17 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

17 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

Creative organization ideas for your craft room! They will help to keep your craft supplies nice and organized.
Organization ideas for the craft room that you've always wanted. These ideas are budget-friendly and easy to DIY!


Got that spare room the in the house and not sure what to do with it? If you love making crafts, why not create a craft room for all your DIY projects?

Whether you already have a craft room or you are looking to create one, these awesome ideas will definitely help to keep your craft room nice and organized.

Reasons why you need a craft room:

  • You love working on different projects at once
  • You want easier access to all your materials instead of digging them out of the storage every time
  • Your craft supplies are taking over the house and taking up room that’s used by your family
  • You have a hard time keeping track of the inventory of your craft supplies

Tips on keeping your craft room organized:

  • Organize the room by types of crafts: for example, if you dedicate a corner of the room for sewing then you should keep the sewing machine there along with any sewing accessories
  • Keep a trash can and recycle bin in the room
  • Keep an inventory of everything you own: This might sound like a lot of work but trust me it’s totally worth it. It has prevented me from buying duplicated paint and markers ever since I started keeping track of all the different tools and colors I own. You can start doing this on a spreadsheet on the computer or just use a notes app on the phone.
  • Have a designated area for each item in the room. Yup even that tiny little paper clip’s gotta have a home. ?
  • Put everything back to where it belongs after you’re done for the day.

Now that you know how to keep your craft room organized, let’s check out these 17 DIY ideas for making your craft room even more awesome!

Ikea Hanging Storage

Image and idea found at Unskinny Boppy

These hanging storage buckets are perfect for storing brushes, pens, markers, you name it! The different shapes and sizes allow you to toss in all sorts arts and crafts supplies – you can even sneak in a succulent.

Since the different buckets are hanging on rails, you have the freedom to arrange them as you please, talk about flexibility!

In addition, this set up will fit perfectly into your existing farmhouse decor.

Scissor Storage

Image and idea found at Polished Habitat

Ever have to dig through a bucket of scissors to find the right cut? Or even dig through what seems like an endless drawer of them? Well, look no further here’s the perfect solution for your crafts room.

By hanging your scissors on hooks along a rail, you can easily see the different cuts, quickly grab it, and replace them for next time! Easy peasy.

Hanging Craft Paint Storage

Image and idea found at Mad in Crafts

Remember those wire shelves/racks you used to store your clothes on? Here’s an idea to store your paints on your wall, keeping them off your table – saving that precious real estate!

Simply combine a few layers together with a few pieces of PVC piping, mount it on your wall, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a cool storage unit for your paints. Get creative with your placement and it doubles up as an “art piece”! ?

DIY Baker’s Twine Organization

Image and tutorial found at Damask Love

Wow! You’d think you can stroll down to your local store and buy it off the shelves!

What a great, simple way for you to organize your twine. Since you can place all of your spools in one place, it saves you the hassle of trying to find the right color – not to mention a great wall decoration too.

Use A Spice Rack As Organizer

Image and idea found at Happiness is Homemade

Check this idea out, use a spice rack to organize your supplies on your wall. Not only does it keep things nice and organized, it adds a splash of color to your walls! So remember to store colorful things such as ribbons, paint, and maybe even some glitter.

Use Clear Hanging Pockets As Organizers

Image and idea found at Fall for DIY

Use these hanging closet storage organizers to keep your crafts supplies in one place! The transparent pockets let you easily find what you’re looking for – and fast too.

And wait for it…. once you’re done crafting, you can simply hang these back in your closet, keeping them out of sight until your next mad crafting session! 🙂

Create Your Own Craft Closet

Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

Can somebody pinch me? Is this real life?? Would you look at all that storage?

Have a closet you’re not using? If you do, you should definitely consider converting it to a this uber craft closet. Check out the complete step-by-step to get started on your very own craft closet.

Turn An Old File Cabinet Into Fabric Storage

Image and idea found at Craft Your Happiness

Have one of those old filing cabinets laying around? Even if you don’t you can easily pick one up and repurpose it into this cute fabric storage unit!

Simply paint it, attach a few frames, add a few personal touches and voilà! You’ve got yourself a handy fabric storage unit.

Presser Feet Organization

Image and idea found at This Creative Journey

Have a few presser feet laying around your sewing machine? Let’s be real, you do! ?

Well, look no further… swing by a sports shop and pick up a tackle box. They’re perfect for storing the all the different presser feet you have.

You can even print out a guide to remind you where each foot is stored in the tackle box.

Use Tic Tac Containers As Ribbon Containers

Image and idea found at Pretty Prudent

Time to go stock up on tic tacs!  ?

Check out this cute idea for storing washi tape and ribbon. The containers keep the entire roll in shape for you to dispense them. Super clever, don’t waste the tic tacs!

DIY Glue Gun Holder

Image and idea found at Virginia Sweat Pea

Wood shop time! Time to brush off those skills you learned back in your high school elective class.

Don’t you hate it when your glue gun topples over whenever you set it down? The glue starts dripping everywhere and you’re always afraid (for some odd reason) that it’s going to set something on fire? Well look no further, here’s a tutorial to build a stand/holder for your hot glue gun!

Washi Tape Holder

Image and tutorial found at Crafts Unleashed

What a clever way of displaying all your washi tape! Easily find and store all your different washi tapes on this wooden jewelry holder. Say goodbye trying to dig through what seems like an endless drawer filled with washi tape!

Copper Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

Image and idea found at Something Turquoise

Another easy washi tape holder! You can easily pick up these pipes at your local hardware store. Perfect for you to store all your tapes in one place, where you can see and access them quickly!

DIY Craft Paint Organizer

Image and idea found at Sugar Bee Crafts

Here’s a quick one for yah! All you need are some screws, wire baskets, and a wood board. Simply screw the baskets into the board and mount the board on the wall for some extra storage. Boom! Done!

Create A Yarn Storage 

Image and idea found at Repeat Crafter Me

Here’s an even quicker one. Go online and buy this wine rack, then simply mount it on your wall and you have a storage area for your yarn!

How pretty does it look! Color coordinated and all.

Color Coordinate Craft Paper

Image and idea found at Crafts Unleashed

Grab some vertical paper holders and organize your craft paper so that you can quickly and easily access them without having to dig through piles or drawers!

Simple and easy!!

Make A Giant Pegboard

Image and tutorial found at Ginger Snap Crafts

With this giant peg board, your storage options become virtually endless! You can hang things in so many different ways that you can store your entire craft office on your wall! Check it out!

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Craft room organization ideas that will inspire you to have the craft room of your dreams!

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