21 Ways to Repurpose a Tic Tac Box that You Never Thought Of


 If you're like me, you probably love repurposing projects. They are inexpensive and help to give new meaning to objects that would otherwise become trash.Getting crafty doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money on materials. You can often find things to repurpose around your house.There are so many super cool ways to repurpose tic tac boxes and here you will learn 21 ways to give new life to a tic tac box.

Earbud Holder

Image and tutorial found at My Crazy Good LifeDon't you hate it when your earbuds get all tangled in your purse? Before you run out to the store to get an earphone organizer, check to see if you have a box of tic tacs waiting to be repurposed!I love how this DIY has a retro feel to it. Grab an empty tic tac box, decorate it with some washi tape and you got yourself a hip earbud holder!

Sewing Kits for Kids

Image and tutorial found at Sewing RabbitHere's another cute idea, perfect for kids.Use the empty containers to pack a sewing kit/activity for kids. Great activity for kids!

Tic Tac Go! 

Image and tutorial found at Taryn WhiteakerHere's a clever idea!Play tic tac toe on the go with... you guessed it! Your tic tacs! Try sticking on the game template and have a go at a game of tic tac toe!

Tic Tac Toe #2

Image and tutorial found at Wild OliveFinish your tic tacs first ?Next cut up some felt pieces (2 colors) and put them inside the container. Then use some washi tape to create the game board! Another game while you're on the go!

Seed Organizers

Image and idea found at TC PermacultureHere's something for all you green thumbs out there!First, empty out your tic tacs...eat them, don't waste! ?Then peel off the labels and fill each container with different seeds. Finally stick some labels on them to differentiate what's what and you're done!

Pencil Sharpener

Video tutorial found at DIYLover on Youtube

  • Step 1: eat all the tic tacs
  • Step 2: glue a pencil sharpener to the inside of the cap
  • Step 3: get some pencils to sharpen ?

Check out the video for a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own pencil sharpener.You can decorate it however you like, my favorite is using fun emoji stickers to decorate it.

Flash Light

Image and tutorial found at MrMunki @ InstructablesOk, to be honest, this one's going to take some work. But in the end you have a handy dandy flashlight! Check out the tutorial for details!

Bobby Pin Holder

Image and idea found at Laura TreveyDon't you hate it when you lose your pins?Use your empty tic tac box as a bobby pin holder, now you don't have an excuse for losing them.

Hairband Holder

Image and idea found at The Burlap BagNow, this is building on top of the bobby pin holder! In addition to holding your bobby pins inside of the container, you can wrap your hairbands around the container and drop the entire thing in your bag. Bam! Always prepared.

Craft Kits

Image and idea found at DIY InspiredReuse your empty tic tac containers to hold glitter or other crafty things. You can even repurpose them for little gift bags!

Tiny Ant Farm

Image and idea found at Living ChildhoodThis one's super interesting, I had never thought about doing this one! Remember those ant farms we got when we were kids? Well, now you can keep one in your pocket at all times...just kidding don't do that ?Check out the tutorial to make you're own!

Pocket Fishing Kit

Image and tutorial found at InstructablesPack all your fishing necessities into your tic tac containers. Amazing how you can fit so many things into such a tiny container.

Spare Button Holder

Image and idea found at Happy Creative PlaceIf you're like me, you're always looking for somewhere to put your spare buttons! What better place to keep them than am empty tic tac container!


Image and tutorial found at Paper & SitchCheck out this cute idea, a tiny vase for your tabletop plant(s)! Decorate the outside to your heart's content!

Ribbon Dispensers

Image and idea found at Craft & CreativityStore your ribbon in empty tic tac containers so you can easily find them when you need them!

Bead Organizers

Image and idea found at The Krazy Coupon LadyOrganize your beads in your tic tac containers, remember to peel off the labels so it's easy to see what's inside!


Image and tutorial found at Fabulessly FrugalLook at this! What a great idea!Stick some sandpaper on the outside of your empty tic tac container and fill it with matches for a waterproof resistant match box!It's perfect way to pack some matches on a camping trip. It will prevent the matches from getting wet and I'm sure it will come in super handy when you need to light a fire.

Spice Bottles

Image and idea found at Seattle SundriesKeep your empty tic tac boxes so you can store your kitchen spices. Peel off the labels and stick on your own to keep track of what you're storing!

Tooth Holder

Image and idea found at SpoonfulThis is a perfect idea if you have kids! If your kid has a loose tooth, pack one of these with them when they go to school. If their tooth falls out they can put it in one of these containers and bring them home for the "tooth fairy"!Super cute!

Toothbrush Holder

Video tutorial found at ADDYOLOGYUse your empty tic tac containers as toothbrush holders! Remember to rinse them out ever so often.

Picture Frame for Kids' Artwork

Found on Pinterest (Picture Source Unknown)Check out this super cute idea! Keep the empty tic tac containers and slip in a few pictures for an instant picture frame. Perfect for the kids!Don't throw your tic tac box aways next time! Check out these creative ideas of repurposing a tic tac box!