16 Amazing IKEA Bathroom Hacks that Will Make You Love Your Bathroom


These IKEA bathroom hacks will help you transform your bathroom to your favorite room in your home.

It's an easy and cheap to transform your dated bathroom.

Nothing's wrong with an older bathroom, but you deserve a place where you can truly unwind and relax after a long day. Creating that spa-like environment in your bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune.

#1 Bathroom Vanity with Bekvam Kitchen Cart


Tutorial: The Handy Homegirl

Are you looking to add some wood accents to your bathroom? You can easily get this spa-inspired vanity by using an IKEA kitchen cart. Simply follow the tutorial to stain the wood to a shade you desire!

Make sure you cut the legs so it's even and make the perfect height for a sink. 

#2 Throw Blanket Shower Curtain


Tutorial: Lynne Knowlton

Using a throw blanket as a shower curtain? Yup, you read that right!

Don't forget to hang up a liner on the inside to help the curtain stay dry. 

#3 Vanity with Salad Bowl Sink


Tutorial: Berger-Porta

IKEA hacks = creativity x 100000

But this project takes it to another level! Using a salad bowl as a sink! You can create your own one-of-a-kind vanity using a salad bowl and the Rast 3-drawer chest. 

#4 Toy Storage Transformed to Guest Luxury Bathroom


Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

Do you use your kids’ bathroom as the guest’s bathroom when people are staying over?

If yes, then this idea is perfect for you!

You can easily transform the bathroom when needed with this IKEA hack. It’s so easy to switch out kid’s toys to a spa-inspired bath setup for your guests.


#5 Spice Rack Toilet Paper Holder


Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

Toilet paper holder made from a spice rack. Yup, you read that right!

I love how there’s room on top for you to decorate with a small candle and plants. You can never have too many things that help to freshen up the bathroom right? ?


#6 LACK Wall Shelves


Tutorial: Hand und Fuss

Oh em geeee! I LOVE the pink tiles! Okay, jk that is not part of the IKEA hack but can we just appreciate how lovely those floating shelves look?

This project definitely requires more time and tools but the result is so worth it! I would’ve never thought they were from IKEA. They look much more expensive than they really are!

** The tutorial is in German so make sure you turn on the translation feature.


#7 Vanity Update


Tutorial: The Golden Sycamore

All you need for this project is a basic IKEA sink cabinet which come in black, gray, and white.

Pick a color you like and transform the sink cabinet by painting it.

#8 Spa Bath Mat


Tutorial: House of Hepworths

Who knew adding a bath mat would transform your bathroom into a spa-like environment?

What’s interesting about this bath mat is that you actually use IKEA’s outdoor decking pieces to make it. It’s easier than it looks to assemble them. All you have to do is to snap them together and you get to customize the patterns and size as you please.


#9 Vanity Hack


Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

With a fresh coat of paint and change of hardware details, this vanity doesn’t look like it’s from IKEA at all. It looks so much more expensive than it really is.


#10 Nail Polish Rack


Tutorial at This Mom’s Gonna Snap

Looking for a storage solution for your nail polish? The spice racks from IKEA are actually the perfect size to store all of your nail polish.

It will keep everything organized and you can easily see at a glance when you’re picking out the color.


#11 Lightweight Washbasin Cabinet


Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

This lightweight washbasin cabin is actually made from a IKEA wooden cart. This hack transforms your bathroom vanity into something simple and minimal. You can also add a basket on the cart to add some storage.


#12 Towel & Storage Ladder


Tutorial: Quirk Madame

If you’re running out of storage space in the bathroom then this hack is perfect for you! Propping a ladder shelf against the wall will give you more places to store your items and yet it won’t look cluttered.


#13 Vanity Cart


Tutorial: Polkadot Chair

It’s amazing to see so many different uses for the IKEA Raskog cart and of course I have to include it as one of the bathroom hacks as well.

You can make it into a mobile vanity cart that you can easily move it when needed. This is especially useful when you have to share the bathroom with someone else.

You can also attach an IKEA utensil holder on the side to hold your curling iron and flat iron.


#14 Vanity Remodel


Tutorial: IKEA Hackers

Want to update the look of your sink vanity? Take advantage of the cheap IKEA kitchen counter and cabinets to custom make your new bathroom vanity.


#15 Bekväm Stool


Tutorial: I Heart Organizing

I'm sure you've seen these stools everywhere and but this one really adds a nice touch to a plain and cheap stool.

Staining the wood into this darker color makes it look so much more expensive than it really is!

It's perfect for guests' towels and toilet paper in the guest bathroom. 

#16 Makeup Storage


Tutorial:  By Dawn Nicole

This tutorial shows you how to use the cheap IKEA Pluggis system to create your perfect makeup storage solution.

I love the clean and simple design of these storage bins that will keep your bathroom look clean and uncluttered.It's also a great way to keep your makeup and skincare clean and off the sink counter. 

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