50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Surprisingly Useful


Have you been trying to get everything organized in your house but nothing seems to be working?

Does it always seem like you're running out of storage at home?

Yes, you can run to the nearest Target to buy expensive storage bins and baskets to get your things organized. Or you can save a ton of money by getting creative with things sold at the dollar stores.

Getting your home in order doesn't need to cost a fortune. You can get creative with items that can be found at dollar stores.

Don't worry if you think they aren't stylish enough for your home, you can always DIY to spruce up the look!

50+ Dollar Store Organization Ideas

1. Towel Storage Baskets


Image and idea found at Making Lemonade

Where do you store your clean towels? Are they taking up a lot of space in your closet or drawers? Why not roll up some towels and display them in the bathroom?

Attach the baskets on the wall then place the towels in them. This gives your bathroom the spa-like atmosphere and keeps clutter off the shelves. It's the perfect idea for guest bathrooms so your guests don't have to ask you for fresh towels.

2. Pretty Pantry Storage


Image and idea found at The Social Home

I love this uniform look of containers for the pantry! They look much more expensive that you would've never thought you can create this look by using things from the dollar store.

The key point here is to create matching labels for each container. This will keep your pantry looking organized and possibly even inspire you to cook more!

3. Baking Pan Organization


Image and idea found at Organizing Junkie

One of my biggest problems with kitchen organization is that I can't seem to find a perfect space for baking sheets and pans. They just all seem to pile on top of each other in the cupboard, creating a mess and it's nearly impossible to find something that I need.

Using an organizer to store all the baking pans is not only easy and it definitely helps with the clutter.

4. Garage Organization Baskets


Image and idea found at Simply Kierste Design Co.

A cluttered garage is my worst nightmare! Good thing it's easy to avoid that.You can simply use some plastic baskets from the dollar store to store things like toys and balls. They come in different sizes and colors so it's easy to find something that suits your needs.

5. Plastic Crate Shelf


Image and idea found at Hometalk

If you run out of storage space in the closet or on the floor, you can always add storage on the wall. This will keep clutter off the floor and it's a great way for kids to display their collection of toys and books.

One down side is that kids won't be able to reach for their stuff if the crates are really high up. Feel free to adjust the height to suit your needs!

6. Rope Basket


Image and tutorial found at I Heart Organizing

The dollar store might not have the fanciest decor but that doesn't mean you can't DIY it!

Instead of splurging on something that's way more expensive, get creative with what you can make with things from the dollar store like this rope basket.

7. Use Hamper as Toy Storage


Image and idea found at Parents

The kids can keep their favorite toys in the hamper. It's easy for kids to reach for and also put things away when it's time to clean up. They can also easily move the hamper wherever they like.

8. Gift Wrap Storage


Image and idea found at The Country Chic Cottage

Seasonal items like rolls of gift wraps and gift bags can be bulky and it's hard to find a place to store them.

You can get an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep them organized. It can be hung over the door of your craft room or office so it's not in the way of anything.

9. Pool Noodles as Boot Trees


Image and idea found at _desiree05_

Cut up some pool noodles and keep them in the boots. This will keep your boots nice and straight, preventing wrinkles and cracking.

10. Use File Sorters to Organize Washcloths


Image and idea found at The Real Thing With the Coake Family

Who would've thought you can keep washcloths organized with a file sorter? What a clever idea!

11. Craft Box to Store Hair Accessories


Image and idea found at The Idea Room

These craft boxes are useful to store craft items like beads but they are also great to store hair accessories.

It's great way to color coordinate all the accessories so it makes it so much easier to help your daughter to get ready for school.

12. Storage Bin Makeover


Image and idea found at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

All you need is some spray paint to make dollar store bins look more expensive. The chalkboard signs also add a nice touch to the otherwise plain bins.

13. Tiered Trays


Image and idea found at Liz Marie Blog

Can you believe this stylish tiered tray is made of cheap metal trays and candle stick holders? This shows you really don't need to buy home decor at expensive stores.

All you need is a little bit of time and creativity to create your unique tiered trays. You can paint it with your favorite color or a color that matches with your room decor.

14. Second Shower Rod for Storage


Image and idea found at Life Hacker

Do you have a ton of products you use in the shower? Does it seem like you are always running out of space to store them? If that sounds familiar to you, then this hack is perfect for you!

All you need is to add a second shower curtain rod and some plastic storage bins to create this brilliant storage hack. Adding an extra row of storage will help to keep your hair and skin care products organized and easy to reach in the shower.

15. Wire Rack as Jewelry Holder


Image and idea found at Yesterday on Tuesday

You can easily make a jewelry organizer with a wire rack from the dollar store. All you need to do is screw the wire rack into a piece of wood and decorate however you want.

16. Chest Freezer Organization


Image and idea found at Practically Functional

If you have a chest freezer then you must purchase these! They will keep the freezer nice and organized.

You will never have to dig through a ton of frozen meat to find something again. It makes it so much easier to know exactly what you have in the freezer. You can also label the baskets to make it even more organized.

17. K Cup Storage


Image and idea found at Peas and Crayons

Store K Cups inside cutlery and utensil organizers instead of buying expensive K Cup storage.

18. Canned Food Organization


Image and idea found at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Adding these wire baskets to your pantry is the perfect way to store canned foods. This makes it so much easier to know what canned food you have in your pantry.

You can line the cans up by expiration dates so you use the older cans first. Adding labels to the pantry also helps to keep it organized.

19. Cereal Container as a Garbage Can in the Car


Image and idea found at A Bird and a Bean

Grab a plastic bag and a cereal container to make your own $1 trash can for your car. It's perfect for those long road trips or even just always keeping it in the car!

20. Wire File Basket as Necklace Organizer


Image and idea from Smile and Wave DIY

This creates a minimalist home decor piece and it's also functional to hold your necklaces.

21. Ice Cube Tray as Jewelry Organization


Image and idea found at Craft-O-Maniac

Ice cube trays make perfect storage solution to small items like rings and earrings. They are also great for office and craft supplies like push pins and paper clips.

22. Bathroom Drawer Dividers


Image and idea found at The Summery Umbrella

Products can roll around in the drawers when you open and close them, creating an unorganized mess. Grab some plastic trays from the dollar store and get organized! This way you won't ever have to wonder where did your favorite lipstick go. They're all right where you see it as you open the drawers.

23. Homework Caddy


Image and tutorial found at Simple Made Pretty

Kids can carry this portable homework caddy wherever they please. It makes doing homework and making art projects so much easier and more fun! You can also make it into your own portable crafting station, filled with your favorite markers and art supplies.

24. Desk Drawer Organization


Image and tutorial found at This is Our Bliss

You can store random bits and bots in an inexpensive muffin tin. You can give it a coat of gold spray paint to give it a more expensive look. It will help to keep your desk drawers or junk drawers so much more organized.

25. Personalized Buckets


Image and tutorial found at Hunt & Host

There are many ways to spruce up a plain old bucket that you purchased from the dollar store. Creating the name labels make the buckets look so much more expensive than they really are.

26. Spice Cupboard


Image and tutorial found at The Social Home

Buying a spice rack with matching bottles can get pretty expensive. Why not make your own? The key here is to make matching labels for all the bottles. Store the bottles on a tiered shelf so it makes it easier for you to see all the different spices.

27. Mail Baskets


Image and idea found at A House Full of Sunshine

This keeps your mail so organized that you will wish you did this sooner. Keeping your mail separated will make it so much easier to stay on top of your bills and anything that you need to take actions for.

28. Cookie Sheet as Makeup Organizer


Image and tutorial found at The Crazy Craft Lady

You can stick your most frequently used makeup items on to the cookie sheet. This will save you so much time in the morning when you are getting ready. No more fumbling around the drawer looking for your makeup brushes.

29. Cookie Sheet to Command Center


Image and tutorial found at The Crazy Craft Lady

Following the same tutorial as above, you can also make a magnetic command center using a $1 cookie sheet.

30. Material Hanger


Image and idea found at I Love 2 Dream, Do You?

Rummaging through bins to look for a piece of fabric is probably what not you want to do when you are in the crafty mode. You can use a cooling rack from the dollar store to hang the fabric. This will make it easier to organize them by colors and keep everything visible when you are looking for some material to work with.

31. File Holders to Store Onions and Potatoes 


Image and idea found at Life at Home

Did metal file holders make the perfect storage for potatoes and onions? The holes on the holders allow air to pass through, helping the potatoes and onions to stay fresh.

32. Cooling Rack to Hang Earrings


Image and idea found at Sew Many Ways

What a clever idea! Using a cookie cooling rack to hang and display all your earrings. This will save so much time! You won't need to look for an missing earring because everything is neatly hung on the cooling rack.

33. Napkin Holder as a Desk Organizer


Image and idea found at Yesterday on Tuesday

You can spruce up a plastic napkin holder from the dollar store and turn it into a desk organizer. It's perfect for holding some of your children's favorite books.

34. Basket Made From Cooling Racks


Image and tutorial found at How Sweet It Is

Another brilliant idea that repurpose cooling racks!

Attach 5 cookie cooling racks together to make this functional and stylish basket! A similar basket is usually sold for a much higher price. People won't even be able to tell you DIYed it!

35. Suction Cup Bottle Holders


Image and tutorial found at Dollar Store Crafts

What a great way to store more bottles in the shower! Use a suction cup with elastic to hold bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the wall. This will keep the edges of your shower or tub clutter-free.

36. Belt Hanger


Image and idea found at Live Simply By Annie

Do you have too many belts that you aren't sure how to store them? Why not hang them up! This way you can easily grab the belt you want without spending a unnecessary amount of time looking for it in your drawers.

37. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage


Image and idea found at Dream Green DIY

If you run out of room in the cabinets under the sink, you can create a storage for you hair-styling tools using a metal file box.

38. Farmhouse Drawer Transformation


Image and tutorial found at Little House of Four

This DIY makes the dollar store plastic drawers look so much better! It gives the farmhouse vibe without breaking the bank.

39. Toothbrush Drawer Organizer


Image and idea found at Families that Stick

You can get an utensil organizer to keep toothbrushes organized and clean in the drawers. I would probably leave the drawer open for a little right after brushing teeth to allow some air to dry the wet toothbrushes.

40. Shower Caddy Turned Into Under-the-Sink Organizer


Image and idea found at 320 Sycamore

Who says over-the-shower organizer is for the shower only? Hang an organizer on the back of your cabinet door to store bottles of hair products.

41. Binder Ring Organization


Image and idea found at Dollar Design Diva

Tear apart a ring binder and you have yourself a useful organizer for your daily essentials. Attach the rings to the back of a bathroom cabinet door to store things such as combs, necklaces, hair ties, etc.

42. Soap Box Used to Store Cards


Image and idea found at Shady Tree Diary

Got a kid that loves to play card games? Then you probably are no stranger to finding loose cards at random places in the house.Store the cards in one of these plastic soap boxes you can get at the dollar store. This will keep all the cards together and you won't ever have a missing card again.

The soap boxes are also great for storing coins, crayons, or any small objects that can fit!

43. Charging Station


Image and tutorial found at Time With Thea

Keeping your electronics in this basket near a power outlet creates the perfect spot to charge them. This will help to keep the devices and cables neat inside the box, which looks much more organized than having them laying around on the counter.

44. Shower Caddy as Car Organization


Image and idea found at The Castron Family Happynings

Keep your mommy van organized with this tip!You can purchase a few shower caddies for cheap at the dollar store then store snacks, trash bags, hand sanitizers, etc. in the pockets.

This is perfect for busy moms with kids or those long road trips!

45. Basket for Pegboard Craft Room Workstation


Image and idea found at The 36th Avenue

If you already have a pegboard wall organizer or you're planning to make one, this is perfect for you. You can get those cheap plastic containers from the dollar store and they are great for storing small items to be hung on the pegboard.

46. Makeup Drawer Organizer


Image and idea found at The Crazy Craft Lady

These plastic containers are super affordable but they play a huge role in keeping your drawer organized. You can use them to separate your makeup and other everyday essentials.

They are also amazing for storing office supplies such as paperclips and pushpins in your desk drawers.

47. Carabiner as Hair Tie Holder


Image and idea found at Hi! It's Jilly

"I hope that wherever that my hair ties go, they're happy. That's all it matters."

I saw the quote somewhere and couldn't help to agree! Ok, yea seriously -- use a carabiner to keep all your hair ties safe and sound. Hopefully you won't have to buy a pack of new hair ties anytime soon!

48. Heavy Duty Storage Bags


Image and idea found at I Heart Planners

Got some seasonal clothing items that shouldn't take up that much space in your closet? You can keep them in giant zip lock bags. These will keep the clothes nice and clean, away from elements like dust and humidity.

49. Vintage Locker Bins Transformation


Image and tutorial found at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Spray paint some plastic bins to make them look like vintage locker bins. They can be used to store anything you want. It gives them the uniform look, which makes them look much more expensive than they really are.

50. Pizza Pans Turned Into Magnetic Toy Storage


Image and tutorial found at Dollar Store Crafts

Do your kids have too many magnetic toys and they always seem to be stuck together in a box. Instead of sticking them on the fridge and resulting in a cluttered look, you can follow this tutorial to make your own magnetic toy storage with pizza pans.

51. Store makeup in a over the door shoe organizer


Image and idea found at Salto Quinze

If you have a ton of lipsticks (uh, jealous!), you need to try out this dollar store hack!

52. Pizza Pan Spice Rack


Image and idea found at Hometalk

Besides keeping magnetic toys organized, pizza pans can also be repurposed to a spice rack. With a little bit of DIY, pizza pan spice rack will not only look unique in your kitchen but also saves you a ton of money from not splurging on an expensive spice rack.

53. Paper Towel Holder to Hold Ribbons


Image and idea found at Style at Home

Using a paper towel holder is a great way to keep ribbons organized. It also acts as a decor, displaying colorful rolls of ribbons. It's perfect for the craft room!