11 Fridge & Freezer Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life


If you don't regularly clean out your refrigerator, you probably often find expired food stashed in the back of the fridge and freezer. Having the fridge jam packed with groceries will reduce their shelf life due to limited circulation of cool air.Making sure the fridge and freezers are clean and organized will keep the produce fresh longer and reduce food waste. I found 11 life-changing organization tips for your refrigerator that will save you time and energy to keep your food organized and fresh!

1. Place mats on the shelves to make it easier to clean


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Having mats on the shelves will make it easier to clean any spills or debris. Make it a habit to regularly take all the food out of the fridge and wipe the mats clean to keep everything nice and tidy.

2. Use clear containers to store cut vegetables


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You can reuse clear containers to store cut vegetables such as celery sticks, cucumbers, or baby carrots to have easy access to them.

3. Put foods that are almost expiring in a box labeled "Eat Me First" to avoid wasting food


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This way you won't forget about the food that are almost expiring and end up tossing them away. Make sure you put the box in the very front of the shelf so it can be seen every time you open the fridge door.

4. Use binder clips to keep bags of frozen food organized in the freezer


A Side Of Fabulous 

How clever is this idea? We usually have bags of frozen food laying on top of each other which can be messy and not knowing what food we have in the freezer. Simply clip each bag onto the wire of shelves with binder clips to keep it organized and easy to see!

5. Make your own magnetic plastic containers to save room in the fridge


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Want to have more shelf space? Why not store some nuts and spices in DIY magnetic containers then stick them on the the side.

6. Create a self-serve snack drawer


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Have ready-to-eat snacks available in a drawer so kids can easily grab a bag out of the fridge themselves. The whole family can use the snack drawer to eat healthier if it is always stocked with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

7. Reuse an egg carton as a condiment caddy


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Next time don't throw away the egg carton so you can use it as a storage solution to put upside down bottles of condiment in it.

8. Use slide-out storage bins for easy access


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This makes it so much easier to see where everything is and take what you need out from the fridge.

9. How to keep your fridge organized so food stay fresh longer


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It's probably a good idea to print this out and stick it on the door of your fridge as a reminder to how to keep food fresh.

10. Use a dry erase marker on your fridge door to keep track of your food


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Keep track of the food in the fridge by following this clever way to writing them down on the fridge door with dry erase markers. Make sure the markers works with the surface of your fridge door first.

11. Or paint the door with chalkboard paint


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I love how the fridge looks painted with chalkboard paint! You can use it to plan out your menu for the week, write a reminder of what is almost expired, or start a shopping list.

 Feel free to leave a comments below if you have any tips on how to keep your fridge and freezer organized. We would love to hear from you!