15 Amazing DIY Night Lights That Will Make Any Room Extra Dreamy

A list of 15 DIY night light ideas that will make any room extra cozy and dreamy. #diy #nightlight #homediy

Having a night light on at night definitely helps someone that is scared of the dark or prefer not to be in complete darkness. But even if you aren't scared of the dark, you can still keep a night light on if you want to make your bedroom extra cozy and dreamy.Here is a list of 15 DIY night lights that are not only fun and creative, they will also make a room extra dreamy.

Be cautious when you make and use these DIY night lights, some bloggers recommended that they are not meant to be used for a long period of time. They are for decoration only. Use LED lights because they do not get warm like regular light bulbs do.

1. Ping Pong Balls

Tutorial: Say YesGet some LED multi color string lights and ping pong balls to create this dreamy pastel colored string lights.

2. Hot Air Balloons

Tutorial: AlinaI love how these hot air balloon lights look in the corner of the room! They are actually made from IKEA lamp which might not be sold in your local stores anymore. You can buy them on Amazon and eBay, or get creative and use something else.

3. Vintage Camera

Tutorial: InstructablesHow awesome is this night light upcycled from a vintage camera? It's definitely more complicated than the other projects listed here but it looks like its super worth it. It's the perfect project for those that are comfortable working with electrical wires.

4. Swan

Tutorial: Maize HuttonIf you love all things kitsch then this night light is definitely for you! If you don't have a swan to use, feel free to use any other similar object to create your unique night light. It's super simple, all you need is some LED string lights!

5. Campfire

Tutorial: About Family CraftsUse an old CD, rocks, and some tissue paper to create this super adorable campfire nightlight. It's perfect for adventurous kids that just cannot wait until their next camping trip.

6. Fox

Tutorial: matsutakeI love how adorable this fox night light is! Get creative and design your own if you want to make your favorite type of animal.

7. Book

via Grathio LabsThis is a incredibly clever idea! Got an old book that you don't read anymore? Why not turn it into a night light? It's the perfect gift idea for someone who loves reading.

8. Gem

Tutorial: Almost Makes PerfectThis gem nightlight gives me serious inspiration to make one for myself! However, it's recommended night to leave the night light on too long since the light bulb might get hot for the paper. Use with caution or switch the night light to something that doesn't get warm such as a LED light bulb.

9. Cloud

Video Tutorial: TiffyQuakeThis beautiful cloud light was originally made for a baby shower (clever!), but I thought it's perfect to be used as a night light in the bedroom. What is dreamier than fluffy white clouds right in the bedroom?

10. Agate

Tutorial: Squirrelly MindsThis agate night light looks like it's straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. Who knew you could make such unique and pretty night light yourself? I especially love adding the gold detail by gluing gold foil onto the side of the agate slice.

11. Glowing Rope Rug

Tutorial: Grosgrain Inspired by: Johanna HyrkasNot too sure how safe this is so definitely use with caution! But it sure is very pretty to look at.

12. Pyramid

via Useful DIYThere is no detailed written tutorial for this amazing looking pyramid night light. But it should be pretty easy to recreate by following the pictures!

13. Motel Sign

via Design*SpongeFind a vintage hotel sign that you love and follow the tutorial to make your own hotel sign night light. Make sure to use with caution as light bulb and paper can cause fire hazard. Switch it up to a LED light to make a safer alternative.

14. Glitter Fairy Mason Jar

via All Mommy WantsAt first it just looks like a jar painted with glitter, but once you turn on the lights inside and put it in a dark room, it will create a cozy and dreamy atmosphere.

15. Flowers

via Oh Happy DayMake your own beautiful flower garland using different color cupcake liners. Again, make sure to use LED lights to reduce the risk of fire hazard.

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