12 Farmhouse IKEA Hacks that Will Save You a Ton of Money


Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now and they make a home feel cozy and inviting. Buying farmhouse furniture can be pricey, each piece ranging from $400 to even $1000+.

Doing a quick search on Google for farmhouse furniture, you can see they go for at least $500.

Furnishing an entire house or even just a room can easily costs you thousands of $$$.

Ain't nobody got that kinda cash!!

What if I tell you there are cheaper ways to get gorgeous looking furniture that will satisfy your farmhouse decor craving?

Where can we get these wonderful furniture pieces at a cheaper price you ask?

IKEA! yep, with a little bit of DIY, you can easily transform boring IKEA furniture into one of a kind farmhouse furniture that looks great!

Here is a list of farmhouse IKEA hacks you can try out today!

1. Tarva Dresser


Image and tutorial found at Dupetitdoux

Who knew the plain-looking IKEA Tarva dresser can be transformed into the farmhouse furniture of your dreams?

I would've never guessed it was originally an IKEA piece!

The tutorial is in French so make sure you turn on the translation to better understand the creative process! ?

2. Farmhouse Clock


Youtube tutorial found at: The Daily DIYer

This one's as easy as swapping your watch face on your Apple Watch! ?


  1. Remove the paper clock face that came with it

  2. Paint the clock itself with any color you please

  3. Draw or print out another face

  4. Drop in the new face

And.....you're done.Awesome, you have yourself a completely different clock here!

3. Vegetable Bin


Image and tutorial found at Stow and Tell U

I want you to stop reading right now and go to your kitchen and take a look at the vegetables laying around on the countertop and kitchen island.Are you back?

They're just laying around in the original market packaging huh?

Well, here's a tutorial for you. Check out how you can transform a stationary bin into a vegetable bin! Fits perfectly with the farmhouse look you're going for.

4. Kitchen Island


Image and idea found at Golden Boys & Me

I had to look twice for this one, because it blended so perfectly with the rest of the kitchen!

You know you want to take a closer look. Go check out this tutorial so you can do it for your own kitchen island. ?

5. Dining Table


Image and tutorial found at East Coast Creative

You're in for a treat with this one. You will never believe how this table looked like in the beginning of the transformation. The difference is night and day!

The great thing about this one is, the transformation only involves some planks of wood and wood staining. The end result? Farmhouse bliss.

6. Rustic Apothecary


Image and tutorial found at Sawdust 2 Stitches

I feel like I'm saying this a lot today, but this transformation is ridiculous! You absolutely cannot guess how this looked before this picture.

Using Ikea cubbies as a base, you can ultimately have a farmhouse-style apothecary. The staining on this one is immaculate, check it out!

7. Wardrobe


Image and tutorial found at Jenna Sue Design

This simple addition to the dresser adds farmhouse style without the busting the bank. Paint and attach them to the doors. Add a final touch with handles and have yourself the perfect farmhouse dresser for your bedroom.

8. Norden Sideboard


Image and tutorial found at Lolly Jane

Look what a simple staining does for Ikea furniture!I know right?? Check out this simple tutorial for the deets.

9. Coffee Bar


Image and tutorial found at The Inspired Hive

Here's yet another simple stain and replace hack.

The stain really brings out the farmhouse look. Then replace the knobs in front with some farmhouse drawer pulls. And the top it off, paint the top to your color of choice.Quick, simple, affordable, amazing.

10. Entryway Table


Image and tutorial found at My Fabuless Life

As I'm writing this, I keep getting amazed at how many different hacks there are - and not only that, but how SIMPLE they are.

This one is no different. Grab the Ikea desk and simple glue the wood plank(s) to the top, set it and forget it!

You've got yourself the perfect farmhouse entryway table.

11. Mirror Frame


Image and tutorial found at Edea Smith

This hack adds borders to the original mirror with wood planks. You can stain them to your liking (not don't even stain) and attach them. Great touch for the bedroom, walk-in closet, or maybe even the bathroom!

12. Faux Metal Letters


Image and tutorial found at Grillo Designs

WAIT!! Before you recycle your Ikea cardboard boxes, you can do one last hack!

Faux metal...That's right you read it correctly. F-A-U-X metal! If you were like me, you thought the letters were made of metal.

You can repurpose all of the cardboard that came with your furniture from Ikea. In this case, cute farmhouse style letters! In addition to this, you could even wire some string lights into them for an extra touch, perhaps that could be another tutorial...