12 Budget-Friendly Ways To Deep Clean Your Car

12 ways to deep clean your car like a pro!

Keeping your car clean not only helps everyone in the car feel comfortable, but it also is an important part of maintaining your car's condition.With our busy schedules and driving around on a daily basis, it is easy to skip the car wash for weeks or even months at a time. Dirt and grime can build up quickly and making it more difficult to clean as the time goes on.Taking your car to get professionally cleaned and detailed can be expensive. Luckily, all you need is some commonly found household products to clean your car efficiently. Here are some tips that I found to help you deep clean your car yet staying within budget.

1. Wash your car with hair conditioner

via The Krazy Koupon LadyWash your car using a mixture of water and hair conditioner that includes lanolin. It will make your car look like it was just waxed and make the car shine and repel water.

2. Wipe down the inside of your car with a coffee filter

via The Krazy Koupon LadyCoffee filters are lint-free, making them ideal for dusting the interior of your car.

3. Use Windex, a travel cup covered with sock to clean the cup holder

via The Krazy Koupon LadyThis is super helpful to clean out the dirt and grime in the cup holder! Put an old sock on a travel cup and spray the sock with Windex, then twist it inside the cup holder to clean.

4. Use olive oil to polish the inside of your car

via Mommy FootprintUsing olive oil is a natural way to shine the interior of your car without using harmful chemical.

5. Get rid of pet hair with a squeegee

via CareabearasaraAll pet owners can probably relate to the problem of having pet hair stuck on the car seats. You can actually use a squeegee and a spray bottle of water to get most of the hair out of the seats.6. Use homemade slime to clean hard-to-clean areasvia Little ThingsYou can use a DIY slime to clean uneven surfaces. The sticky material of slime easily picks up dust.

7. Use a hair dryer to remove stickers from your car

via CarsDo you have a stubborn old sticker on your car that wouldn't peel off? Use a hair dryer to apply heat onto the sticker makes peeling so much easier!

8. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your wiper blades

via The Krazy Koupon LadySoak an area of a cleaning cloth with some rubbing alcohol and clean the windshield wipers with it. This will prevent smears on your window.

9. headlights with toothpaste

via PopSugarAre your headlights looking a little dull and foggy? It is probably caused by scratches and buildup. All you need is some toothpaste and a clean cloth to make them looking new again.

10. Clean car seats with dish soap, washing soda, and water

via PopSugarCreate your own cleaning mixture of dish soap, washing soda, and hot water. It can be used to clean car seats.

11. Replace cabin air filter

via Remove and ReplaceIs your air conditioner giving off a funky smell? Maybe it is time to switch out your cabin air filter. Make sure you follow the instructions for your specific car model on how to change it.

12. Use a dryer sheet to wipe off dead bugs off your car

via The Krazy Koupon LadyAfter a road trip somewhere, the car is usually covered with dead bugs. You can easily use a dryer sheet co wipe them off of your car.

Cleaning car is definitely made easier with all those tips and tricks. If you don't have time to clean the entire car in one setting, just divide the tasks up into different sessions, focusing one area at a time.Do you wash your car yourself or take it to get professionally cleaned? Do you have any other useful tips when it comes to cleaning the car? Leave a comment down below to share your thoughts!