14 Beyond Genius Ways To Add More Storage To Your Kitchen Cabinets


If you are someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you probably already noticed how easy it is for clutter to accumulate. Whether that is on the counter or behind the kitchen cabinet doors. Having a clutter-free kitchen starts from creating an organized system and knowing where everything goes, especially in the kitchen cabinets.

Organizing overcrowded kitchen cabinets can seem like a daunting task but it is possible to get organized and create more storage on a budget!

I have rounded up 14 clever ways to add more storage in your kitchen cabinets that will help you stay organized. 

These space-saving hacks will help you increase storage space in your kitchen cabinets. Creating more organized space in your cabinets also allows you to have a clutter-free counter space, making it a breeze to prep meals and clean the surfaces.

1. Magazine Holder


via The Kitchn

What a clever idea to use magazine holders to easily section your kitchen drawer to reduce clutter! It's perfect spot to keep your bags of spices organized.

2. Cutting Board Holder


via Smartaleck Studio

Need a better place to store your cutting boards when not in use? Try securing a file sorter rack on the inside of the cabinet door to hold the cutting boards.

3. Use A Tension Rod To Hang Spray Bottles


via Jen Thousand Words

You can simply add a tension rod to hang spray bottles under your sink. This way you can have more room for storage underneath.

4. Hidden Kitchen Organizer


via I Heart Organizing

Is the side of your fridge getting cluttered with bills, coupons, and other miscellaneous items? Why not create an organizer inside the kitchen cabinet and move everything inside to hide the clutter? Keeping everything organized will prevent you losing important papers.

5. Pretend Pull-Outs


via Everyday Organizing

Take everything out of your cabinets and organize them into plastic bins. This will make the items easily accessible as the cabinets can be pulled out like drawers and easily pushed in when you're done.

6. Hang Kitchen Towels Using Clothespins


via The Kitchn

Add clothespins on the inside or outside of the kitchen cabinet doors to hang kitchen towels. You should definitely try this idea if you hang your kitchen towels on the oven door handle and they always fall on the floor.

7. Build A Pull Out Trash And Recycle Bins


via Makely Home

Follow this informative tutorial to create your own pullout trash/recycle bins! It's the perfect way to hide the trash can as it can be an eyesore in the kitchen.

8. Chalkboard Organizer


via Tidbits From The Tremaynes

It's handy to have the measuring spoons, measuring cups, and list of measurement equivalents on the inside of the cabinet door. It will make it so much easier to convert measurements while cooking!

9. Wood Spice Rack


via Jenna Burger Design

Follow the tutorial to create your own wood spice racks from scratch. Secure the spice racks inside the cabinet doors to reduce clutter. They also make it easier to see what spices you have.

10. Hang Utensils Inside Of The Cabinet Door


via Jenna Burger Design

Add some metal screw-in hooks onto a piece of trim to hang some utensils inside the cabinets.

11. Cabinet Door Storage Bins


via The Family Handyman

Cut a plastic storage cut in half then secure it to the inside of the cabinet door. This creates extra storage for items like boxes of wax paper, foil, plastic utensils, etc.

12. Build Your Own Roll-Out Pantry


via Classy Clutter

If there is a gap between your fridge and the wall, you can probably follow this DIY to add more storage to an otherwise useless space!

13. Homemade Corner Drawers


via Instructables

Build your own corner drawers to allow more storage under the kitchen counter. It does require some understanding of woodwork. Those that are experienced can probably figure out how to build the drawers by watching the video.

14. Install Kitchen Sink Tip Outs


via Domestically Speaking

What a clever way to turn false sink drawer fronts into actually functional storage! It makes the perfect spot to store some new sponges, brushes, and other miscellaneous items.