10 Useful Tips That Will Make Decluttering The Entire House Easier

Are you sick of having clutter everywhere in your home? Are you scared that a guest will show up unannounced, giving you no time to tidy up?It's time to get down to business and declutter!Decluttering the entire house sounds like a daunting task. I totally understand, but it doesn't have to be! Tackle one area at a time and trust me you will finish! It's not going to be easy but it's definitely doable!I know it can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start. But lets go over some reasons why you should take on this task, starting today!

Benefits of a clutter-free home

  • Less time spent looking for things
  • More energy to focus on what really matters to you
  • Less time and energy spent on cleaning and repairing things you own
  • Makes more room for activities you love
  • Helps you clearing your mind and finding a sense of clarity in life

Some reasons why your homes might be cluttered 

  • You buy things you already own because you're not sure where the old item is
  • You buy things because you are bored
  • You get too ambitious on taking on different projects
  • You have a tendency to not finish a task before moving on to the next

Take it slow, little by little

Decluttering the entire house is a marathon. Take it one thing at a time and one area at a time. Trying to rush through the process will only give you more anxiety and lead to giving up early.Every item you put away and every item you get rid of is process. Focus on one thing at a time and you will get it done. Trust me!

Visualize your goal

What do you want your space to look like after decluttering? Do you want more room to breath? More space for family activities?It's helpful to keep your goal on your mind while decluttering. This will help to motivate you when you feel like giving up.

Pick a day

Dedicate an entire day to be the big decluttering day. Make sure you clear out your schedule. Write the date in the calendar and ask your family to help or spend the day outside the house.

Grab a basket and start putting things away

If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is what really helped me getting started. Grab an empty basket and start clearing things off your desk, table, counters, and shelves. Don't overthink it, just grab things and put them in. You can have separate baskets for different areas of your home.You will notice your home instantly feels more spacious and tidy. Once I started seeing surface space being freed up while putting things in the boxes, it motivated me to keep going.When you are done, you can look through the basket, and go through each thing one at a time. Have a donate pile, trash pile, and keep pile. You can also have a maybe pile for items that you're not sure if you want to keep.While you are going around the house, you might want to have a trash bag handy to collect all the trash you find.Create a space for everything,Put all the dirty dishes away in the kitchen sink.

Set a timer

Do you get easily distracted? Set a timer and dedicate the time frame to a specific area. Before the timer goes off, do not get distracted. Give it all of your attention.When you use a timer, you know exactly how much time you have to work on a specific task.Without setting a time limit, we often get the feeling that we have all day to complete something, ending up procrastinating and putting things off until later.Set the timer to 15 minutes and start decluttering one area of your home before moving on to the next. This will help you focus on one area at a time and make it seem less overwhelming.

Ask questions

When you're going through the items, ask yourself these following questions to help you decide if you should keep or get rid of them.

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Can I easily and cheaply replace this?
  • Does this item add any values to my life?

Go paperless

If you are someone that tends to have piles of random papers around your home, you need to tackle that before your home can truly feel like its in order.Check out 13 Ways to Organize and Get Rid of Paper Clutter Forever

Create a designated donation box

Have a designated box that holds everything that you would like to donate. Keep it in the closet or the trunk in your car.Once the box is full, take it to the local charity shop to drop it off.

One in one out rule

For every new item you purchase, you should get rid of another item you already own. It doesn't necessarily have to be something the new item replaces. It could be anything.This rule applies to kids as well, if they want to get a new toy then they must pick an old toy to be donated.Keep this rule up then it will help to stop increasing the amount of stuff in your home.

Clean everyday before you go to sleep

Establish a habit that you clean after yourself. When you finish one task, spend an extra minute to clean up and put everything back to where they belong.Spend 5 minute each night before sleeping to pick up any items left behind. Wipe down any surfaces that might be dirty.Once you get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself and picking up remaining items each night, it will come second nature to you and makes keeping your home clutter-free so much easier.So start today, even if you aren't feeling like it. Start with setting a 5 minute timer, start with a small corner of your living room. Every little thing you do will help you get closer to your goal!Decluttering is practicing letting go. After decluttering the entire home, it will not only create a more comfortable place but it will also train your mind to let go of things that you no longer need. This includes things that aren't materialistic, such as relationships, desires, values, etc.You can do this! Leave a comment if you have any other useful tips on decluttering the entire home? What are some of your experiences with decluttering? Has any of these tips helped you? I would love to hear from you!Want to make decluttering your home easier? Follow these 10 essential tips on decluttering!