17 Upcycled Storage Hacks That Will Help You Stay Organized


Did you know you can make a ton of different storage solutions using upcycled materials? And you probably already have most of these things at home. We often run to the local Target to look for plastic bins and other fancy storage solutions when we run out of room in the current ones. We're not really helping with buying more storage to hide our clutter. Why not try to be more eco-friendly and upcycle from what we already own?Stop spending money on storage for your clutter!!This is perfect for you if you are looking for a way to organize the clutter on your desks, tables, floor.. basically in every room of your house.Before you spend hundreds of dollars buying storage to hide your clutter, check out some of these DIY ideas!

1. Make drawer dividers using cardboards


Tutorial and image found at The Krazy Coupon LadyI'm sure you've seen those storage solutions at your local stores. This is perfect to keep your underwear and socks nice and tidy. It will save a lot of time in the morning when you are trying to rush out the door. No longer need to spend time looking for that missing sock.I love how you can easily make your own drawer divider with cardboard! Next time when you make a purchase online, make sure to keep the cardboard box it comes in.You can also put this idea to use to store other small items around the house. Oh, the possibilities!

2. Organize cords with empty toilet paper rolls


Tutorial and image found at One Good Thing by JilleeAre you someone like me that has way too many electronic devices? Then you've probably run into the problem of having cables everywhere. Chargers, USB cables, earphones.. etc. Things can get pretty crazy inside the drawers!Why spend money on cable organizers when you can use what you already have? You can totally use empty toilet paper rolls for this specific function! I know they are not the prettiest to look at, feel free to get creative with some washi tape or markers.

3. Turn cans into a utensil holder


Tutorial and image found at Home DzineGrab a couple of cans and turn them into a utensil organizer. Spruce up the look by painting them your favorite color.I think it makes it a perfect place for you to dry your utensils after you hand wash them. When you have people over, you can simply carry this utensil organizer and put it in the middle of the table.

4. Pencil holder made from a phone book


Tutorial and image found at Chica and JoI wonder does any of us still really use phonebooks? Look for an old phone book that is stashed away somewhere in your house and turn it into a functional pencil holder.This DIY is perfect to hold all your pens and markers and you don't even have to spend a dime!

5. Wine rack made from old vinyl records


Tutorial and image found at RecyclArtOk, maybe not everyone has a vinyl collection but this is too awesome of an idea to not share! Instead of letting old records sit in a box collecting dust, why not turn them into wine bottle holder?I think they make a cool and artsy thing to look at and it's perfect for music and wine lovers.

6. Earring holder made from cheese grater


Tutorial and image found at Turning the Clock BackHow creative is this idea?!!Looking to get a new cheese grater because your old one isn't working too well? Before you toss out the old cheese grater, give it a fresh layer of paint and turn it into an earring organizer.

7. Bracelet organizer made from soda bottles and a crate


Tutorial and image found at Down Redbud DriveA cute way to display your bracelets instead of letting leaving them tangled inside your dresser drawers. This way not only it becomes a decor piece in your home but also keep them organized. You will never have to waste time looking for the bracelet that matches your dress.

8. Use bread bag tags to label cables 


Tutorial and image found at Apartment TherapyIf you have a lot of chargers? plugged into a power strip then this simple DIY is perfect for you. Save those little closure tabs from your bag of bread next time and turn them into cable labels. Write the name of the device on the tag and simply secure it onto the cable. Now you no longer need to fuss over tangled cables and thinking which belong to which device.

9. Magnetic pen holder made from deodorant container


Tutorial and image found at The Crazy Craft LadyThis DIY is way too brilliant! I never thought you can upcycle deodorant container to something so useful. It's perfect for you if you just seem to have pens everywhere and need a place to keep them organized.

10. Clothespin turned into a cord organizer


Tutorial and image found at BuzzfeedTrying to untangle tangled earphones is my worst nightmare! Never found the time to look for an organizer for earphones and now I don't have to. I can just use a clothespin to keep them organized!

11. Use condiment containers to store small miscellaneous items


Tutorial and image found at House by HoffThey're so useful for keeping small bits and bots organized in your junk drawer. You can use them to store paper clips, batteries, loose buttons, push pins, etc.Label the containers with gift tags (as pictured) or stick on a piece of washi tape and label with a marker.

12. Cereal boxes turned into drawer dividers


Tutorial and image found at I Heart OrganizingBefore throwing away the cereal box, cut it up and make it into a functional drawer organizer. This will keep everything nice and neat in your drawer.

13. Plastic bag dispenser made from a 2-liter soda bottle


Tutorial and image found at Craft Your HappinessAre you looking for a way to store all your plastic bags? This soda bottle hack will not only help you to store bags but it also is a dispenser. It makes it so much easier to pull out one bag at a time.

14.Reuse empty sanitizing wipe dispenser as a dog poo bag dispenser


Tutorial and image found at Nae ChicWhat a clever idea to keep plastic bags organized. Next time you are on the way to the supermarket, just simply pull a few bags out from the dispenser!

15. Use a baking pan as a drawer organizer


Tutorial and image found at Better Homes & GardensIf you are planning to get a new cupcake baking pan. Clean the old one and use it as an organizer for your drawer.It's perfect for storing jewelry and office supplies!

16. Use old hangers to hang flip flips


Tutorial and image found at EPBOTWe all know how ugly a pile of flip flops can look in the corner of your closet. Grab a few old hangers and make them into flip-flop hangers that will keep everything nice and neat.These also work great with hanging flats. Give it a try!

17. Use ice cube tray as an organizer


Tutorial and image found at PopSugarGot an old ice cube tray you've been meaning to throw out? It's perfect for storing jewelry such as earrings and rings. You can also transform it into a desk organizer that keeps your office supplies tidy.