15 Easy Organization Ideas To Have A Stress-Free School Year


It's that time of the year again -- back to school season. As a parent, you probably already have some sort of system down to help your kids transition into the new school year. But we all know getting kids ready for school and making sure they do their homework can sometimes feel like having war zones in your home.I found 15 organization ideas to help you have a stress-free school year. These ideas will keep all things school-related organized and easy to find. Making school lunch and afternoon snacks will no longer be a chore with some of these helpful tips.

1. Create An Inbox 

via The Krazy Koupon LadyHave your kids drop off any paper that needs to be signed in this inbox will make sure nothing gets forgotten.

2. Have a Backpack Station

via The Krazy Koupon LadyCreate a designated area for your kids to drop off their backpacks, lunchboxes, or any school related things. It will definitely helps you to stay organized by having everything at one spot.

3. Make A Chore Chart

via A Spotted PonyMake fun chore charts for the kids to complete will motivate them to do more chores.

4. Create A Giant Chalkboard Calendar

via HGTVHaving a giant calendar will help you and the kids to easily keep track of assignments and events.

5. Create A Homework Station

via Live Craft EatCreate a homework station for the kids to do their homework at. All the school supplies needed to do homework will be available at this station so they don't have to ask for them.

6. Create A Portable Homework Station

via The 36th AvenueOr you can also create a portable homework station that your child can take it anywhere he or she wants in the house.

7. Create A Snack Station

via Mom Always Finds OutYour kids can easily help themselves to snacks at the snack station.

8. Morning Routine

via Griffiths RatedIt's important to establish a morning routine to help your kids get ready more quickly in the morning.

9. After School Routine

via Griffiths RatedIt's also helpful to have a routine for kids to do after school.

10. Lunch Station

via Design ImprovisedCreate a lunch station so your kids can pack their lunches themselves.

11. Organize Crayons by Colors

via Creekside Teacher TalesOrganize your children's crayon, colored pencils. or makers by colors by labeling a plastic containers with different drawers.

12. Paper Hanging Display

via Just A Girl And Her Blogvia Crissy's CraftsYou can display your kids' latest art work or school work by hanging them up on the wall. Discard or store the older paper and hang up any new ones as they bring them home.

13. Keep All School-Related Paper in Designated Storage

via Simple As That BlogFile school work and art work into a storage box. Make sure you sort through them at the end of the school year to decide if you want to discard or keep them.

14. Plan Outfits For The Week

via I Heart OrganizingCreate labels to divide the closet into different sections then you or your kid can plan outfits in advance and organize them by days of the week.

15. Or Use An Hanging Organizer

via The Krazy Koupon LadyYou can also use a hanging closet organizer to store the outfits.

I hope you find these easy tips helpful and please let me know if there are any other back-to-school ideas or hacks that you would like to share!