8 Fun Bath Bomb DIYs To Try

Do you love to take a nice warm bath on a cold day like me? To make baths even better, sometimes I like to add one or two bath bombs. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. I usually purchase bath bombs from Lush, but they can be quite pricy if you buy them frequently. Do you know it is easy to make your own bath bombs? Here I will share with you 20 different bath bomb recipes that I have found.

Rose, Lavender, & Oatmeal Bath Bombs

via Lovely Greens

I love how pretty these all-natural bath bombs look! The rose petals really add a nice touch to them. I think they are perfect as presents.

Mickey Bath Bombs

via The Farm Girl Gabs

For those Disney fans out there, these look like they will  I know I am going to be trying this out!

Ice Cream Bath Bombs

via what’s up moms

How adorable is this ice cream inspired bath bomb? It’s almost too cute to eat use!

Green Apple Bath Bombs

via Sugar and Charm

Another food-inspired bath bomb! This is such a cute idea and I can imagine it smells really good.

Hidden Train Bath Bombs

via Craftulate

This DIY is perfect for the little ones! And the train can be substituted with anything that they like. I can imagine it being a nice surprise to get a toy in the bath.

Emoji Bath Bombs

via Karina Garcia 

Anything emoji-related is just so much more interesting, isn’t it?

Starbucks Bath Bomb

via Karina Garcia 

Another cute bath bomb idea created by Karina. I can’t get over how creative she is with this Starbucks inspired bath bomb!

Giant Bath Bombs

via GlitterForever17

Can’t get enough of bath bombs? Maybe you should try out this DIY to make a giant bath bomb!


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10 Quick and Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles For the Busy Ladies

Do you often find yourself putting your hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun everyday because you just don’t have time to do anything else to your hair? What if I tell you all you need is 5 minutes to try out a new hairstyle.

I’m sure we all have those busy mornings or just lazy days that the last thing on our minds is to try out a new hairstyle. Having discovered these easy to follow hair tutorials that can be done under 5 minutes is like hitting the jackpot. (Thank you hair god!)

Knot Ponytail

via The Beauty Department

Adding a little twist to the classic side ponytail really makes it looks like you put in more time than you really did.

Crazy Long Ponytail

via Free People

I love this hair trick to make your ponytail appear fuller and longer!

Loose Waves

via Hello Fashion

You can look effortlessly chic within five minutes by just curling random sections of your hair to create some loose waves.

Half Up Knot

via Treasures & Travels

This cute hairstyle only requires a twist, knot, and pin then you are out of the door!

Twisted Crown Braids

via Twist Me Pretty

I have followed this easy tutorials a few times and have gotten tons of compliments on my hair.

5 Minute Curls

via Kouture Kiss

I usually curl my hair in sections and it can take forever. Who knew you could just tie your hair in a high ponytail then start curling? It definitely looks like it’s the easiest way to curl your hair.

Side Mermaid Tail

via Cup of Jo

It’s amazing how easy it is to achieve the side mermaid tail look! The best thing is the braids don’t have to look perfect because the hairstyle gives off the effortless Bohemian vibe.

Braided Bun

via Hey Wanderer

This is perfect for the busy mornings when you are rushing to work yet want to look presentable for a professional environment.

Simple French Roll

via Treasures & Travels

Need a last minute hairstyle idea for a more formal setting? This simple updo doesn’t require you more than five minutes and yet makes you look formal and polished.

Hair Bow

via We See Rainbows

This is an easy to way to add a little something to your hair. All you have to do is to simply tie a tiny bow with your hair and secure with bobby pin.


Now that you’ve learned about these hair hacks, you can easily practice them a few times before becoming a pro at tons of 5-minute hairstyles that saves you time in the morning. Give them a try and let me know how you like them!

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12 Budget-Friendly Ways To Deep Clean Your Car

12 ways to deep clean your car like a pro!

Keeping your car clean not only helps everyone in the car feel comfortable, but it also is an important part of maintaining your car’s condition.

With our busy schedules and driving around on a daily basis, it is easy to skip the car wash for weeks or even months at a time. Dirt and grime can build up quickly and making it more difficult to clean as the time goes on.

Taking your car to get professionally cleaned and detailed can be expensive. Luckily, all you need is some commonly found household products to clean your car efficiently. Here are some tips that I found to help you deep clean your car yet staying within budget.

1. Wash your car with hair conditioner

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

Wash your car using a mixture of water and hair conditioner that includes lanolin. It will make your car look like it was just waxed and make the car shine and repel water.

2. Wipe down the inside of your car with a coffee filter

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

Coffee filters are lint-free, making them ideal for dusting the interior of your car.

3. Use Windex, a travel cup covered with sock to clean the cup holder

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

This is super helpful to clean out the dirt and grime in the cup holder! Put an old sock on a travel cup and spray the sock with Windex, then twist it inside the cup holder to clean.

4. Use olive oil to polish the inside of your car

via Mommy Footprint

Using olive oil is a natural way to shine the interior of your car without using harmful chemical.

5. Get rid of pet hair with a squeegee

via Careabearasara

All pet owners can probably relate to the problem of having pet hair stuck on the car seats. You can actually use a squeegee and a spray bottle of water to get most of the hair out of the seats.

6. Use homemade slime to clean hard-to-clean areas

via Little Things

You can use a DIY slime to clean uneven surfaces. The sticky material of slime easily picks up dust.

7. Use a hair dryer to remove stickers from your car

via Cars

Do you have a stubborn old sticker on your car that wouldn’t peel off? Use a hair dryer to apply heat onto the sticker makes peeling so much easier!

8. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your wiper blades

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

Soak an area of a cleaning cloth with some rubbing alcohol and clean the windshield wipers with it. This will prevent smears on your window.

9. headlights with toothpaste

via PopSugar

Are your headlights looking a little dull and foggy? It is probably caused by scratches and buildup. All you need is some toothpaste and a clean cloth to make them looking new again.

10. Clean car seats with dish soap, washing soda, and water

via PopSugar

Create your own cleaning mixture of dish soap, washing soda, and hot water. It can be used to clean car seats.

11. Replace cabin air filter

via Remove and Replace

Is your air conditioner giving off a funky smell? Maybe it is time to switch out your cabin air filter. Make sure you follow the instructions for your specific car model on how to change it.

12. Use a dryer sheet to wipe off dead bugs off your car

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

After a road trip somewhere, the car is usually covered with dead bugs. You can easily use a dryer sheet co wipe them off of your car.

Cleaning car is definitely made easier with all those tips and tricks. If you don’t have time to clean the entire car in one setting, just divide the tasks up into different sessions, focusing one area at a time.

Do you wash your car yourself or take it to get professionally cleaned? Do you have any other useful tips when it comes to cleaning the car? Leave a comment down below to share your thoughts!

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10 IKEA Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

IKEA hacks that will blow your mind!

Are you someone that loves all the unique furniture seen in high-end store catalogues but cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on them? Don’t worry, what if I tell you there is a way to get one-of-a-kind furniture without breaking the bank? Here are 10  IKEA DIYs that transformed once-plain IKEA furniture into unique pieces.

Floating Credenza

via Sugar and Cloth

How unique does this floating credenza look? I love the wooden top and it definitely gives off a minimalist vibe to the room.

Mid Century Tarva Nightstand

via REMODELaholic

This hack definitely make the IKEA nightstand way more high-end than it really is. Love the mid century style!

SVALBO Entry Table

via The Sweet Beast

This entry table really adds a pop of color without being too distracting. I love how she left the bottom of the legs unpainted.

Furry Stools

via The Kitchy Kitchen

How cute are these furry stools? And this DIY is only under $30? I am definitely going to try it out!

LATTJO Hula Hoop Wall Art

via IKEA Sweden

This hack is definitely one of the most creative! Who would’ve thought a hula hoop can be made into a beautiful wall art? The instructions are in Swedish but you can get a pretty good idea what materials are needed by looking at the pictures.

IVAR Cabinet Wall Mural

via Domino

This brings IKEA hacks to a different level! It allows you to get creative by painting your own designs on the cabinets.

DALFRED Bar Stools

via My Melodrama

Isn’t it amazing how a bottle of gold spray paint can transform a pair of plain black bar stools? I love how easy this DIY is and all you need is spray paint.

METOD HYTTAN Mid Century Cabinet

via Arty Home Studio

This is another mid-century inspired hack that adds more characteristics to kitchen cabinet by simply adding legs and handles to it.

MONGTAD Rustic Mirror

via Savvy Mom 2 Mom

I have always felt IKEA mirrors are a bit plain for my taste, but I love how this rustic mirror turned out!

Bathroom Shelf

via Thistlewood Farms

Look at this amazing hack that she has created! I can definitely use one of these shelves in my bathroom.

Not only these IKEA hacks look amazing, they are also fun to do as DIY projects with your family and roommates. Do you have any other fun ideas on how to transform IKEA furniture into unique pieces? Feel free to leave a comment below to share your ideas or questions!

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11 Ways To Get Creative With Your Headboard

Creative Headboard DIY Ideas

Do you have a platform bed against a bare wall in your home? Do you know there are tons of ideas for DIY headboard that you can get creative with? Having a beautiful headboard really change the way it feels when you are in the room. It is an easy way to refresh your room with a new headboard.

I have found 11 ideas that can inspire you to make unique headboards for your home. Some of them might take more time to create and some might only require what you already own.

DIY Herringbone Headboard With Wood Shims

via eHow

This herringbone headboard really adds the bohemian vibe to bedroom. It takes more effort to build this headboard but the result is worth it!

White Herringbone Headboard

via Sew Much Ado

Here is a slightly different variation of herringbone headboard. It looks beautiful even in white.

Pegboard Headboard

via Sugar and Cloth

This pegboard idea is not only unique but also functional. You can add small storage on the pegboard for things like a clock or a book.

Tapestry Headboard

via Urban Outfitters

This look can simply be achieved by putting up a rod on the wall and hanging a tapestry of your choice.

Shabby Chic Door Headboard

via Amy Bartlam

This is my favorite! Who would’ve thought you can repurpose an old door as a headboard for the bed?

Leather Headboard

via Vogue

This headboard was made from a vintage leather gym mat. Talk about being creative!

Macrame Headboard

via Sally England

This is another one of my favorite! The macrame piece looks amazing against a dark wall.

DIY Book Headboard

via Design Every Day

This one is perfect for the book lovers that have tons of old book. Why not repurpose them into an unique headboard?


As you can see, there are so many ideas you can get creative with when you DIY an unique headboard. It can be an easy and fun way to transform the look in a room. I will definitely keep those ideas in mind when I have a platform bed in the future.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or other ideas for creative headboard!

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21 Surprisingly Easy Nail Designs That You Can Do At Home

Doing your nails at home doesn’t mean you gotta stick to plain nail designs. There are so many ways to have professional-looking manicures at home. I found 21 different nail designs that can easily be done at the comfort of your own home.

Doing your own nails at home is a great way to get creative and save money at the same time. If you don’t like the results, you can simply use a nail polish remover to remove everything and start over. No more feeling bad taking off nails that you spent tons of money on. Check out these awesome and surprisingly easy nail designs that you can do at home with minimal tools.

Neon French Tips

via Lulus

Nautical Nails

via The Beauty Department

Rainbow Sprinkles Nails

via Lulus 

Marble Nails

via Makeup

V-Shaped Nails

via Popsugar

Watercolor / Marble Nail Design Using A Plastic Sandwich Bag

via Polish & Pearls

Rainbow Tie Dye Nails

via Chalkboard Nails

Gradient Nails

via All Day Chic

Vintage Nail Art

via Nail Art Couture

DIY Glitter Polish

via The Crafted Sparrow

DIY Nail Stickers

via She Knows

Use Water-Based Metallic Sharpie To Create Nail Art

via The Beauty Department

Pink And Gold Geo Nails

via Lulus

Use A Fan Brush To Create Striped Nail Art

via SimpleNailArtDesigns (Youtube)

Palm Tree Nail Art

via Cosmopolitan

Splatter Nail Art

via Nailpolis

Use Eye Shadow As Top Coat

via Jenna Hipp

Scallop Trim Nails

via Dapper Toad

Chevron Nail Art

via Lulus 

Glitter Nail Art

via Cosmopolitan

Leopard Print Nails

via Lulus


Which nail design is your favorite? I am definitely going to be trying to recreate some of these designs myself. Let us know if you have any easy nail hacks that you would like to share!


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15 Easy Organization Ideas To Have A Stress-Free School Year

It’s that time of the year again — back to school season. As a parent, you probably already have some sort of system down to help your kids transition into the new school year. But we all know getting kids ready for school and making sure they do their homework can sometimes feel like having war zones in your home.

I found 15 organization ideas to help you have a stress-free school year. These ideas will keep all things school-related organized and easy to find. Making school lunch and afternoon snacks will no longer be a chore with some of these helpful tips.

1. Create An Inbox 

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

Have your kids drop off any paper that needs to be signed in this inbox will make sure nothing gets forgotten.

2. Have a Backpack Station

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

Create a designated area for your kids to drop off their backpacks, lunchboxes, or any school related things. It will definitely helps you to stay organized by having everything at one spot.

3. Make A Chore Chart

via A Spotted Pony

Make fun chore charts for the kids to complete will motivate them to do more chores.

4. Create A Giant Chalkboard Calendar

via HGTV

Having a giant calendar will help you and the kids to easily keep track of assignments and events.

5. Create A Homework Station

via Live Craft Eat

Create a homework station for the kids to do their homework at. All the school supplies needed to do homework will be available at this station so they don’t have to ask for them.

6. Create A Portable Homework Station

via The 36th Avenue

Or you can also create a portable homework station that your child can take it anywhere he or she wants in the house.

7. Create A Snack Station

via Mom Always Finds Out

Your kids can easily help themselves to snacks at the snack station.

8. Morning Routine

via Griffiths Rated

It’s important to establish a morning routine to help your kids get ready more quickly in the morning.

9. After School Routine

via Griffiths Rated

It’s also helpful to have a routine for kids to do after school.

10. Lunch Station

via Design Improvised

Create a lunch station so your kids can pack their lunches themselves.

11. Organize Crayons by Colors

via Creekside Teacher Tales

Organize your children’s crayon, colored pencils. or makers by colors by labeling a plastic containers with different drawers.

12. Paper Hanging Display

via Just A Girl And Her Blog

via Crissy’s Crafts

You can display your kids’ latest art work or school work by hanging them up on the wall. Discard or store the older paper and hang up any new ones as they bring them home.

13. Keep All School-Related Paper in Designated Storage

via Simple As That Blog

File school work and art work into a storage box. Make sure you sort through them at the end of the school year to decide if you want to discard or keep them.

14. Plan Outfits For The Week

via I Heart Organizing

Create labels to divide the closet into different sections then you or your kid can plan outfits in advance and organize them by days of the week.

15. Or Use An Hanging Organizer

via The Krazy Koupon Lady

You can also use a hanging closet organizer to store the outfits.

I hope you find these easy tips helpful and please let me know if there are any other back-to-school ideas or hacks that you would like to share!


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