9 Last Minute Painted Pumpkin Ideas You Must Try


Why not paint your pumpkins this year instead of carving? Carving pumpkins can create a huge mess that is hard to clean up after. I found 9 fun ideas that you can get inspired from and take pumpkin decorating to a whole new level.It's time to get creative with painting!

Donut Pumpkins

via Studio DIYSee why is painting pumpkins such a good idea? Even if it's just so you get to create these adorable donut pumpkins!

Tiny Message Pumpkins

via Lovely IndeedSimple but super cute and chic! Write your own messages on those cute little pumpkins if you love the minimal vibe.

Rainbow Pumpkins

via Studio DIYOk, maybe these rainbow pumpkins don't exactly count as painted pumpkins but they are way too cute not to be shared. Grab some craft foam and a hot glue gun so you can make your own super cute rainbow pumpkins!

Burger Pumpkin

via Studio DIYOh em gee, how cute is this burger pumpkin? This gotta be my favorite of them all!

Pen Pattern Pumpkins

via Lovely IndeedAnother minimal but cute pumpkin idea featuring cute patterns that you can easily draw with marker pens.

Gold Confetti Pumpkin

via Homey Oh MyPaint the pumpkin white (or find a white pumpkin) then simply cut up strips of gold washi tape to create this beautiful confetti pumpkin.

Water Color Pumpkin

via Lines AcrossLove the look of watercolor? Why not try to paint a watercolor pumpkin with your favorite color?

Emoji Pumpkin

via CutefettiThese super adorable emoji pumpkins are perfect for the kids to make with you.

Marbled Indigo Pumpkin

via Alice & LoisHow pretty is this marble painted pumpkin? And it looks super fun to make!

Do you have any painted pumpkin or other no-carve pumpkin ideas? Please share with us in the comments. We would love to hear them!