50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Surprisingly Useful

50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Surprisingly Useful

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41. Binder Ring Organization

Image and idea found at Dollar Design Diva

Tear apart a ring binder and you have yourself a useful organizer for your daily essentials. Attach the rings to the back of a bathroom cabinet door to store things such as combs, necklaces, hair ties, etc.

42. Soap Box Used to Store Cards

Image and idea found at Shady Tree Diary

Got a kid that loves to play card games? Then you probably are no stranger to finding loose cards at random places in the house.

Store the cards in one of these plastic soap boxes you can get at the dollar store. This will keep all the cards together and you won’t ever have a missing card again.

The soap boxes are also great for storing coins, crayons, or any small objects that can fit!

43. Charging Station

Image and tutorial found at Time With Thea

Keeping your electronics in this basket near a power outlet creates the perfect spot to charge them. This will help to keep the devices and cables neat inside the box, which looks much more organized than having them laying around on the counter.

44. Shower Caddy as Car Organization

Image and idea found at The Castron Family Happynings

Keep your mommy van organized with this tip!

You can purchase a few shower caddies for cheap at the dollar store then store snacks, trash bags, hand sanitizers, etc. in the pockets.

This is perfect for busy moms with kids or those long road trips!

45. Basket for Pegboard Craft Room Workstation

Image and idea found at The 36th Avenue

If you already have a pegboard wall organizer or you’re planning to make one, this is perfect for you. You can get those cheap plastic containers from the dollar store and they are great for storing small items to be hung on the pegboard.

46. Makeup Drawer Organizer

Image and idea found at The Crazy Craft Lady

These plastic containers are super affordable but they play a huge role in keeping your drawer organized. You can use them to separate your makeup and other everyday essentials.

They are also amazing for storing office supplies such as paperclips and pushpins in your desk drawers.

47. Carabiner as Hair Tie Holder

Image and idea found at Hi! It’s Jilly

“I hope that wherever that my hair ties go, they’re happy. That’s all it matters.”

I saw the quote somewhere and couldn’t help to agree!

Ok, yea seriously — use a carabiner to keep all your hair ties safe and sound. Hopefully you won’t have to buy a pack of new hair ties anytime soon!

48. Heavy Duty Storage Bags

Image and idea found at I Heart Planners

Got some seasonal clothing items that shouldn’t take up that much space in your closet?You can keep them in giant zip lock bags. These will keep the clothes nice and clean, away from elements like dust and humidity.

49. Vintage Locker Bins Transformation

Image and tutorial found at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Spray paint some plastic bins to make them look like vintage locker bins. They can be used to store anything you want. It gives them the uniform look, which makes them look much more expensive than they really are.

50. Pizza Pans Turned Into Magnetic Toy Storage

Image and tutorial found at Dollar Store Crafts

Do your kids have too many magnetic toys and they always seem to be stuck together in a box. Instead of sticking them on the fridge and resulting in a cluttered look, you can follow this tutorial to make your own magnetic toy storage with pizza pans.

51. Store makeup in a over the door shoe organizer

Image and idea found at Salto Quinze

If you have a ton of lipsticks (uh, jealous!), you need to try out this dollar store hack!

52. Pizza Pan Spice Rack

Image and idea found at Hometalk

Besides keeping magnetic toys organized, pizza pans can also be repurposed to a spice rack. With a little bit of DIY, pizza pan spice rack will not only look unique in your kitchen but also saves you a ton of money from not splurging on an expensive spice rack.

53. Paper Towel Holder to Hold Ribbons

Image and idea found at Style at Home

Using a paper towel holder is a great way to keep ribbons organized. It also acts as a decor, displaying colorful rolls of ribbons. It’s perfect for the craft room!

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