13 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Traveling

Planning a vacation is always fun and exciting! If you are someone that loves to see all your plans and information in one place, you should definitely try creating pages in the bullet journal specifically for your upcoming trip.Keeping a record of your itinerary will make it so much easier to stay on top of things like tracking your flight, making sure you pack everything you need, and having a list of things you want to do.You can also document your travel memories in the journal. It's always fun to look back in the future.

1. Flight Log

Image and idea found at mandyraesbujoThis is a great way to keep track of your flights so you won't miss a flight! It's especially useful when you have multiple flights on a trip with layovers. You can easily glance at the page and know all the important information regarding your flights.

2. Packing Lists

Image and idea found at theminimalistabroadCreate a page for your packing lists! This will help to make sure you pack everything you need for the trip. Add some illustrations to the page to make it more fun.

3. Photo Checklist

Image and idea found at kanguraventurasEver come back from a trip and wished you had taken more pictures? Before your next trip, why not come up with a list of pictures you plan to take. Write them down in your bullet journal, it's a great way to remind yourself to take pictures through out the trip!I think it will be a great idea if you make it into a challenge for you and people that you're traveling with. See who ends up crossing off the most items on the checklist!

4. Weekly Planner 

Image and idea found at bujobrienIf you are planning out your itinerary in a weekly planner format, why not decorate the page with the theme of the city/country you are visiting?

5. Countries I'd Like to Travel To

Image and idea found at stephiejournalsPaint a little picture of the place you want to go and start a visual bucket list in your bullet journal.

6. Trip Overview with Maps

Image and idea found at carolitarocreativeFind a map of the destination you are going to and print it out. Paste it onto your bullet journal. You can familiarize yourself with the area before the trip.This is especially useful if you can find a map for the public transportation system.

7. Travel Journal

Image and idea found at alissas_bullet_journal

8. Countdown to Vacation 

Image and idea found at amazinglymarvelousCan't wait for the next vacation you've planned? Why not create a countdown for your trip?

9. Cover Page

Image and idea found at inkbyjengIf your trip consists of different destinations, you can include a cover page for each city.

10. Color World Map

Image and idea found at agnestravelbay

11. Watercolor Sketches

Image and idea found at kellyro77

12. Illustrated To-Do List

Image and idea found at onward and upwardWhy have a boring list of things to do when you can create cute illustrations that go with the list?An illustrated to-do list for your trip will make it so much more fun checking it off.

13. Budget Tracker

Image and idea found at Little Coffee FoxSaving up for a vacation? You can keep track of your progress in your bullet journal. Make it extra fun by creating this budget tracker.You fill in each brick with color for every $10 you save for the vacation. Once the whole page is filled with color, it means you've reached your goal!

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