20 Unbelievably Clever Ideas To Transform Trash To Treasure

A list of 20 repurpose ideas to transform trash to treasure! #repurpose #upcycle

Next time when you are about to throw away a tissue box or an old tire, you should think about saving them. Why you ask? You can actually create amazing items by using "junk" that we often toss in the garbage without thinking.

Here is a list of 20 unbelievably clever ways to give new life to old and broken items and transform them into something beautiful and amazing.

If you don't have any old items laying around in the house. Feel free to check out a thrift store to see if they have anything in stock that you can transform. Follow one of the ideas on this list or get creative and make your own.

1. Old sink turned to sand and water table

via Tattered & InkedGot an old sink laying around? With a little bit of work, it can be transformed to a fun play table for kids. I love how one sink is filled with sand and another with water. Kids will probably love this idea and it could keep them busy for hours!

2. Tin cans turned to luminaries

via Crafts UnleashedGot some empty cans? Why not make them into candle holders! They will help to create a cozy vibe to your space. Try painting them in different colors and see which one you like best!

3. Cereal box turned to magazine / paper holder

via hometalkYou never have to buy another paper/magazine holder again! All you have to do is to keep your old cereal boxes and turn them into functional storage solution.

4. Turn cardboard box into basket

via Elizabeth Joan DesignsWho knew you could create something both cute and functional by simply transforming cardboard boxes? That's another excuse to buy more things from Amazon right? ?

5. Paint stirrers turned to statement mirror

via Decorating CentsWow! Talk about amazing transformation! Next time you go to Home Depot, pick up a handful (or maybe two) of those free paint stirrers and make your own trendy mirror with them. This idea will definitely save you so much money than buying a similar mirror in stores!

6. Tire turned to trendy side table

via While They SnoozeDo you have old tires in your garage that you've been meaning to throw away? Give them a scrub and turn them into beautiful side tables for your home.

7. Vintage suitcase to side table

via The Weathered DoorOld luggage + broken table = fun bedside table?You can probably find those items for cheap at a thrift store but the result is ?????!!

8. Microwave tray and soup cans to makeup organizer

via CutefettiMicrowave food tray turned into makeup organizer? Uh, YES PLEASE!

9. Colander to hanging planter

via Kalyn BrookeHow cute are these hanging planters? Before throwing away old colanders, transform them into new homes for your plants!

10. Baking tins to rotating tiered organizer

via RemodelaholicCreate a rustic 3 tiered organizer from baking tins and industrial pipes. Adding the lazy susan turntable mechanism makes the organizer even more functional and easy to use.

11. Soda cans to wall art

via Purple Hues and MeCan you believe that soda cans can turn into beautiful wall art? Each artwork will be unique because the flowers are hand cut and you can arrange them on the canvas however you like.

12. Lotion bottle to phone holder

via Make It & Love ItAnother unbelievable idea! I love how you can turn an empty lotion bottle into a super functional phone holder. The phone holder will keep the cords organized while you charge your phone. That way you don't have to risk tripping over the cords or putting your phone on the floor. I'm definitely going to try making this project!

13. Florist bucket

via ShabyfufuTransform boring black bucket into something beautiful for you to display flowers in.

14. Knife block to thread organizer

via Refresh LivingThis project is perfect for you if you have spools of thread that you would like to organize.

15. Plastic bottle to zipper case

via Make It & Love ItPlastic bottles can be made into fun zipper containers that are perfect for school supplies!

16. Tissue box and empty paper rolls to craft supply holder

via Domestically BlissfulGather some empty paper rolls and tissue boxes to make this amazing craft supply organizer.

17. Lampshades turned to vases

via The House That Lars BuiltGive old lampshades a new life by painting them with a fresh coat of paint. You can use them as vases or storage for miscellaneous items.

18. Broken wine glass to a mini bell jar

via By WilmaThis is such a cute idea to repurpose broken wine glasses! It's the perfect size to cover that one cupcake you have been saving for later.

19. Candle jar turned to chic cotton ball holder

via Dwell BeautifulHave you been wanting a classy glass jar to put your cotton pads or q-tips? Save the glass jar next time you finish burning a candle. Glue it onto a candlestick to make it higher or you can also leave it as is.

20. Turn empty coffee can to planter bucket

via The Wicker HouseThese buckets look like the perfect additions to your space to create a relaxing beach vibe. No one will be able to tell they are made from a couple of old coffee cans! 

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