11 Ideas for Bullet Journal Habit Trackers That Will Help You Stay Motivated

These habit tracker ideas will help me stay motivated in my bullet journal! #bulletjournal #bujo #habittracker

The purpose of having a habit tracker in your bullet journal is to keep you motivated. We often set goals with big intentions but never seem to keep up.Instead of focusing achieving bigger goals right away, it's more manageable if we try to establish daily habits that help us get closer to those goals.For example, if you want to read 20 books a year, you can set a more manageable goal such as read 50 pages a day. Use the habit tracker to keep track. You can keep track of anything from exercises, meditation, journaling, no junk food, to any other habits that you would like to implement or change.So how exactly do you incorporate habit trackers into your journal? There are a ton of different ways to do this.

Here are 9 ideas for habit trackers for bullet journal that you can copy to get you started. 

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1. Monochromatic colors with icons 

via jashiicorrinThis habit tracker makes it so easy to glance at it and know exactly how well you're doing. Using a bold color like yellow will really make the boxes pop.Drawing a little icon on the top instead of writing the habits out in words makes it more fun to look at. For example, if you are tracking your exercises, you can draw a little dumbbell. If you are tracking reading, you can draw a book. You get the idea!

2. Circle tracker

via journal_cumaThe circle is split into two halves. Each half tracks a set of different habits. It's simple but I love the added details of how she fills in the boxes.Get creative with it! Try drawing lines and shapes like she does in the boxes to give your circle habit tracker a whole new look.

3. Tracking by highlighting the dates

via nataliebujoGrab a few markers or highlighters that are different colors. You highlight the number of the dates when you practiced the habit. The end result will be a rainbow of colors, which always makes it fun to look at once it's completed.

4. Square

via jolpentineEach day you use a different color to track the habits the end result should be a beautiful square filled with different colors!

5. Fill in the bubbles

via aselj_in_wonderlabWho says you have to have square boxces? You can draw circles instead! Simply fill in the bubbles with a marker as you accomplish your goals.

6. Simple boxes with faces

via purvigadewarI love how clean and simple this habit tracker looks. I also really like the idea of using smiley faces to keep track of your habits: sad, neutral, and happy faces.

7. Individual calendar for each habit

via su.haz.doodlesMost habit trackers combine all the habits into one but you can also separate them into their own trackers. The doodle on each of the trackers is a nice touch.

8. Vertical Tracker

via journauticalMost habit trackers I see are horizontal but it doesn't mean you cant make a verticle tracker. You fill in the circles and make them bigger as you keep track.

9. Fill in the drawing as you go

via the_botanical_bulletGenius! That's all I can think of when I first saw this.What is it exactly? First, you draw a picture on the habit tracker with a pencil. As the month goes by, you trace over with an ink pen to track the habits that you have completed.By the end of the month, the habits that are not completed should be white blank squares in the drawing.

10. Individual trackers with pastel colors

via littleolivebujoThis habit tracker is perfect for the spring!Another style of those individual trackers but this one is filled with light and pastel colors. They go perfectly with the floral theme.

11. Coloring in the drawings

via juergen_sackratteColor in the flowers as you go along with tracking habits. It's a creative approach to change it up from the boxes and circles.