100 Gorgeous DIY Fall Wreaths That Are Easy To Make

Fall is around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about fall home decor.

Yea, I know it might still be 100+ degrees outside where you live but who doesn’t love fall decor?

Having a fall theme wreath on your door is such a statement piece and every one that comes through your door will see it.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, these fall wreath ideas are budget-friendly and you won’t need a lot of materials.

Look around your home to see if there is anything that can be repurposed in this project.

Here is a list of 100 gorgeous fall wreaths that you can DIY:

1. Flowers and Burlap

via How to Nest for Less

2. Pom Pom Wreath

via Hunt & Host

3. Apple Wreath

via The Wood Grain Cottage

4. Fabric Wreath

via The 36th Avenue

5. Printable Wreath

via i heart naptime

6. Burlap Wreath

via Craftaholics Anonymous

7. Faux Hydrangea Wreath

via The Turquoise Home

8. Mini Wreath

via Little Glass Jar

9. Happy Fall Wreath

via Joy in Our Home

10. Gold Thumbtack Wreath

via Rosyscription

11. Faux Flower Wreath

via 2 Bees in a Pod

12. Metallic Wreath

via Lemon Thistle

13. Ombre Paper Leaf Wreath

via Damask Love

14. Candy Corn Wreath

via Woman’s Day

15. Oak Leaf Yarn Wreath

via Bugs and Fishes

16. Burlap and Lace Wreath

via Inspiration for Moms

17. Vintage Paper Leaf Wreath

via Martha Stewart

18. Ruffle Wreath

via Jones Design Company

19. Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath

via Woman’s Day

20. Fabric Candy Corn Wreath

via The House of Smiths

21. Modern Gold Ring Wreath

via Making Joy & Pretty Things

22. Repurposed Cabinet Door Wreath

via Lilacs & Longhorns

23. Bleached Pine Cone Wreath

via Garden Therapy

24. Felt Leaves Wreath

via Dreaming in DIY

25. Acorn Wreath

via Crafts Unleashed

26. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

via 2 Bees in a Pod

27. Mini Pumpkin Wreath

via On Sutton Place

28. Rustic Cotton Wreath

via Run to Radiance

29. Wispy Wreath

via Made in a Day

30. Metallic Leaves Wreath

via Frugal with a Flourish

31. Pom Pom Wreath

via eighteen25

32. Romantic Ruffled Wreath

via Positively Splendid

33. Copper Pipe Wreath

via Love Create Celebrate

34. Popcorn Kernel Wreath

via Cherished Bliss

35. Wheat Wreath

via Thrive

36. Faux Branches Wreath

via On Sutton Place

37. Wood Slice Wreath

via Life Storage

38. Twig Wreath

via Twelve on Main

39. Burlap Rosette Pumpkin Wreath

via Shanty 2 Chic

40. Felt Leaf Wreath

via Lia Griffith

41. Cinnamon Stick Wreath

via Crafts Unleashed

42. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

via Grillo Designs

43. Drop Cloth Neutral Wreath

via Live Laugh Rowe

44. White Fabric Pumpkin Wreath

via Taryn Whiteaker

45. Cookie Wreath

via Country Living

46. Monogram Pumpkin Wreath

via Craftaholics Anonymous

47. Orange Berry Wreath

via To Simply Inspire

48. Gourd Wreath

via Garden Therapy

49. Sunshine Wreath

via Yellow Mums

50. Polk Dot Wreath

via Me & Mine

51. Yellow Yarn Wreath

via Tiffany Zajas

52. Traditional Fall Wreath

via Artsy Chicks Rule

53. Coffee Filter Wreath

via All Things Heart and Home

54. Rustic Wreath

via Our Home Made Easy

55. Dried Flower Wreath

via Garden Therapy

56. Monogram Wreath

via Addicted 2 DIY

57. Corn Tassel Wreath

via The Idea Room

58. Fall Flower Wreath

via Kiki & Company

59. Hanging Pine Cone Wreath

via The New Wittys

60. Walnut Wreath

via Life on Mars

61. Bandana Wreath

via Fun 365

62. Berry Wreath

via Garden Therapy

63. Sunflower Wreath

via Grillo Designs

64. Burlap Welcome Bag

via At the Picket Fence

65. Berries Embroidery Hoop Wreath

via Love Create Celebrate

66. Felt Succulent Wreath

via Garden Therapy

67. Corn Shock Wreath

via Hymns and Verses

68. Turkey Tulle Wreath

via Busy Creating Memories

69. Felt Flower Wreath

via Miss Bizi B

70. Bunches of Berries Wreath

via Confessions of a Serial DIYer

71. Halloween Ribbon Wreath

via Landeelu

72. Cupcake Liner Wreath

via Momdot

73. Mickey Mouse Wreath

via Wanderings of Claire

74. Herb Wreath

via Garden Therapy

75. Faux Corn Wreath

via Anika’s DIY Life

76. Owl Wreath

via Country Living

77. Boho Wreath

via The Blondielocks

78. Wooden Hexagon Wreath

via Cherished Bliss

79. Succulent Wreath

via Garden Therapy

80. Corn Husk Bow Wreath

via The Cards We Drew

81. Framed Pumpkin Wreath

via Lolly Jane

82. Mesh Poly Deco Wreath

via The Nerd’s Wife

83. Air Plant Wreath

via Garden Therapy

84. Faux Leaf Wreath

via The Latina Homemaker

85. Fall Wheat Wreath

via Blooming Homestead

86. Fall Monogram Wreath

via Practically Functional

87. Hanging Fall Wreath

via DIY Inspired

88. Potpourri Wreath

via Sweet Something Designs

89. Fall Rake Wreath

via Summery Umbrella

90. Paper Leaf Wreath

via Dream a Little Bigger

91. Indian Corn Wreath

via Stone Gable

92. 5 Dollar Wreath

via Create & Babble

93. Book Page Rose Wreath

via Busy Being Jennifer

94. Fall Letter “Wreath”

via Sand and Sisal

95. Modern Floral Hoop Wreath

via Crafts Unleashed

96. Fabric and Felt Wreath

via Uncommon Designs

97. Sparkly Autumn Leaf Wreath

via Sparkle Living

98. Candy Corn Pom Pom Wreath

via Little Miss Celebration

99. Bundt Pan Apple Wreath

via Dukes & Duchesses

100. Fall Branch Basket Wreath

via 3 Little Greenwoods

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10 Useful Tips That Will Make Decluttering The Entire House Easier

Are you sick of having clutter everywhere in your home? Are you scared that a guest will show up unannounced, giving you no time to tidy up?

It’s time to get down to business and declutter!

Decluttering the entire house sounds like a daunting task. I totally understand, but it doesn’t have to be! Tackle one area at a time and trust me you will finish! It’s not going to be easy but it’s definitely doable!

I know it can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start. But lets go over some reasons why you should take on this task, starting today!

Benefits of a clutter-free home

  • Less time spent looking for things
  • More energy to focus on what really matters to you
  • Less time and energy spent on cleaning and repairing things you own
  • Makes more room for activities you love
  • Helps you clearing your mind and finding a sense of clarity in life

Some reasons why your homes might be cluttered 

  • You buy things you already own because you’re not sure where the old item is
  • You buy things because you are bored
  • You get too ambitious on taking on different projects
  • You have a tendency to not finish a task before moving on to the next

Take it slow, little by little

Decluttering the entire house is a marathon. Take it one thing at a time and one area at a time. Trying to rush through the process will only give you more anxiety and lead to giving up early.

Every item you put away and every item you get rid of is process. Focus on one thing at a time and you will get it done. Trust me!

Visualize your goal

What do you want your space to look like after decluttering? Do you want more room to breath? More space for family activities?

It’s helpful to keep your goal on your mind while decluttering. This will help to motivate you when you feel like giving up.

Pick a day

Dedicate an entire day to be the big decluttering day. Make sure you clear out your schedule. Write the date in the calendar and ask your family to help or spend the day outside the house.

Grab a basket and start putting things away

If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is what really helped me getting started. Grab an empty basket and start clearing things off your desk, table, counters, and shelves. Don’t overthink it, just grab things and put them in. You can have separate baskets for different areas of your home.

You will notice your home instantly feels more spacious and tidy. Once I started seeing surface space being freed up while putting things in the boxes, it motivated me to keep going.

When you are done, you can look through the basket, and go through each thing one at a time. Have a donate pile, trash pile, and keep pile. You can also have a maybe pile for items that you’re not sure if you want to keep.

While you are going around the house, you might want to have a trash bag handy to collect all the trash you find.

Create a space for everything,

Put all the dirty dishes away in the kitchen sink.

Set a timer

Do you get easily distracted? Set a timer and dedicate the time frame to a specific area. Before the timer goes off, do not get distracted. Give it all of your attention.

When you use a timer, you know exactly how much time you have to work on a specific task.

Without setting a time limit, we often get the feeling that we have all day to complete something, ending up procrastinating and putting things off until later.

Set the timer to 15 minutes and start decluttering one area of your home before moving on to the next. This will help you focus on one area at a time and make it seem less overwhelming.

Ask questions

When you’re going through the items, ask yourself these following questions to help you decide if you should keep or get rid of them.

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Can I easily and cheaply replace this?
  • Does this item add any values to my life?

Go paperless

If you are someone that tends to have piles of random papers around your home, you need to tackle that before your home can truly feel like its in order.

Check out 13 Ways to Organize and Get Rid of Paper Clutter Forever

Create a designated donation box

Have a designated box that holds everything that you would like to donate. Keep it in the closet or the trunk in your car.

Once the box is full, take it to the local charity shop to drop it off.

One in one out rule

For every new item you purchase, you should get rid of another item you already own. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something the new item replaces. It could be anything.

This rule applies to kids as well, if they want to get a new toy then they must pick an old toy to be donated.

Keep this rule up then it will help to stop increasing the amount of stuff in your home.

Clean everyday before you go to sleep

Establish a habit that you clean after yourself. When you finish one task, spend an extra minute to clean up and put everything back to where they belong.

Spend 5 minute each night before sleeping to pick up any items left behind. Wipe down any surfaces that might be dirty.

Once you get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself and picking up remaining items each night, it will come second nature to you and makes keeping your home clutter-free so much easier.

So start today, even if you aren’t feeling like it. Start with setting a 5 minute timer, start with a small corner of your living room. Every little thing you do will help you get closer to your goal!

Decluttering is practicing letting go. After decluttering the entire home, it will not only create a more comfortable place but it will also train your mind to let go of things that you no longer need. This includes things that aren’t materialistic, such as relationships, desires, values, etc.

You can do this! Leave a comment if you have any other useful tips on decluttering the entire home? What are some of your experiences with decluttering? Has any of these tips helped you? I would love to hear from you!

Want to make decluttering your home easier? Follow these 10 essential tips on decluttering!

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13 Ways to Organize and Get Rid of Paper Clutter Forever

Do you have random piles of paper covering your work area, dining table, and kitchen counter tops? Doesn’t it seem like papers always find a way into your home creating clutter?

If it takes you forever to find important papers because you have no clue where you put them, it’s time to get organized!

Keeping important papers organized also requires you to get rid of any paper clutter that is not important. This way you know everything you keep is important and not useless.

Creating a paper trail will make sure all papers are either filed or discarded.


More ways to organize your home:
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16 Pantry Organization Ideas That Will Maximize Storage

13 Ways To Organize And Banish Paper Clutter

1. Create an inbox

Image and idea found at Organizing Moms

Leave a box or tray on your desk or entryway table and label it as Inbox. This will be where all your papers go. It doesn’t matter what kind of paper they are, in the box they go!

Have a designated area where all papers go as soon as they come into the house. This will help you keep all the paper together until you are ready to go through them.

2. Or create multiple inboxes

Image and idea found at The Decor Fix

Ok, maybe one inbox is not enough. You can always have more!

Having more than one inbox means you can sort papers right away the moment you get them. Label them “read” “file” “send” “sort” or anything you want.

3. Make your own personalized mail organizer

Image and tutorial found at Her Tool Belt

To take it to the next level, you can also follow this tutorial to make your own mail organizer. It not only looks nice by the entryway as part of a command center, but it will definitely help you keep your mail organized.

4. Go paperless with statements and bills

Photo by rawpixel

One way to reduce paper clutter in your home is to get rid of as much mail as possible.

Make sure you sign up for paperless statements with your banks and any service provider that sends you paper statements. All your bills and records should be available to view online and sometimes you might even get a discount for opting for paperless statements.

5. Keeping receipts in a jar

Image and idea found at allyou

If you are keeping your receipts, keep a jar near the entrance of your home. Make it a habit to empty your pocket and wallet as you come in the door and keep the receipts in the jar.

This will eliminate receipts found at random spots in your home.

6. Displaying children’s art

Image and idea found at Simple As That

Want to proudly display your children’s art but you’re running out of space on the wall and fridge?

You should scan or photograph the artworks and make a collage out of the pictures. This will save you so much space on the wall.

7. You can also make kids’ art into a photo book

Image and idea found at Paislee Press

Or you can make your kids’ artworks into a photo book. This helps to keep all their art pieces together in one book and also reduces paper clutter. It makes it easy to flip through the pages and everything stays nice and neat.

There are different companies that make custom photo books such as Shutterfly and Snapfish. Shop around and compare different companies to see what they have to offer.

8. Designate a space for all paper 

Image and idea found at The Turquoise Home

Organize your office space so you have a designated area for everything, including papers. This is where you can place your paper inbox so all incoming papers have a place to sit before you sort through them.

You should have a section for papers that need actions and another section for filing. Make sure you have an empty box or trash can to collect paper to recycle.

9. Mobile command center

Image and idea found at A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you don’t have room or an office, try creating a mobile command center. This shows that you don’t need the perfect dream office and desk to keep everything organized.

All you need is a cheap file box and some dividers.

10. How long to keep papers?

Image and idea found at Clean Mama

Ever wondered how long should you keep receipts? Or do you need to save your paycheck stubs?

Check out this printable page created by Clean Mama to learn how long to keep your important papers.

11. Recipes from magazines

Image and idea found at It’s Overflowing

If you save magazine recipe cutouts, you probably know how important it is to keep them organized. Keeping the cutouts organized will save you so much time.

You can keep them in folders by categories such as breakfast, bread, desserts, etc. This makes it so much easier to look for a recipe you want. Make sure to label the tabs and you can keep all the folders in a file box.

This method is also useful if you like to print out receipts from the Internet.

12. School paper storage

Image and idea found at Simply Kierste

Keep your kids’ school work organized in a paper organizer. You can divide the paper by grade levels.

13. Color code important papers

Image and idea found at Clean Mama

Keep important papers organized in color-coded folders. This will make it so much easier to find something you need.


Do you have any tips and tricks that you like to use to organize paper clutter? Feel free to share your ideas with me!

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11 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day That Your Mom Will Love

Mother’s day is coming up soon. Are you still thinking about what gift to get your mom? If you are wondering if it’s too late to make her a DIY gift, the answer is no! Sometimes it can be a little tricky to buy something that you know she will absolutely love. But if you are in the DIY mood, there are tons of cute handmade gifts that you can spend a few hours making and they will be unique and thoughtful.

I am sharing some DIY gift ideas that I found and are easy to make. All you need is a few hours to gather the materials and DIY away!

1. Mason Jar Planters

Image and tutorial found at Coral and Co

You can buy new mason jars or use any glass jars that you already have. All you need is to paint them and plant succulent in them.

2. Tropical Leaf Trinket Dishes

Image and tutorial found at Lia Griffith

How cute are these handmade trinkets? They are perfect for storing rings and other small jewelry!

3. Picture Magnets

Image and tutorial found at Sundaesins

These little photo magnets are not only cute but also functional.

4. Applique Fabric Canvas

Image and tutorial found at Fall For DIY

This project takes more time but don’t you love how pretty it looks on the wall?

5. Copper Vases

Image and tutorial found at Homey Oh My

Simply spray paint some tin containers and you will get beautiful copper vases. Now all you need is some of your mom’s favorite flowers!

6. Potato Stamp Dish Towel

Image and tutorial found at Alice & Lois

I love how cute and simple these hand towels look and they look fun to make.

7. Gold Striped Vase

Image and tutorial found at Two Twenty One

You can never have too many vases right? Especially if your mom loves to have flowers and plants around her house.

8. Hanging Wall Vases

Image and tutorial found at Design Mom

I love the little gold details of these wall hanging planters!

9. Gold Tassel Necklace

Image and tutorial found at Alice & Lois

You only need a few supplies to make this chic statement necklace for you mom and it’s super easy to make.

10. Color-Dipped Clothes Hamper

Image and tutorial found at Lovely Indeed

Is your mom looking to buy a new hamper? Why not make her a cute hamper basket spray painted with her favorite color?

11. Coloring Book Tote

Image and tutorial found at The Crafted Life

Does your mom like coloring books? If yes, then this coloring book tote is perfect for her!


Do you see any DIY idea that you are going to try to make for mother’s day?

Giving unique gifts doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes all you need is a few hours and some supplies and you can make one-of-a-kind thoughtful gifts for your mom.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

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16 Pantry Organization Ideas That Will Maximize Storage

When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry and organized everything? Having a messy pantry could lead to time and food wasted.

Nobody got time for that!

Having an organized pantry will save you so much time from looking for an ingredient that you need. You can easily keep track of what you have on hand instead of buying duplicates.

Dedicate one day out of the month where you go through everything in the pantry to keep it organized. Toss anything that is expired, donate any canned food that you don’t plan on using, and wipe down the surfaces to keep everything nice and clean.

Even if you have a small pantry, you can still try these ideas. They will keep your small pantry organized and allows you to store more items in the space.

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1. Hang bags of chips on the wall using command hooks

Image and idea found at Fennell Seeds

Hang bags of chips on the wall of the pantry by using command hooks. These command hooks are super cheap and they will keep clutter off the shelves in the pantry.

2. Store cupcake liners in a mason jar

Image and idea found at Table for Two

It’s difficult to keep cupcake liners organized once you open the package. They actually fit perfectly inside a mason jar! This will keep them organized and easy to find when you need them!

It makes a cute decoration piece on your kitchen counter too.

3. Free printable hand-lettered pantry labels

Image and idea found at The Creativity Exchange

Having matching labels on your organizational containers just makes everything look so much prettier! It’s an easy way to make your pantry look more organized.

Head over to The Creativity Exchange for your own free printable pantry labels.

4. DIY chip rack

Image and idea found at Eleven Magnolia Lane

Here is another way of keeping bags of chips organized in the pantry. Instead of using command hooks like the idea mentioned above, this requires a little bit more of effort to make but the result is worth it!

You can use a spray painted yardstick or finger-joint trim board for this DIY. You attach curtain clips to the board and turn it into a chip rack.

5. Pantry organization labels

Image and idea found at The Country Chic Cottage


6. Pot lid organizer on the back of the pantry door

Image and idea found at Worthing Court

I always have trouble keeping the lids of pots and pans organized. They seem to be all over the place in the kitchen cabinets.

There’s no tutorial for this specific lid holder but check out this tutorial for a similar idea. It doesn’t look as nice as the picture above but it’s just as functional.

7. Use a shoe rack as a pantry organizer

Image and idea found at Pretty Providence

There are many purposes for a shoe rack beyond storing shoes. It sure comes in handy when keeping your pantry organized.

You can use it to keep your spices and any other miscellaneous items organized. The shoe organizer is helpful in keeping clutter off the shelves in the pantry.

8. Keeping small items organized by using sink caddies

Image and idea found at Make Bake Celebrate

You can use these clear sink caddies to keep small items such as food packets organized.

9. Turn IKEA photo box into can organizers

Image and idea found at The Kim Six Fix

10. Turn shelves into drawers

Image and idea found at Remodela Casa

11. Keep a wooden crate on the bottom of the shelves

Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

Got some extra space on the floor of your pantry? Instead of having clutter on the floor, try adding more storage by having one or more wooden crates.

Purchase a wooden crates with wheel to make it even easier to slide it under the shelves. Or you can even DIY it.

It’s the perfect place to keep your reusable totes.

12. Use paint pen to label glass jars

Image and idea found at A Beautiful Mess

Another great way to label the containers in your pantry is to use paint marker. I love the look of white paint marker on glass containers.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing and makes everything look much more organized.

13. Pegboard pan storage

Image and idea found at Eclectic Recipes

This idea is perfect if you have a large walk in pantry. Install a large pegboard on the wall and you can easily hang pans on it.

14. Use file boxes to organize paper bags

Image and idea found at Everyday Organizing

Add plastic file boxes to a blank wall in your pantry to add more storage. It’s the perfect space to store some reusable bags for grocery shopping.

You can find these large file boxes at The Container Store and it makes the otherwise wasted space functional.

15. Meal planning and grocery list in the pantry

Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

It’s nice to have your grocery shopping list on display on the inside of the pantry door. You can also hang it outside if you want it to be visible at all time.

Stick a pen clip on the door next to the shopping list so you don’t need to waste time looking for a pen every time you need to write something down.

16. Add more storage to the pantry doors

Image and idea found at The Home Edit


These pantry organization ideas will add more room to your pantry and keep everything organized. Which pantry organization idea are you going to try?

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13 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Traveling

Planning a vacation is always fun and exciting! If you are someone that loves to see all your plans and information in one place, you should definitely try creating pages in the bullet journal specifically for your upcoming trip.

Keeping a record of your itinerary will make it so much easier to stay on top of things like tracking your flight, making sure you pack everything you need, and having a list of things you want to do.

You can also document your travel memories in the journal. It’s always fun to look back in the future.

1. Flight Log

Image and idea found at mandyraesbujo

This is a great way to keep track of your flights so you won’t miss a flight! It’s especially useful when you have multiple flights on a trip with layovers. You can easily glance at the page and know all the important information regarding your flights.

2. Packing Lists

Image and idea found at theminimalistabroad

Create a page for your packing lists! This will help to make sure you pack everything you need for the trip. Add some illustrations to the page to make it more fun.

3. Photo Checklist

Image and idea found at kanguraventuras

Ever come back from a trip and wished you had taken more pictures? Before your next trip, why not come up with a list of pictures you plan to take. Write them down in your bullet journal, it’s a great way to remind yourself to take pictures through out the trip!

I think it will be a great idea if you make it into a challenge for you and people that you’re traveling with. See who ends up crossing off the most items on the checklist!

4. Weekly Planner 

Image and idea found at bujobrien

If you are planning out your itinerary in a weekly planner format, why not decorate the page with the theme of the city/country you are visiting?

5. Countries I’d Like to Travel To

Image and idea found at stephiejournals

Paint a little picture of the place you want to go and start a visual bucket list in your bullet journal.

6. Trip Overview with Maps

Image and idea found at carolitarocreative

Find a map of the destination you are going to and print it out. Paste it onto your bullet journal. You can familiarize yourself with the area before the trip.

This is especially useful if you can find a map for the public transportation system.

7. Travel Journal

Image and idea found at alissas_bullet_journal

8. Countdown to Vacation 

Image and idea found at amazinglymarvelous

Can’t wait for the next vacation you’ve planned? Why not create a countdown for your trip?

9. Cover Page

Image and idea found at inkbyjeng

If your trip consists of different destinations, you can include a cover page for each city.

10. Color World Map

Image and idea found at agnestravelbay

11. Watercolor Sketches

Image and idea found at kellyro77

12. Illustrated To-Do List

Image and idea found at onward and upward

Why have a boring list of things to do when you can create cute illustrations that go with the list?

An illustrated to-do list for your trip will make it so much more fun checking it off.

13. Budget Tracker

Image and idea found at Little Coffee Fox

Saving up for a vacation? You can keep track of your progress in your bullet journal. Make it extra fun by creating this budget tracker.

You fill in each brick with color for every $10 you save for the vacation. Once the whole page is filled with color, it means you’ve reached your goal!

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13 Keto Dinner Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes Or Less

When our days get busy, we often feel like we don’t have enough time to cook a homemade meal that’s healthy. It’s especially difficult if you are on a diet.

The worst thing is to settle for some not-so-healthy food just because you feel like you don’t have time to cook.

What if I tell you you only need 30 minutes to prepare and cook some of the most delicious dinners that are keto approved? These recipes are perfect for those weeknight meals as they are easy to make and don’t take much time at all!

13 Keto Dinner Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes Or Less

1. BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

Image and recipe found at How to This and That

If you are following a low carb diet, you are probably no stranger to fathead pizza crust. But if you are new to the diet, fathead pizza crust is made of low carb dough that is also gluten and grain free. Sounds pretty amazing right? It’s usually made from cream cheese, cheese, egg, and almond flour. It’s delicious and worth a try even if you aren’t following a strict low carb diet.

This particular recipe also includes a low carb BBQ sauce. Mmmm, my mouth is watering from just writing about it!

2. Cheeseburger Sliders

Image and recipe found at Broke Foodies

Sometimes all you want is a simple cheeseburger without all the bells and whistles.

This blogger breaks down the step of making a keto-approved burger buns in just 3 steps and all you need is the microwave!

3. Taco Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Image and recipe found at Cast Iron Keto

This recipe calls for the miracle noodles, which is a Japanese carb-free noodle that is made from the Konjac plant. Yep, you read that right — carb free!

This chicken Alfredo will not only keep you full but also in ketosis!

4. Vegan Thai Curry 

Image and recipe found at Broke Foodies

Thai food is gotta be one of my favorite cuisine because I love how flavorful the dishes are. This vegan Thai curry recipe is not only healthy but it will keep you in ketosis. I love how this blogger gets creative and uses almond butter to thicken the curry sauce.

5. Zucchini Pasta with Chicken & Pistachios

Image and recipe found at Happy Body Formula

Didn’t think I could have a low carb blog post without including some zoodle recipes right?

Unlike actual pasta, zucchini pasta won’t make you feel bloated and it’s a lot healthier than the traditional recipe.

6. Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

Image and recipe found at Low Carb Maven

Just look at how delicious these pork chops look! That golden crispy crust of Parmesan cheese outside tender and juicy pork. Are you drooling yet?

7. Ribeye Steak

Image and recipe found at Ruled.me

Before you spend a ton of money at a steakhouse, why not try to perfect your own steak at home?

8. Garlic Parmesan Salmon

Image and recipe found at Health Starts in the Kitchen

Look how delicious this garlic parm salmon looks! If fish is your choice of protein then look no further because you will love this dish!

9. Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Burger

Image and recipe found at Keto Diet Blog

Spice up your keto burger recipe with some jalapeno!

10. Kung Pao Chicken

Image and recipe found at Keto Connect

Feeling like Chinese takeout but also want to stay in ketosis?

Try out this Kung Pao chicken recipes that won’t leave you feeling guilty!

11. Pizza Frittata

Image and recipe found at Peace, Love, and Low Carb

Frittatas are super delicious and easy to make. It’s great for meal planning as you can easily divide it into small portion. It still taste great after reheating and it’s also a great way to get kids to eat a mixture of different vegetables.

12. Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast

Image and recipe found at Evolving Table

You had me at spinach artichoke. Really, who doesn’t love that cheesy goodness that you just can’t seem to get enough and it’s perfect to dip chips in?

But before you go grab a bag of chips, this is actually a recipe for stuffed chicken! How amazing does that sound?

Try out this recipe! Your taste buds will thank you later.

13. Vegan Sesame Tofu Eggplant

Image and recipe found at Ruled.me

If you’re vegan or just feeling like a healthy meal without meat or dairy, then try out this recipe!

You will definitely enjoy this tofu dish with a crispy layer of sesame grilled to perfection.


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8 Fashion DIY You Must Try This Spring

Around this time of the year, when the weather is getting warmer, I often find myself wanting to splurge on new spring and summer clothes. I can’t wait to put away the winter coats and welcome the warmer season with short sleeve tees and skirts. But before you head to the shopping mall, check out these 8 DIY ideas that will create cute spring pieces from old shirts or material that are inexpensive.

1. Lace Up Sweatshirt

Image and tutorial found at A Beautiful Mess

Have you been liking the trend of lace-up sweatshirts? If yes, why not make your own from a plain shirt. Short sleeve sweatshirts are perfect for the spring and can even wear them on a summer night. I love how the laces add more details to the shirt.

2. Off the Shoulder Dress 


Image and tutorial found at A Pair & A Spare

How amazing is this DIY? Turning an old men’s shirt to a cute off-the-shoulder dress? I am definitely giving this a try!

3. Lace Layering Skirt

Image and tutorial found at Honestly WTF

I love these boho-chic skirt that you can make from a slip dress. The simple tutorial is perfect for beginners in sewing.

4. Free People Inspired Kimono

Image and tutorial found at Brit + Co

Have you been wanting one of those cute kimonos you see at Free People but can’t seem to justify spending almost $200 on them? You can simply follow this tutorial to DIY your own and have the options to DIY it with any pattern lightweight fabric you love.

5. Urban Outfitters Inspired Lace Shorts

Image and tutorial found at Sincerely Kinsey

These shorts seem to be perfect for the warmer seasons. All you have to do is find a pair of shorts and sew rows of lace trim on them. How simple is that!

6. Turn A Jacket Into A Skirt

Image and tutorial found at A Pair & A Spare

How cute is this skirt that was made from an old jacket? It’s definitely making me want to visit some thrift store to find an old jacket to recreate this look.

7. Crop Top And Skirt Set

Image and tutorial found at A Pair & A Spare

Do you have an old fitted dress that is out of style or you simply don’t want to wear anymore? This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you exactly how to make it into a trendy and cute crop top and skirt set.

8. Embroidery Jeans

Image and tutorial found at Free People

This is a really simple way to add a little more details to a pair of jeans. I like how you can get creative with the pattern you are stitching. They are perfect for the spring as it brings more characters to your old jeans.


Are you excited to put away all the bulky winter clothes right now? I hope these tutorials that I have found inspired you to get your craft on for the spring.

Please feel free to share any other DIYs that you like in the comments and let me know if you have any questions!

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11 Ideas for Bullet Journal Habit Trackers That Will Help You Stay Motivated

These habit tracker ideas will help me stay motivated in my bullet journal! #bulletjournal #bujo #habittracker

The purpose of having a habit tracker in your bullet journal is to keep you motivated. We often set goals with big intentions but never seem to keep up.

Instead of focusing achieving bigger goals right away, it’s more manageable if we try to establish daily habits that help us get closer to those goals.

For example, if you want to read 20 books a year, you can set a more manageable goal such as read 50 pages a day. Use the habit tracker to keep track. You can keep track of anything from exercises, meditation, journaling, no junk food, to any other habits that you would like to implement or change.

So how exactly do you incorporate habit trackers into your journal? There are a ton of different ways to do this.

Here are 9 ideas for habit trackers for bullet journal that you can copy to get you started. 

Want some ideas other than habit trackers for your bullet journal?
Check out 21 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas You Will Want To Steal

1. Monochromatic colors with icons 

via jashiicorrin

This habit tracker makes it so easy to glance at it and know exactly how well you’re doing. Using a bold color like yellow will really make the boxes pop.

Drawing a little icon on the top instead of writing the habits out in words makes it more fun to look at. For example, if you are tracking your exercises, you can draw a little dumbbell. If you are tracking reading, you can draw a book. You get the idea!

2. Circle tracker

via journal_cuma

The circle is split into two halves. Each half tracks a set of different habits. It’s simple but I love the added details of how she fills in the boxes.

Get creative with it! Try drawing lines and shapes like she does in the boxes to give your circle habit tracker a whole new look.

3. Tracking by highlighting the dates

via nataliebujo

Grab a few markers or highlighters that are different colors. You highlight the number of the dates when you practiced the habit. The end result will be a rainbow of colors, which always makes it fun to look at once it’s completed.

4. Square

via jolpentine

Each day you use a different color to track the habits the end result should be a beautiful square filled with different colors!

5. Fill in the bubbles

via aselj_in_wonderlab

Who says you have to have square boxces? You can draw circles instead! Simply fill in the bubbles with a marker as you accomplish your goals.

6. Simple boxes with faces

via purvigadewar

I love how clean and simple this habit tracker looks. I also really like the idea of using smiley faces to keep track of your habits: sad, neutral, and happy faces.

7. Individual calendar for each habit

via su.haz.doodles

Most habit trackers combine all the habits into one but you can also separate them into their own trackers. The doodle on each of the trackers is a nice touch.

8. Vertical Tracker

via journautical

Most habit trackers I see are horizontal but it doesn’t mean you cant make a verticle tracker. You fill in the circles and make them bigger as you keep track.

9. Fill in the drawing as you go

via the_botanical_bullet

Genius! That’s all I can think of when I first saw this.

What is it exactly? First, you draw a picture on the habit tracker with a pencil. As the month goes by, you trace over with an ink pen to track the habits that you have completed.

By the end of the month, the habits that are not completed should be white blank squares in the drawing.

10. Individual trackers with pastel colors

via littleolivebujo

This habit tracker is perfect for the spring!

Another style of those individual trackers but this one is filled with light and pastel colors. They go perfectly with the floral theme.

11. Coloring in the drawings

via juergen_sackratte

Color in the flowers as you go along with tracking habits. It’s a creative approach to change it up from the boxes and circles.



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9 Amazing Vacuum Hacks You Will Wish You Knew Sooner

Look at these awesome tips on how to make vacuuming easier! Definitely trying them out. #vacuum #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips

Do you enjoy vacuuming? Or it’s something you often dread doing? What if I tell you I have some tips that will make it easier to clean with a vacuum cleaner?

Here is a list of 9 helpful vacuuming hacks that will transform your cleaning routines.

You can never too many tips to make it easier to clean around the house.

Is there a funky smell when you vacuum? There are solutions for that! Got hair stuck in the beater bar? You will learn how to clean it.

Continue reading to find out how to make vacuuming a breeze.

1. Stinky vacuum? Use Unstopables to make it smell better!

Tutorial and image found at The Krazy Coupon Lady

Do you smell something funky while vacuuming? If you have Dawn Unstoppable at home, try vacuuming a small handful of them to make it smell better.

Don’t need to run out and get the Unstopables if you don’t already have it. You can simply substitute it with ground cinnamon.

2. Or use a fabric-softener dryer sheet to get rid of the smell

Tutorial and image found at Apartment Therapy

If you don’t have either Unstoppable or cinnamon for the method listed above, then try using a dryer sheet.

Place the sheet inside your vacuum bag where it attaches to the vacuum. You can use an used dryer sheet so you don’t have to waste a new one. So next time remember to save it when you take it out of the dryer!

3. Place pantyhose over the head of the vacuum hose to pick up small items

Tutorial and image found at Instructables

Instead of spending hours looking for that tiny bead or earring that you drop on the floor, simply follow this tip to save you time.

Place pantyhose over the head of the vacuum hose then secure it with a rubber band. Turn on the vacuum and sweep it around the area you dropped your item. Make sure you vacuum under the furniture and carpet as it’s hard to see if your item is in those places.

4. Use a toilet paper roll as an extender to vacuum hard-to-reach places

Tutorial and image found at Lifehacker

If you’re having trouble vacuuming tight spaces with the vacuum hose, you can follow this trick to make it easier. Take an empty toilet paper roll and put it over the head of the hose. You can squeeze the toilet paper roll to make it more narrow and reaching hard-to-reach places such as the window tracks.

5. Or you can use a seam ripper to cut the hair and threads as well

Tutorial and image found at Young Texan Mama

Use a seam ripper to cut the hair and threads from the vacuum cleaner. You can also use a pair of scissors to get the job done.

6. Place magnets near the head of the vacuum hose to prevent sucking in metal objects

Tutorial and image found at Acme Tools 

This tip is super useful if you’re cleaning up after a crafting session involving a lot of small metal pieces.

Stick some magnets on the head of the hose to prevent metal objects from entering the vacuum.

7. Squeeze bottle

Tutorial and image found at Lifehacker

Use a condiment squeeze bottle on the vacuum hose to reach hard-to-reach areas.

8. Play dough carpet

Tutorial and image found at Left Brain Craft Brain

If there is some playdough stuck on the carpet, do not use cleaning spray because it can smear the play dough and make the coloring stain the carpet.

9. Crevice tool

Tutorial and image found at I Dream of Clean

This might seem like an obvious one but don’t forget to vacuum the edges of the carpet! This task is way easier if you use the crevice tool.


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