21 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas You Will Want To Steal


If you don't know what a bullet journal is, it's basically a notebook where you can get creative with and keep track of different areas in your life. Bullet journal goes beyond the typical weekly planners and to-do lists. Of course you can include those in your journal but the possibilities are limitless.Here are some ideas that will help you set up your bullet journals. If you already started a bullet journal, you can definitely start adding ideas you like! You don't need to be an expert at calligraphy and drawing to start your own bullet journal. All you need is some inspirations, a pen, and notebook to start and you will find your own style as you get more comfortable.

1. Sleep Log

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2. Favorite TV Shows

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3. Key

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4. Year-at-a-Glance

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5. Mood Tracker

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6. Notes & Doodles

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7. Monthly Spread

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8. Expenses

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9. Habit + Mood Tracker

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10. Monthly Cover Page

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11. Taking Stock

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12. Favorite Things

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13. Weekly Spread with Photos

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14. Class Schedule

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15. Doodle-A-Day Challenge

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16. Future Log

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17. Travel Planner

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18.KonMari Checklist

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19. Garden Tracker

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20. My Year In Photos

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21. Index

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 21 Creative bullet journal ideas you will want to steal #bulletjournal #bujo #planner