16 Pantry Organization Ideas That Will Maximize Storage


When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry and organized everything?

Having a messy pantry could lead to time and food wasted.

Nobody got time for that!

Having an organized pantry will save you so much time from looking for an ingredient that you need. You can easily keep track of what you have on hand instead of buying duplicates.

Dedicate one day out of the month where you go through everything in the pantry to keep it organized.

  • Toss anything that is expired

  • Donate any canned food that you don't plan on using

  • Wipe down the surfaces to keep everything nice and clean

Even if you have a small pantry, you can still try these ideas. They will keep your small pantry organized and allows you to store more items in the space.

1. Hang bags of chips on the wall using command hooks


Image and idea found at Fennell Seeds

Hang bags of chips on the wall of the pantry by using command hooks. These command hooks are super cheap and they will keep clutter off the shelves in the pantry.

2. Store cupcake liners in a mason jar


Image and idea found at Table for Two

It's difficult to keep cupcake liners organized once you open the package. They actually fit perfectly inside a mason jar!

This will keep them organized and easy to find when you need them!It makes a cute decoration piece on your kitchen counter too.

3. Free printable hand-lettered pantry labels


Image and idea found at The Creativity Exchange

Having matching labels on your organizational containers just makes everything look so much prettier! It's an easy way to make your pantry look more organized.

Head over to The Creativity Exchange for your own free printable pantry labels.

4. DIY chip rack


Image and idea found at Eleven Magnolia Lane

Here is another way of keeping bags of chips organized in the pantry. Instead of using command hooks like the idea mentioned above, this requires a little bit more of effort to make but the result is worth it!

You can use a spray painted yardstick or finger-joint trim board for this DIY. You attach curtain clips to the board and turn it into a chip rack.

5. Pantry organization labels


Image and idea found at The Country Chic Cottage

These labels really give you the effortless farmhouse look. AND it helps you to keep all your dry ingredients nice and organized!

6. Pot lid organizer on the back of the pantry door


Image and idea found at Worthing Court

I always have trouble keeping the lids of pots and pans organized. They seem to be all over the place in the kitchen cabinets.

There's no tutorial for this specific lid holder but check out this tutorial for a similar idea.

It looks different than the picture above but it's just as functional.

7. Use a shoe rack as a pantry organizer


Image and idea found at Pretty Providence

There are many purposes for a shoe rack beyond storing shoes. It sure comes in handy when keeping your pantry organized.

You can use it to keep your spices and any other miscellaneous items organized.

The shoe organizer is helpful in keeping clutter off the shelves in the pantry.

8. Keeping small items organized by using sink caddies


Image and idea found at Make Bake Celebrate

You can use these clear sink caddies to keep small items such as food packets organized.

9. Turn IKEA photo box into can organizers


Image and idea found at The Kim Six Fix

Can’t go wrong with an IKEA hack! It’s a super affordable way to keep all the cans in your pantry organized.

10. Turn shelves into drawers


Image and idea found at Remodela Casa

Having drawers as shelves make it so much easier to take things out and put things back then. The chalkboard labels are a nice addition as well. It will be easy to erase the label and write something else if needed!

11. Keep a wooden crate on the bottom of the shelves


Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

Got some extra space on the floor of your pantry?

Instead of having clutter on the floor, try adding more storage by having one or more wooden crates.

Purchase a wooden crates with wheel to make it even easier to slide it under the shelves. Or you can even DIY it.It's the perfect place to keep your reusable totes.

12. Use paint pen to label glass jars


Image and idea found at A Beautiful Mess

Another great way to label the containers in your pantry is to use paint marker. I love the look of white paint marker on glass containers.

It's very aesthetically pleasing and makes everything look much more organized.

13. Pegboard pan storage


Image and idea found at Eclectic Recipes

This idea is perfect if you have a large walk in pantry. Install a large pegboard on the wall and you can easily hang pans on it.

14. Use file boxes to organize paper bags


Image and idea found at Everyday Organizing

Add plastic file boxes to a blank wall in your pantry to add more storage. It's the perfect space to store some reusable bags for grocery shopping.

You can find these large file boxes at The Container Store and it makes the otherwise wasted space functional.

15. Meal planning and grocery list in the pantry


Image and idea found at I Heart Organizing

It's nice to have your grocery shopping list on display on the inside of the pantry door. You can also hang it outside if you want it to be visible at all time.

Stick a pen clip on the door next to the shopping list so you don't need to waste time looking for a pen every time you need to write something down.

16. Add more storage to the pantry doors


Image and idea found at The Home Edit

Wow! this is how you want your pantry to look! No one in the family will ever ask you where to find a bag of chips or a new bottle of ketchup!

These pantry organization ideas will add more room to your pantry and keep everything organized. Which pantry organization idea are you going to try?