19 Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas that are Easy to Make


Welcome to gift wrapping 101!!! Okay maybe not... But here you will find helpful tips and tricks on gift wrapping.

The traditional way of wrapping gifts includes materials such as rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, etc.

Yea sure you can buy them at your local Target and call it a day. But there are actually so many other ways to get creative with your gift wrapping.

I'll even show you different ways to upcycle things you already have around the house to wrap gifts. Let's be real, most people will toss the wrapping paper after opening their presents. Why not try to save some money and be more environmental friendly at the same time?

You probably already spent a lot of money on the actual gifts, you don't need break the bank on the gift wraps.Some tips to level up your gift wrapping skills:

  • If your gift is a weird shape, try putting in a box then wrap it. Recycle shipping boxes to make it extra budget friendly.

  • Look around your home for materials you already have before buying new ones.

Your friends and family will appreciate your one-of-a-kind gifts and the effort you put into creating them. 

#1 Use toilet paper rolls to make little boxes


Image and tutorial found at The Pink Doormat

Who knew you can make such a cute gift box with toilet paper rolls?

You can decorate the box with washi tape, ribbons, stickers, or scraps of wrapping paper.

This box is the perfect size for gifts like earrings, necklaces, and other small items. 

#2 Use newspaper


Image and tutorial found at Fave Crafts

Don't have wrapping paper at home? Why not try wrapping presents with newspaper?

Make it extra fun and cute by using the comics section of the newspaper! 

#3 Use q-tips to make a dandelion wrapping paper


Image and tutorial found at The Chic Site

Want to make your gift stand out in the pile and yet want to stay within your budget? This hack is super awesome and creative.

Grab some Q-tips and a styrofoam ball to make a dandelion gift wrap! 

#4 Turn wrapping paper into a gift bag


Image and tutorial found at Hello Sandwich

Ran out of gift bags? Don't worry, you can easily turn wrapping paper into gift bags!

This tutorial also works with kraft paper or any other paper you want to use, as long as it's about twice the size of the bag you want to make. 

#5 Use fabric scraps as ribbons


Image and tutorial found at tikkido

Instead of using regular ribbon, you can use fabric to tie around the boxes. Takes a bit of work to sew them together but the end result is worth it! Look how pretty they look! 

#6 Use foil paper box for cookies


Image and tutorial found at Aunt Peaches

Are you planning to whip up some cookies to give away or exchange? The foil paper box is perfect for keeping those cookies nice and safe until they're ready to be enjoyed!Get creative with decorating the boxes with paints and stickers.

Don't forget to line it with some parchment paper! 

#7 Or use Pringles containers for cookies


Image and tutorial found at A Baker's House

Similar idea as the previous one but you can also wrap cookies in a Pringles container.

You can decorate it using wrapping paper to make it extra festive! 

#8 Polk a dot your wrapping paper


Image and tutorial found at The House that Lars Built

Wrapping gifts with plain paper? Spruce it up by adding polka dots!

All you need is a pencil with an eraser on top and a white stamp pad. 

#9 Paint instead of using real ribbons


Image and idea found at My Cakies

Instead of stamping polka dots, you can also use a brush and draw some ribbons. This idea will come in handing if you are out of ribbons. 

#10 Use a photo of the recipient instead of a gift tag


Image and idea found at Could I Have That?

Make your gift extra thoughtful by attaching a picture of the recipient on the box. This is a great alternative to traditional gift tags with names on it.

If you include a picture of you and the person together, it will make it even more special. 

#11 Make Christmas trees with twigs


Image and tutorial found at Fellow Fellow

I love how minimal this gift topper idea is and yet still so festive. All you need is some small twigs and embroidery thread to create this look. 

#12 Christmas stamp


Image and tutorial found at Hello Glow

Use a rubber eraser and x-acto knife to cut out your own unique stamp. The tree idea is perfect for beginners because it's easier to cut since it's all straight lines, but feel free to get creative with your shapes if you want.

Some other fun ideas are: snowman, hearts, and stars 

#13 Brushstrokes


Image and idea found at The Craftables

This idea keeps it so simple by not including any embellishments but it still looks great!

Use a flat thick brush to paint brushstrokes with your acrylic paint of choice. You can either plan out what the strokes are going to look like or you can just go with the flow and see how it turns out!

#14 Paper straws


Image and tutorial found at Splash of Something

Got some paper straws that you never got the chance to use? Now it's your chance to put some use to them!

You can create some paper star embellishments using paper straws and strings.

The pattern reminds me of candy cane and it's perfect for Christmas!

#15 Use black wrapping paper and white marker


Image and tutorial found at Bonnie Christine

Love to doodle and enjoy calligraphy? Try out this blackboard art inspired gift wrapping!

Grab some black craft paper and white markers to create this look.

Head over to Bonnie Christine to check out which markers she recommends to create this beautiful project. 

#16 Use double sided tape to hide the closure


Image and idea found at Pretty Handy Girl

Want to make your gift looks like it's wrapped by a gift wrapping pro? Use a double sided tape underneath the edge of the paper for that hidden closure look. 

#17 Confetti


Image and tutorial found at Mini Eco

How fun is this gift wrapping idea! You can use scrap paper to create this fun and interactive packaging. Use a hole puncher to cut out little circles and a pair of scissors to cut out long strips.

Make it extra fun by creating bright neon color confetti!

#18 "Color me" wrapping paper


Image and idea found at Lines Across

Here we have another interactive idea, and it shows you wrapping paper can be fun even when it's all white!

This idea is perfect for kids and also adults that love to doodle.

Use washi tape to stick some crayons on the paper to let your recipient get creative on the plain white paper! 

#19 Use an old sweater


Image and idea found at Boxwood Clippings

Got an old sweater laying around that is too worn out to be donated? Turn it into the coziest gift wrapping idea ever!