11 Christmas Yard Decor Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

11 Christmas Yard Decor DIY Ideas That Won't Break The Bank
11 Christmas Yard Decor DIY Ideas That Won't Break The Bank
Christmas Outdoor Decoration DIY

Now that Halloween is over, we see our neighbors slowly putting away their spooky yard decorations. I'm definitely going to miss the festivity and fun LED lights outside people's homes. But guess what? Christmas is less than two months away and it's never too early to start planning your holiday decorations right?Before you run out and spend a ton of money on Christmas decorations, here are some ideas that will inspire you to make your own with a fraction of the cost.

Giant Ornament

via Hallmark ChannelMake these giant ornaments using large plastic balls and deli containers. I love how festive they make the house look with minimal effort.

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

via Smart School HouseWho doesn't like giant lollipops? Get creative with painting different color swirls on the paper plates to make your unique giant lollipops!

Concrete Block Gift Box

via Club Chica CircleWhy not turn boring concrete blocks into Christmas gift boxes? I love how the silver paint looks on the concrete and how easy it is to follow the tutorial.

Log Reindeer

via Designer TrappedHow cute is this log reindeer? Make sure you complete the reindeer with a red nose to make it a Rudolph.

Santa Logs

Smart Girls DIYHere is another brilliant idea using logs. Cut logs to desired length and slice one end at a diagonal. Then simply paint and decorate them to resemble Santa Clause.

Christmas Light Balls

via Christmas Lights EtcCreate your own winter wonderland with these LED light balls. I love how you can make them in different sizes and colors.

Pallet Christmas Tree

via BuzzmillsDo you have leftover pallets anywhere in your home? Why not use it to make a cute pallet Christmas tree? Don't forget to hang some ornaments and a star to make it more festive.

Giant Nutcrackers

via meighanThese nutcrackers are definitely not your typical DIY decoration and require more effort. But the result is TOTALLY worth it!

Gingerbread Man

via Hallmark ChannelMake this adorable giant gingerbread man from insulation foam. Make sure you watch the video on how to make your own with step-by-step tutorial.

Gingerbread Man Family

via InstructablesSpeaking of gingerbread man, why not make the whole family? The more the merrier!

Plastic Cup Snowman

via ColorcitosDo you want to build a snowman? Build it with plastic cups! It's perfect for those that live in the warmer places or those that want a snowman that will never melt.

Do you have any ideas how you're decorating your yard this year? Share with us in the comments below. We love to hear your fun ideas!