11 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother's Day That Your Mom Will Love


Mother's day is coming up soon. Are you still thinking about what gift to get your mom? If you are wondering if it's too late to make her a DIY gift, the answer is no! Sometimes it can be a little tricky to buy something that you know she will absolutely love. But if you are in the DIY mood, there are tons of cute handmade gifts that you can spend a few hours making and they will be unique and thoughtful.I am sharing some DIY gift ideas that I found and are easy to make. All you need is a few hours to gather the materials and DIY away!

1. Mason Jar Planters

Image and tutorial found at Coral and CoYou can buy new mason jars or use any glass jars that you already have. All you need is to paint them and plant succulent in them.

2. Tropical Leaf Trinket Dishes

Image and tutorial found at Lia GriffithHow cute are these handmade trinkets? They are perfect for storing rings and other small jewelry!

3. Picture Magnets

Image and tutorial found at SundaesinsThese little photo magnets are not only cute but also functional.

4. Applique Fabric Canvas

Image and tutorial found at Fall For DIYThis project takes more time but don't you love how pretty it looks on the wall?

5. Copper Vases

Image and tutorial found at Homey Oh MySimply spray paint some tin containers and you will get beautiful copper vases. Now all you need is some of your mom's favorite flowers!

6. Potato Stamp Dish Towel

Image and tutorial found at Alice & LoisI love how cute and simple these hand towels look and they look fun to make.

7. Gold Striped Vase

Image and tutorial found at Two Twenty OneYou can never have too many vases right? Especially if your mom loves to have flowers and plants around her house.

8. Hanging Wall Vases

Image and tutorial found at Design MomI love the little gold details of these wall hanging planters!

9. Gold Tassel Necklace

Image and tutorial found at Alice & LoisYou only need a few supplies to make this chic statement necklace for you mom and it's super easy to make.

10. Color-Dipped Clothes Hamper

Image and tutorial found at Lovely IndeedIs your mom looking to buy a new hamper? Why not make her a cute hamper basket spray painted with her favorite color?

11. Coloring Book Tote

Image and tutorial found at The Crafted LifeDoes your mom like coloring books? If yes, then this coloring book tote is perfect for her! 

Do you see any DIY idea that you are going to try to make for mother's day?Giving unique gifts doesn't have to break the bank. Sometimes all you need is a few hours and some supplies and you can make one-of-a-kind thoughtful gifts for your mom.Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!