29 Life-Changing Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

A list of 29 kitchen hacks that will make cooking easier!
Useful kitchen hacks that will save you a ton of time and money!

Photo by Max Delsid on UnsplashIf you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I am sure you're no stranger to some helpful tips and tricks to make cooking easier. I am sharing some of my favorite kitchen hacks that will make your life a lot easier.This list of 29 kitchen hacks includes helpful tips to help foods last longer, save a ton of time, and basically change your life. Want to know how to quickly ripen bananas and how to keep wine chilled without ice? Then keep reading to find out!

1. Use a pizza cutter to easily make a chopped salad right in the bowl

via Iowa Girl EatsMaking chopped salad? Put the lettuce in a mixing bowl and chop it up by using a pizza cutter. This will save you a ton of time comparing to having to chop up leaves with a knife on a cutting board. It will also be less messy and easier to clean.

2. Keep Jars of Nut Butter Upside Down

via KitchnThe oil in natural nut butter separates and rise to the top of the jar when you store it upright. Simply store the jars upside down to keep the oil from separating. This will make it easier to scoop and prevents the butter drying up when you get to the bottom of the jar.

3. Peel ginger with a spoon

via The Cutlery ReviewI always have trouble peeling ginger and I end up wasting some when I try to cut off the skin with a knife or a vegetable peeler.Who knew you could easily peel the skin off ginger with a spoon? All you need to do is use a spoon to scrap off the thin layer of skin. You won't end up taking off anything but the skin.

4. Perfect hard boiled eggs

via Rubies & RadishesUse a thumbtack and place a hole on the larger round side of an egg before boiling it in water to get the perfect hard boil egg. For more detailed instruction, go to Rubies & Radishes.

5. Ripe bananas in the oven

via The KitchnIf you ever need to quickly ripen some bananas for a last minute banana bread recipe, just pop them in the oven (300°F) for 40 minutes. After baking them in the oven, you should have soft and blackened bananas that are ready for your banana bread recipe!

6. Grate butter to soften it quickly

via The Bearfoot BakerHave you ever had a recipe calling for softened butter but you have no idea how to soften it quickly? No problem, just use a cheese grater to soften the butter.I always thought the only way to soften butter is to leave it out of the fridge. Of course there is nothing wrong with method, but sometimes we just don't have time to wait for it to soften. This is a super useful hack that I will be using from now on!

7. Make whipped cream by shaking it inside a jar

via Jessica Bose / Food Hacks DailyIf you want to make fresh whipped cream at home but you aren't sure how, you are at the right place! You can make whipped cream with the help of a electric mixer or a simple whisk. But there is an even easier way to make it with a mason jar. Head to Food Hacks Daily to follow the detailed instruction on how to make your own whipped cream with a few ingredients and a mason jar.

8. The easiest way to slice a bunch of tomatoes at once

via Nosh On ItPut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in between two plastic lids then cut them side way with a knife. Click here for more detailed instructions.I learned this hack a while ago and it has saved me so much time while cutting a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I can't believe I used to cut them one by one, it would take forever to finish cutting a box of tomatoes.

9. Marshmallow keeps brown sugar from clumping

via Food 52Add a marshmallow on top of your brown sugar to prevent clumping or hardening. This works because of the moisture in the marshmallow. Some people suggested that putting a piece of bread would also do the trick!

10. Store onions in pantyhose to make them last longer

via Brooklyn Farm GirlNo, this isn't the latest trend in home decor where you hang onions in stockings as art. It's actually a way to keep onions fresh longer!

11. Make clear ice cube by freezing boiled water

via isr_Raviv / InstructableWant to have clear ice cubes in your drink? Boil the water before freezing it in the ice trays to make clear ice cubes.

12. Test egg freshness in a tub of water

via Homestead LifeHow do you know if an egg is fresh? Simply put it in a tub of water. The older the egg is, the more it floats.The white egg in the picture is the freshest and as you can see the other two eggs are a little older. All 3 eggs pictured are safe to eat. Do not eat an egg that floats completely.

13. Prevent quinoa from falling through the mesh while washing

via Iowa Girl EatsRun the mesh sieve under water first to create a water barrier then add the quinoa to wash. This will prevent the quinoa from escaping from the mesh while you are washing it.

14. How to peel garlic the easy way

via The Pin JunkiePut the garlic cloves in a plastic container then close the lid. Shake the container to separate the skin from the garlic cloves. This trick will definitely save a ton of time compared to peeling off the skin one by one. Go to The Pin Junkie for more pictures and detailed instructions.

15. Use a bottle and a hard plastic straw to pit a cherry

via Iowa Girl EatsIf you don't have a cherry pitter, just place the cherry on top of a glass bottle and push the pit out with a sturdy plastic straw.

16. Frozen grapes to keep wine chilled

via Nichole CiottiWant to keep a glass of wine chilled? Put a few frozen grapes into the glass instead of ice to make sure the wine doesn't get watered down.

17. Put a wet towel under a cutting board to prevent it from sliding 

via Start CookingSimply put a wet towel under the cutting board when you are cutting to prevent it from sliding.

18. Cook egg in mason jar lid to create perfect fried egg

via Nick & Bay Nigro / Wonder How ToYou can make the perfect fried egg by cooking it in a mason jar lid. After it's done cooking, your fried egg should look perfectly round. This hack will come in handy when I want to make my own breakfast McMuffin at home.

19. Microwave corn to easily peel it

via Simply RecipesMicrowave a corn with the husk on for 2-4 minutes (depending on your microwave settings), then you can easily remove the husk after.

20. Make your own hard taco shells in the oven

via Mr & Mrs VeganThe healthier option to buying packaged taco shells is to make your own in the oven. Check out the blog post at Mr & Mrs Vegan for detailed instructions!21. Revive flat champagne with a raisinvia Kelli Foster / The KitchnWant to revive a flat champagne or sparkling wine? Simply drop a raisin into the bottle. Magic!

22. Make an ice cream sandwich the easy way

via The Krazy Coupon LadyHere is an easy way to make an ice cream cookie sandwich. Cut the ice cream container to create a slice of ice cream. Then place it between two cookies to make a sandwich. Enjoy!

23. Freeze the onion before cutting to prevent crying

via Life HackerLife Hacker tested out different myths to see which one actually prevents you from crying while cutting an onion. It's been tested that putting an onion in the freezer before cutting actually works!

24. Grill fish on top of slices of lemon to prevent it from sticking to the grill

via Tasting TableWatch the video tutorial at Tasting Table to see how exactly you can prevent fish from sticking to the grill.

25. Microwave pizza with a cup of water to make it not soggy

via Allie Koestler / Spoon UniversityWho here loves leftover pizzas like I do? Next time try heating up a slice with a microwave-safe glass of water in the microwave for 45 seconds.

26. Spray cooking oil spray onto measuring cups to make it nonstick

via Nick & Bay Nigro / Wonder How ToIf you are using measuring cups or spoons to scoop up sticky ingredients such as peanut butter, chances are it would get stuck to the utensils and mess up your measurement. Spray a thin layer of cooking oil on the cup or spoon first to make it nonstick.

27. Easy way to peel tomato without a mess

via No RecipesBlanch tomatoes in hot water first then plunge it in ice water. This will help peeling the tomatoes much easier. Remember, you are just blanching the tomatoes and not cooking them. Head over to No Recipes for step-by-step pictures and instructions.

28. Keep bananas fresh longer

via Somewhat SimpleStephanie at Somewhat Simple teaches you how to keep bananas fresh longer by wrapping each stem in plastic cling wrap.

29. Make some coffee ice cubes to prevent iced coffee getting watered down by ice

via Honestly YumMake some ice cubes using coffee and add them to a glass of iced coffee. Your coffee will never get watered down this way.