15 Amazing Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas

15 Amazing Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas

If you are like me, then one of your pet peeves is probably having clutter in the bathroom. We have a pretty small bathroom in our apartment and the only storage space is the one under the sink. There are no drawers or medicine cabinet for us to store items. I feel like a lot of storage solution can be tacky and don’t exactly make the bathroom feel comfortable. With a little bit of digging, I found 15 ideas for small bathrooms that not only provide more storage but also are easy on the eyes.

Over The Toilet Storage

via Amber Interiors

This over-the-toilet storage is not only functional but it creates an inviting spa-like vibe to the bathroom. I find it a lot more attractive than the traditional over-the-toilet cabinets.

Magnetic Makeup Board

via Liz Marie

How creative is this magnetic makeup board idea? I think it’s a clever to way to store makeup while displaying them as art. It will also help to remind what makeup you have instead of them getting lost in your drawers.

Nail Polish Spice Rack

via Liz Marie

Another awesome idea that can help you store and display all your nail polishes. It’s like having a mini nail salon in your bathroom.

Wooden Crate Storage

via A Beautiful Mess

What a creative way to build your custom storage by using reclaimed wood and wooden crates. I feel like it would be perfect if you’re going for the rustic atmosphere in the bathroom.

IKEA Storage Cart

via A Beautiful Mess

You have probably already seen so many different uses for the IKEA RÅSKOG cart. I really like the look of the white towels and clear containers on this cream-colored cart. The potted plant is also a nice touch to create a stylish bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

via DIY Show Off

I love how this stylish toilet paper holder can be made by following this simple tutorial using little material. It looks like it’s something that you can buy with $$$ in a store.

Wall Hanging Organization System

via Ana White

Can you believe she made this under 20 minutes for $12? I cannot get over how nice her DIY turned out! She even included a video tutorial on her page that is easy to follow.

Lazy Susan Storage 

via Good Housekeeping

This lazy Susan idea really helps to remove the clutter of bottles. You can simply rotate it for easy access to your products.

Tiered Tray Storage

via The Hamby Home

How adorable is this tiered storage? I think it’s also a stylish way to store some products and bathroom essentials on the sink without making it look cluttered.

Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

via eHow

I love this minimalist bath caddy. It’s perfect for you to use while taking a bath. Perhaps with a glass of wine and some candles sitting on top of the caddy while you read a book. Ahh, talk about being relaxed.

Removable Medicine Cabinet Wall Paper

via Design Improvised 

I like this idea of having a removable wall paper for the medicine cabinet. This is definitely a rental apartment-friendly way to spruce up the bathroom without having to paint a wall.

Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

via Kristi Murphy

Here is another simple DIY. I love the add of the touch of copper.

Color Coded Towel Loops

via Kristi Murphy

I personally prefer having clean white towels for guests instead of a mixture of different colors. I think this is a clever idea to color code them without having a mixture of different color towels, which can create a cluttered look.

IKEA Bed Base Wall Storage

via Ich Designer

Who would’ve thought you can use a bed base as storage? I love how creative this is and how nice and simple it looks!

Copper Cup Organizer

via A Beautiful Mess

Do you need more room for your makeup brushes? This copper cup organizer is a creative alternative to using mason jars to store your things.


Now that you have discovered so many new ways to create more storage for your bathroom, are you going to give any of them a try? I love how stylish they look while remaining functional.

Please share in the comments section if you have any other stylish storage ideas for small bathrooms and let me know if you have any questions.

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