How To Declutter Your Messy Home When You Feel Overwhelmed


You ever felt overwhelmed with a messy house and not sure what to do? Do you run around the house, not sure where to start?

I know you know what I’m talking about because we’ve all been there!

How did you let your house get to this point?

Some of the reasons why you have a cluttered home:

You feel unmotivated: Very simple, you don’t really see a reason to clean your home in the first place. It’s not like you’re having guests over, it’s not like you get an award for having a clean house.

You are too busy: You’ve been meaning to clean your home but you’re just way too busy! From work to hanging out with friends to cooking dinner. Who’s got time to clean the house? Cleaning has definitely been pushed to the bottom of the priority list!

Being a perfectionist: You don’t want to clean until you can make your home absolutely picture perfect and spotless. What’s the point of only having 10 minutes to clean the entire home? You will wait until when you have a week off from work to tackle this task so it will be more worth it. 

Before you start cleaning, ask yourself what might be the reason your house is messy. It helps to realize what’s the reason holding you back.

Taking the first step is the most important part of this process. Don’t let your fear of not doing a perfect job stop you from starting.

1. Visualize the home you want to live in


Tell yourself that you can do this and know that you deserve a clean home for you to relax in.

Find inspirations on Pinterest of the atmosphere you want to create in your home. 

2. Take a before and after picture

Have you ever watched a cleaning time-lapse video on youtube? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a quick search on YouTube and trust me you are in for a treat.

We get great satisfaction seeing a messy home getting transformed into a clutter-free space. 

Take a picture of your clutter home and after you’re done, take another picture. Trust me, you will feel super motivated the next time you need to clean!

3. Start with the easiest chore.

What’s a chore that you find yourself do without procrastinating? Is it loading the dish washer? Doing a load of laundry?

Whatever it is, do that first.

I like to start a load of laundry first before I start decluttering the house. It really helps to tell my brain that ok it’s time to clean while multitasking. 

4. Focus on one area at a time

If you let yourself think about how you need to clean the living room, wipe down the kitchen counter, vacuum the floor, AND clean out the garage? Of course you’re going to feel overwhelmed.

The key here is to focus on one little thing at a time. 

If you have clutter laying on the floor, focus on one area at a time. You basically just sit down on the floor and focus on whatever is within your arms reach. Yup that’s it. 

Cleaning the kitchen counter? Then grab a stool and sit down, focus on whatever is right in front of you. Easy right?

After you’re done with one area, move on to the next. 

5. Set a timer


Still having trouble getting started? Grab a kitchen timer, set the timer to 5 minutes then start. Not 20 minutes, not 10 minutes but just 5 minutes.

Trust me, you can get a lot of cleaning done with just 5 minutes of interrupted session. 

Grab a box and trash bag and bring them with you as you move around the area. 

Toss trash away in the trash bag immediately.

Put anything that doesn’t belong in that area in the box immediately. You don’t need to put it back to where it belongs yet. Just put it in the box.

Even just taking 5 minutes at a time, little by little, they can add up and make a huge difference.

6. Focus on surface areas

No, now it’s not the time to open up all your drawers and start sorting through everything in them!

Focus on the surface areas. Pretend you have guests coming over in 30 minutes and you need to make your home look somewhat presentable. Most likely your guests aren’t going to look through your drawers. 

Need extra motivation? You can actually invite people over! I find that always does the trick. 

You will work so much faster when you’re under pressure!

7. Have fun while you’re cleaning

Put on your favorite music. Dance around while picking things up around the house. Have fun with it! 

Don’t see it as a chore, see it as you are enjoying the process of taking care of your home and yourself because you deserve a comfortable home!

8. Come up with a weekly cleaning schedule 

We are much more likely to get things done when we stick to a schedule. Think of this as training our brain to automatically know what area to clean on what day of the week.

It might take a few weeks to really get this schedule down so don’t worry if you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed in the beginning.

Feel free to adjust and switch things up to help you be more productive!

Here is an example:

Monday: Kitchen and dining room

Tuesday: Living room

Wednesday: Bedrooms

Thursday: Office

Friday: Bathrooms

Saturday: Garage

Sunday: Rest

This is just an example, come up with your own schedule that fits your needs.

9. Schedule it in your calendar


Now you’ve come up with a cleaning schedule, it’s time to make sure you do them. One way I find super helpful is to put the cleaning schedule on my iCal and set reminders.

This way I get the reminder on my phone to clean the area on that specific day.

10. Maintaining your clean house

Maintaining the cleanliness is much easier than what you just have done but it requires small amount of effort every single day.

Get in the habit of putting things away when you’re done. 

Rinsing dirty dishes and putting them in the dishwasher right after you’re done.

Spend 10 minutes every night to make sure everything is put away. Trash and recycle are taken out. 

Now here is where you might feel like giving up before even starting. It’s important that you focus on one thing at a time! 

Can you clean the entire home today? Probably not. 

But can you put this dirty sock into the hamper? YES YOU DEFINITELY CAN!

Remember to start small and don’t give up, you will have the space of your dreams in no time!

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips on decluttering when you feel overwhelmed. What’s the first chore you usually tackle? What’s the most difficult part of decluttering for you?