Step 1: eat all the tic tacs
    • Step 2: glue a pencil sharpener to the inside of the cap
    • Step 3: get some pencils to sharpen ?

    Check out the video for a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own pencil sharpener.

    You can decorate it however you like, my favorite is using fun emoji stickers to decorate it.

    Flash Light

    Image and tutorial found at MrMunki @ Instructables

    Ok, to be honest, this one’s going to take some work. But in the end you have a handy dandy flashlight! Check out the tutorial for details!

    Bobby Pin Holder

    Image and idea found at Laura Trevey

    Don’t you hate it when you lose your pins?

    Use your empty tic tac box as a bobby pin holder, now you don’t have an excuse for losing them.

    Hairband Holder

    Image and idea found at The Burlap Bag

    Now, this is building on top of the bobby pin holder! In addition to holding your bobby pins inside of the container, you can wrap your hairbands around the container and drop the entire thing in your bag. Bam! Always prepared.

    Craft Kits

    Image and idea found at DIY Inspired

    Reuse your empty tic tac containers to hold glitter or other crafty things. You can even repurpose them for little gift bags!

    Tiny Ant Farm

    Image and idea found at Living Childhood

    This one’s super interesting, I had never thought about doing this one! Remember those ant farms we got when we were kids? Well, now you can keep one in your pocket at all times…just kidding don’t do that ?

    Check out the tutorial to make you’re own!

    Pocket Fishing Kit

    Image and tutorial found at Instructables

    Pack all your fishing necessities into your tic tac containers. Amazing how you can fit so many things into such a tiny container.

    Spare Button Holder

    Image and idea found at Happy Creative Place

    If you’re like me, you’re always looking for somewhere to put your spare buttons! What better place to keep them than am empty tic tac container!


    Image and tutorial found at Paper & Sitch

    Check out this cute idea, a tiny vase for your tabletop plant(s)! Decorate the outside to your heart’s content!

    Ribbon Dispensers

    Image and idea found at Craft & Creativity

    Store your ribbon in empty tic tac containers so you can easily find them when you need them!

    Bead Organizers

    Image and idea found at The Krazy Coupon Lady

    Organize your beads in your tic tac containers, remember to peel off the labels so it’s easy to see what’s inside!


    Image and tutorial found at Fabulessly Frugal

    Look at this! What a great idea!

    Stick some sandpaper on the outside of your empty tic tac container and fill it with matches for a waterproof resistant match box!

    It’s perfect way to pack some matches on a camping trip. It will prevent the matches from getting wet and I’m sure it will come in super handy when you need to light a fire.

    Spice Bottles

    Image and idea found at Seattle Sundries

    Keep your empty tic tac boxes so you can store your kitchen spices. Peel off the labels and stick on your own to keep track of what you’re storing!

    Tooth Holder

    Image and idea found at Spoonful

    This is a perfect idea if you have kids! If your kid has a loose tooth, pack one of these with them when they go to school. If their tooth falls out they can put it in one of these containers and bring them home for the “tooth fairy”!

    Super cute!

    Toothbrush Holder

    Video tutorial found at ADDYOLOGY

    Use your empty tic tac containers as toothbrush holders! Remember to rinse them out ever so often.

    Picture Frame for Kids’ Artwork

    Found on Pinterest (Picture Source Unknown)

    Check out this super cute idea! Keep the empty tic tac containers and slip in a few pictures for an instant picture frame. Perfect for the kids!

    Don't throw your tic tac box aways next time! Check out these creative ideas of repurposing a tic tac box!

    17 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

    Creative organization ideas for your craft room! They will help to keep your craft supplies nice and organized.
    Organization ideas for the craft room that you've always wanted. These ideas are budget-friendly and easy to DIY!


    Got that spare room the in the house and not sure what to do with it? If you love making crafts, why not create a craft room for all your DIY projects?

    Whether you already have a craft room or you are looking to create one, these awesome ideas will definitely help to keep your craft room nice and organized.

    Reasons why you need a craft room:

    • You love working on different projects at once
    • You want easier access to all your materials instead of digging them out of the storage every time
    • Your craft supplies are taking over the house and taking up room that’s used by your family
    • You have a hard time keeping track of the inventory of your craft supplies

    Tips on keeping your craft room organized:

    • Organize the room by types of crafts: for example, if you dedicate a corner of the room for sewing then you should keep the sewing machine there along with any sewing accessories
    • Keep a trash can and recycle bin in the room
    • Keep an inventory of everything you own: This might sound like a lot of work but trust me it’s totally worth it. It has prevented me from buying duplicated paint and markers ever since I started keeping track of all the different tools and colors I own. You can start doing this on a spreadsheet on the computer or just use a notes app on the phone.
    • Have a designated area for each item in the room. Yup even that tiny little paper clip’s gotta have a home. ?
    • Put everything back to where it belongs after you’re done for the day.

    Now that you know how to keep your craft room organized, let’s check out these 17 DIY ideas for making your craft room even more awesome!

    Ikea Hanging Storage

    Image and idea found at Unskinny Boppy

    These hanging storage buckets are perfect for storing brushes, pens, markers, you name it! The different shapes and sizes allow you to toss in all sorts arts and crafts supplies – you can even sneak in a succulent.

    Since the different buckets are hanging on rails, you have the freedom to arrange them as you please, talk about flexibility!

    In addition, this set up will fit perfectly into your existing farmhouse decor.

    Scissor Storage

    Image and idea found at Polished Habitat

    Ever have to dig through a bucket of scissors to find the right cut? Or even dig through what seems like an endless drawer of them? Well, look no further here’s the perfect solution for your crafts room.

    By hanging your scissors on hooks along a rail, you can easily see the different cuts, quickly grab it, and replace them for next time! Easy peasy.

    Hanging Craft Paint Storage

    Image and idea found at Mad in Crafts

    Remember those wire shelves/racks you used to store your clothes on? Here’s an idea to store your paints on your wall, keeping them off your table – saving that precious real estate!

    Simply combine a few layers together with a few pieces of PVC piping, mount it on your wall, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a cool storage unit for your paints. Get creative with your placement and it doubles up as an “art piece”! ?

    DIY Baker’s Twine Organization

    Image and tutorial found at Damask Love

    Wow! You’d think you can stroll down to your local store and buy it off the shelves!

    What a great, simple way for you to organize your twine. Since you can place all of your spools in one place, it saves you the hassle of trying to find the right color – not to mention a great wall decoration too.

    Use A Spice Rack As Organizer

    Image and idea found at Happiness is Homemade

    Check this idea out, use a spice rack to organize your supplies on your wall. Not only does it keep things nice and organized, it adds a splash of color to your walls! So remember to store colorful things such as ribbons, paint, and maybe even some glitter.

    Use Clear Hanging Pockets As Organizers

    Image and idea found at Fall for DIY

    Use these hanging closet storage organizers to keep your crafts supplies in one place! The transparent pockets let you easily find what you’re looking for – and fast too.

    And wait for it…. once you’re done crafting, you can simply hang these back in your closet, keeping them out of sight until your next mad crafting session! 🙂

    Create Your Own Craft Closet

    Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

    Can somebody pinch me? Is this real life?? Would you look at all that storage?

    Have a closet you’re not using? If you do, you should definitely consider converting it to a this uber craft closet. Check out the complete step-by-step to get started on your very own craft closet.

    Turn An Old File Cabinet Into Fabric Storage

    Image and idea found at Craft Your Happiness

    Have one of those old filing cabinets laying around? Even if you don’t you can easily pick one up and repurpose it into this cute fabric storage unit!

    Simply paint it, attach a few frames, add a few personal touches and voilà! You’ve got yourself a handy fabric storage unit.

    Presser Feet Organization

    Image and idea found at This Creative Journey

    Have a few presser feet laying around your sewing machine? Let’s be real, you do! ?

    Well, look no further… swing by a sports shop and pick up a tackle box. They’re perfect for storing the all the different presser feet you have.

    You can even print out a guide to remind you where each foot is stored in the tackle box.

    Use Tic Tac Containers As Ribbon Containers

    Image and idea found at Pretty Prudent

    Time to go stock up on tic tacs!  ?

    Check out this cute idea for storing washi tape and ribbon. The containers keep the entire roll in shape for you to dispense them. Super clever, don’t waste the tic tacs!

    DIY Glue Gun Holder

    Image and idea found at Virginia Sweat Pea

    Wood shop time! Time to brush off those skills you learned back in your high school elective class.

    Don’t you hate it when your glue gun topples over whenever you set it down? The glue starts dripping everywhere and you’re always afraid (for some odd reason) that it’s going to set something on fire? Well look no further, here’s a tutorial to build a stand/holder for your hot glue gun!

    Washi Tape Holder

    Image and tutorial found at Crafts Unleashed

    What a clever way of displaying all your washi tape! Easily find and store all your different washi tapes on this wooden jewelry holder. Say goodbye trying to dig through what seems like an endless drawer filled with washi tape!

    Copper Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

    Image and idea found at Something Turquoise

    Another easy washi tape holder! You can easily pick up these pipes at your local hardware store. Perfect for you to store all your tapes in one place, where you can see and access them quickly!

    DIY Craft Paint Organizer

    Image and idea found at Sugar Bee Crafts

    Here’s a quick one for yah! All you need are some screws, wire baskets, and a wood board. Simply screw the baskets into the board and mount the board on the wall for some extra storage. Boom! Done!

    Create A Yarn Storage 

    Image and idea found at Repeat Crafter Me

    Here’s an even quicker one. Go online and buy this wine rack, then simply mount it on your wall and you have a storage area for your yarn!

    How pretty does it look! Color coordinated and all.

    Color Coordinate Craft Paper

    Image and idea found at Crafts Unleashed

    Grab some vertical paper holders and organize your craft paper so that you can quickly and easily access them without having to dig through piles or drawers!

    Simple and easy!!

    Make A Giant Pegboard

    Image and tutorial found at Ginger Snap Crafts

    With this giant peg board, your storage options become virtually endless! You can hang things in so many different ways that you can store your entire craft office on your wall! Check it out!

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