9 Creative Desk Organization Ideas That Will Improve Your Productivity


Did you know having a clean clutter-free desk will boost your productivity? Do you find yourself having a hard time staying focus when your desk is messy?

That’s why it’s so important to keep our workspace organized.

Having a clean and organized workspace will not only help you get more done but also reduces the amount of time wasted trying to find something. It’s important to have a designated spot for each item in your workspace.

So what items should you leave on your desk? — You should only have things that you use regularly or things makes you happy around you while you work. That means they’re either functional or decorative. It’s even more efficient if they’re both functional and nice to look at.

1. Clear Desk Trays

A great way to add storage to your desk without making it look cluttered is to use clear acrylic trays. These are perfect if you hate bulky looking trays and want easily access to notebooks and papers.

These DIY clear tray ideas from Just Destiny are especially pretty. Follow her tutorial on how to easily add colors to your clear trays.

Want to add labels to the tray like the picture? You can use your Cricut or Silhouette cutter to customize your own labels. If you don’t have one, check out Etsy for pre-made labels.

2. DIY Hanging Bucket Organizer

Check out these hanging bucket organizer from The Beauty Dojo. These buckets are perfect for storing markers, scissors, rulers, and brushes.

I’ve seen these tin buckets at Michaels and the dollar section at Target. So you can definitely buy them for cheap.

I like the matte black look but feel free to paint them whatever color you prefer!

3. Cord Organizer

Are you sick of messy cords everywhere on your desk? Try clipping some binder clips on the edge of your desk and they will keep your cords in place.

You can easily create your own labels such as “phone”, “laptop”, “tablet”, and whatever you need. Stick the labels on the binder clips to stay extra organized.

4. Washi Tape Cord Labels

Now that you’ve got the cords on your desk organized, how about the cords under your desk?

This is especially useful if you have a ton of electronics plugged into a power strip. You can use some pretty washi tape to label the power plugs on your extension cord. It will help you identify each cord and keep everything organized. You don’t need to worry about pulling the wrong plug since everything’s labeled.

5. DIY Your Own Drawer Dividers

This is perfect if you have messy drawers and would like to get everything in order!

Having dividers in the drawers will help to keep everything organized. You can separate items by categories. It will save you so much time from looking for an item in your drawers. You can basically see where everything is as you open the drawers!

Don’t worry, this DIY is super easy to follow. All you need is some hobby boards, a hand saw, and some glue. Check out the tutorial on In My Own Style.

6. Use Clear Bins As Dividers In The Drawers

Don’t feel like making your own drawer dividers? No problem! Just use small containers that also will get the job done.

Using clear containers instead of colored ones will make your drawers look less cluttered and easier for you to find the item you need.

They cost more than making it yourself but it’s perfect if you don’t want to bother with DIYing.

7. Use a Tackle Box to Store Small Office Supplies

Whether you go fishing or not, tackle boxes are the perfect storage solution for small items.

These are useful to store some binder clips, paper clips, push pins, or any other small office supplies that will likely be lost if not stored properly.

Every single item will have its own home in each section, this makes grabbing a paperclip so much easier than trying to look for it in a cluttered drawer full of stuff!

8. Use Small Plastic Drawers to Keep Your Electronics Organized

Got lots of electronics related items? You can easily keep them in one of those small plastic drawers. Label each drawer so you can easily find an item.

Yea, this is not the most attractive storage solution so maybe put it in cabinet under your desk. If you don’t have a cabinet, you can create more attractive labels by using different colors so that way it isn’t so much of an eyesore.

9. DIY Wooden Organizer

Looking for something more minimal and aesthetically pleasing? Then you will probably love this DIY organizer. This wooden organizer is so pretty to look at and can definitely be placed on your desk as both a decor and a functional storage.

I would hang my most used stationery like washi tape and scissors on the organizer. It helps to know what you have at a glance so you don’t need to look for them in the drawers.

Check out the tutorial here